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Macaulay on the Puritans

"The Puritan was made up of two different men, the one all self-abasement, penitence, gratitude, passion, the other proud, calm, inflexible, sagacious. He prostrated himself in the dust before his Maker; but he set his foot on the neck of the king."

I post this to show that it is not just some kind of aberrant American hyper-individualism, as the modern academic Reformed scholars claim, that rejects the authority of man in religious matters. It is the trait of a Bible believing, Holy Spirit inspired and discerning Christian. A prophet, priest, and king.


Something about real will

>My heart is best guarded from sin when it is submitted to the loving care of others.

As a regenerated Christian, a born again believer, you should need no external force to not sin. The fruit of your regeneration and sanctification (not talking of perfectionism) comes from within you; from your new heart and new nature. You shouldn’t be in the fallen situation where you want to sin, but an external constraint keeps you from sinning. You should be in a state where you no longer desire to sin (and if you fall you don’t desire to stay in sin but desire to get back up and out of it as fast as possible; you find it abomination, and with each fall you are more likely not to fall again and by lesser and lesser degree). You also begin to realize you are on a battlefield, a spiritual battlefield, where mistakes are costly, and you develop as a soldier of Christ to no longer give the Devil and the world and your fallen nature any victory over you by your own mistakes.


We are known

We're not unnoticed by God here on the landscape.

God sees us. The Holy Spirit sees us. Prior to our regeneration He sees us.

I get these very firm and striking thoughts when I read liberal, or 'progressive' theologians. How they are me, me, me. "What is Christianity in terms of what I want? How can I re-vision Christianity to make it appropriate to what I demand? I am the measure."

God can see us when we aren't like that. When we are moving about on the landscape searching for influences, things to learn from, getting closer to school knowledge, to being able to see and understand and *accept* real biblical teaching.

He sees us not because we are special, or more special than others, but because we are determined and moving about despite all the mocking and abuse we are taking, much of it self-inflicted but inevitable for an innocent in a fallen world.

God sees the development and tempering of a soul that will - that can - live in His Kingdom.


vs. John Piper

I left this comment at this interesting blog called Spiritual Authority:

This is an excellent subject for a blog.

One theme involved in this subject that I’ve thought about recently is preaching. I read somewhere that when preaching is mentioned in the Bible is invariably refers to preaching to the unconverted. The implication being that preaching really is not an activity that needs to be done to the converted in a church. In a church there should be more of an environment of discussing and learning and growing in understanding of the faith and growing in strength in the faith.

A counter to that is, I recently came across, John Piper who says the church is not a classroom, per se, but is for worship of God, and what the pastor does is more an inspired performance to facilitate the worship of God.

I would counter with C. S. Lewis when he stated that he found biblical doctrine (serious works of biblical doctrine) to be the most truly devotional works as opposed to the softer kinds of things we normally associate with devotional literature.

Thus reading and discussing the Bible and biblical doctrine as believers – getting greater understanding of it all – becomes an actual act of worship in a church environment or any environment. This has been my experience. If anyone needs biblical support for understanding of the Word of God and biblical doctrine - yea the study of God Himself - as acts of worship be prepared to catalogue thousands of verses and passages.

Just some thoughts…


Me, Him, Me

ME: In hell the tortured become torturers. Torturers become the tortured. No escape, no let up, no grace from God. An existence devoid of the grace of God. Avoid it.

HIM: In Candyland tumors become gumdrops.

ME: Let me explain, young dupe of the world... Right now you are experiencing God's common grace. When you die you will no longer have that. You will experience total alienation from God and from anything and everything good that comes from God's creation. You are like a fool right now with a full belly making fun of hunger. Think.


The Theology of Cain

Covenant - Federal - Theology is not the servant of infant baptism; nor is it owned by those who would present it as the theology of Cain; a theology devoid of Spirit and denying the sovereignty of God in grace.

Cain was angry at Abel. Why? Because Abel had been regenerated by God, and Cain had not. Cain's reaction was typical of a reprobate. Anger and a desire for revenge. No doubt after killing Abel Cain went off looking for rituals that would get *him* regenerated just like Abel had been regenerated. "Yes, with rituals I'll have what Abel had, and God won't matter..."

This theology of Cain is what is currently being taught under the rubric of Reformed Theology at institutions such as Westminster Seminary California. Lately their professors have been bragging on social media that they are "getting a hearing for a reason." They think they are bringing what people want to hear. Don't worry about anything called 'spirit' (or 'Spirit' for that matter), it doesn't exist. And the faith is *not about you.* Put everything into the hands of *ministers* who are *ordained* to *minister* *grace* into you through *ritual.* (They'll speak slowly for you too, because as juvenile intellectuals, hand picked and hand held through downgraded, now culturally Marxist institutions, it is important for them to belittle their audience, especially when they get so much nasty - and strangely clever - criticism from social media, which should only be available to ordained intellectuals, hand picked by cultural Marxists. They don't have a clue that cultural Marxists, once they take over institutions, gate keep it to only allow in fellow cultural Marxists and village idiots.)

So, if you choose to attend Westminster Seminary California understand that you will be taught the Theology of Cain. And, according to them, it's what people want to hear. If they can't decree regeneration to be non-existent like they've decreed spirit (and Spirit) to be, then second best is to take regeneration out of the hands of God and put it in the hands of ordained ministers with rituals that effect things like baptismal regeneration, which is their default belief. Though as Reformed Christians they can't bring baptismal regeneration into their house in broad daylight like the Romanists, or in through the back door in broad daylight like the Lutherans, but only through the back door in the dead of night. It's still gets in the house though. And *dead* of night has such a relevant feel to it as a phrase to go along with the Theology of Cain.


The Devil has false fronts, Christianity being the true front

The Devil has all kinds of false fronts, Islam probably being the biggest (with only Communism over-shadowing it for a time); but that's the only thing that distinguishes Islam from the other false fronts.


Westminster California

This got be banned from Reformed Forum. Being banned from Reformed Forum is like being a homeless lesbian getting banned from government social services. It's unheard of. Oh, my...

As for issues of the Spirit, I find it interesting that Reformed Christians sense there is something wrong with Westminster California but can’t put their finger on it. I recently read an article by Kim Riddlebarger (who many times has taught at Westminster California) where under the rubric of defending dichotomy (something I agree with) he stated the spirit doesn’t even exist in man. That regeneration has nothing to do with having a new heart or new spirit given one. His waving off of Scripture to defend this dead view of the faith was astonishing. It gave me a new insight into the people who teach at that institution. This is Cain doing theology.




Somebody wrote this, wonder who...

"I appreciate your response. I read every word. You argue well for your belief. I would just say a person not in a visible church building is not necessarily not in communion with other Christians. Also, the very structure of modern churches goes against this: "...utilizing the spiritual gifts that he has been given for the very purpose of building up of the body in love..." Protestant churches have all devolved to hierarchical structures merely giving lip service to congregations voting or priesthood of all believers and so on. This is why I said 'quasi-Romanist.' I'm hardly the first Calvinist to point out the deadness of churches and the Spirit-less nature of churches, very much including Reformed churches. A regenerate Christian knows environments that are worldly.
Note this: "Protestant churches have all devolved to hierarchical structures merely giving lip service to congregations voting or priesthood of all believers and so on. This is why I said 'quasi-Romanist.'"


The shallowness, the ugliness, and the evil of church christianity 3

What's the answer? Fear God alone, and to hell with the church christians. Take in the real, living, quickening word of God (the version that you most hate, church christians, yeah, that's right, the Authorized - King James - Version. The one you have to look up to. The one your fallen nature refuses to look up to. The one with the authority of God in it, not the authority of a priesthood of scholars, most of them atheist or practical atheist. You know which is the real word of God, church christians. You know in your heart and in your conscience, which isn't totally buried. You know.) And put on the real armor of God. Not the fake armor church christians wear as they pretend to be on the spiritual battlefield. The real armor of God. On-the-mark biblical doctrine, unwatered-down, un-negotiated down to the demands of man's fallen nature is real armor of God. Five solas, doctrines of grace, Covenant - Federal - Theology with a real doctrine of regeneration (God is sovereign in creation, providence, and grace) not exalting man and ritual above the word and the Spirit.

"To fear God only and not man
makes you a dangerous figure on the landscape of the world.
Expect war, and fight like a king."

Part one here.
Part two here.

The shallowness, the ugliness, and the evil of church christianity 2

The whole environment of church christianity is man-fearing. You have to be afraid of upsetting them. They are constantly policing you, i.e. observing you, looking for accusation material, eyeing you like you are an outsider. And they demand from you fear of them. Imagine that. Church christians demand of real Christians fear of them. They demand that we real Christians *fear* them. Take that in. Ponder it. Church christianity is the christianity of the synagogue of Satan.

In fact, when church christians are merely *in the presence* of an individual who fears God alone they get angry. They get mocking and contemptuous and angry. They show hate. Think of that. That is the attitude Cain had toward Abel.

What an ugly, shallow, hellish environment.

Part one here.
Part three here.

The shallowness, the ugliness, and the evil of church christianity

I sometimes reflect on things and remember just how bizarre and evil church Christians really are. I'm not a church Christian. That means I actually read the word of God, the real thing, not the devil's bibles. And I actually can discern the real armor of God which is real biblical doctrine. And I'm on the spiritual battlefield due to my regeneration by the word and the Spirit. When I just approach a communion of church Christians they start throwing their excrement at me on instinct. The instinct that is derived from having the devil's spirit in them.

Case in point: When I first joined the PuritanBoard I was just 'Michael Dries' to them. They had no idea who I was but Michael Dries of California. My very first post was to alert the board to a new Vintage Paperback edition of an anthology of works of John Calvin. Pretty simple, common post for a Christian forum.

The next day I looked to see if it had any responses, and I found that one of their moderators had bizarrely changed the title of my post to something like: "Hey, guys! new Lesbian edited volume of Calvin NOW AVAILABLE!!! Come and get yours!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Before God I tell you that is what happened. It was the one named 'Josh' over there. He was acting purely from the spirit of the devil. He didn't know me, he just discerned by the spirit of the devil that I was one of those real Christians. Not a fake church Christian, but a real Christian. And he went ballistic.

What was more damning for that church Christian forum is none of the other moderators said a thing. None of them apologized to me. (I brought it up immediately.) The filthy, ugly, Satanic church Christian club was doing its thing. Against a real Christian.

Part two here.
Part three here.


Natural Law

An email:

Of course 'moral' as well as 'God' has to be defined.

A related subject that is good to know is the subject of natural law. The Wikipedia page on it is good:


To a Christian natural law is defined in Romans 1 where it is said that God has put His law in everybody's heart so that even unbelievers know right from wrong regarding murder and theft and lying and so forth.

Atheists and secularists in general think that natural law can be determined by man's reason and experience, but without an absolute standard it's all opinion and leads to might makes right, basically. Ultimately.

In the area of liberty vs. tyranny the subject of natural law can be seen like this: take the U.S. Constitution. Our laws and rights come from God (we are endowed by our Creator). This is because if our laws and rights (rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) came from man then what man gives man can take away, but what God gives man can't take away.

So it goes like this: our Constitution rests (or in grounded in) first English Common Law, then under that on Natural Law, but then ultimately under that on God's revealed law.

So, which law of God? Basically the Ten Commandments. The moral law that is for all generations. (I.e. not the civil laws of ancient national Israel, they became defunct upon the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ).

But that's Theocracy! the atheists and secularists scream. But when has America been a theocracy? Protestants don't think the state should have anything to do with regulating or policing an individual's relationship with God (the first table of the Ten Commandments, i.e. the first four which speak of how we are to act towards God, vertical), yet the second table of the Ten Commandments very much are what the state needs to regulate and police (thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, covet, give false witness, beat up your parents, rape and other sexual crimes, etc. i.e. horizontal, our relationship with other people).

There is a small group of Christians called Theonomists who say the first table of the Ten Commandments should be policed by the state, but they are a very small and trollish group, but sometimes louder than their numbers, or better stated, the media tends to focus on them because they fill the role better of their stereotype of Christians.

Morality has to be absolute, i.e. grounded in something higher than man's or a community's mere opinion or else it becomes merely the whim and demands of whoever has the most power to coerce others.

The great Satanic counterfeit of Christianity, Islam, attempts to ground their morality in their 'holy' book and sayings of their prophet and what not, but it all goes against what God - the real God of creation - has put in all of our hearts (re Romans 1). That's how we know, unless we are still in rebellion and our conscience is really buried, that Islam is false and the Ten Commandments are true. I.e. Islam preaches lying is OK if to an infidel, but that goes against the law God has put in our hearts which is the same law delineated in the Ten Commandments. Same with Islam's preaching that it is OK to murder infidels, to rape women, etc., etc. We know those Islamic teachings are wrong because they go against the law God has put in all of our hearts as Romans 1 states. That is Natural Law as a Protestant Christian understands it. I say Protestant because Thomas Aquinas, Roman Catholic Doctor of the Church, separated Natural Law from God's revelation, but that is getting too far into the weeds...

- C.


It's an attitude of rebellion against God that is in the priesthood of Critical Text scholars and their followers

Do garbage Critical Text bibles regenerate Christians?

Yes, but only if the person doesn't know any better.

Let me explain. (This argument, this reality, is never taken on by the Critical Text priesthood of scholars.)

There is enough of the living word of God in a garbage Critical Text bible to regenerate one of God's elect. I.e. despite all the mutilation and bad translation there is enough of the living, quickening word of God in even a garbage Critical Text bible to regenerate one of God's elect.

The situation changes, though, when a person knows better. If a person knows they are reading a mutilated and badly translated Critical Text bible and still chooses to read that bible then they are in a different state vis-a-vis the Holy Spirit. That person is someone who wants a bible with the authority of the word of man in it, not the authority of the word of God. That is a person who wants a bible that is a mere text document that they can look down on and say, "You need me more than I need you because I constructed you. Scholars, man, constructed you. You wouldn't exist without me." They want a bible they don't have to look up to. When a person is conscious they are reading a Critical Text constructed bible that is the attitude they bring to it. And why do they do it? Because they hate the doctrine of regeneration. They hate the very fact of regeneration. The reality of regeneration. The monergistic aspect of regeneration. They hate that regeneration is a matter of God's sovereignty and not man's ability and choosing. They hate regeneration like Cain hated Abel.

What does regeneration have to do with it? Regeneration is effected, when it is effected, by the word and the Spirit. That is the environment where regeneration potentially happens, usually. The Holy Spirit can, of course regenerate any way and at any time He likes, but generally speaking it occurs through the engaging of the living, quickening word of God itself.

See it this way: the Roman Catholic Church use to call people to sacraments all day and all night, come one, come all, everybody welcome. Ritual for everybody. Priestcraft for everybody. Yet, they kept the word of God away from people upon penalty of torture and death. Why? Because the Devil and his spiritual children know that ritual sacraments don't regenerate, but the word of God does. So the Devil's Kingdom has been attacking the word of God from the Garden. And after their defeat at the Reformation they knew their only evil hope was to put people off of the real word of God and get them to accept bibles made from corrupt manuscripts they provided - Sinaiticus and Vaticanus - the manuscripts every modern bible translation is derived from today. And they knew that it is the attitude adopted by users of those bibles that would condemn them; not those who read them in innocence and get enough of the living, quickening word of God to be regenerated by the word and the Spirit, but those who know better and still adopt the corrupt bibles because they hate God's word because they hate the authority of God's word in His revelation and they hate the very reality of God's sovereignty in regeneration.

The Authorized - King James - Version remains alone as the only true Received, or Traditional Text Bible available to God's elect in the English language. It's the only Bible in the English language one can't look down on but one has to look up to and accept that it has the authority of the word of God in it, and not the authority of man.

"Oh, but the Received Text has to be edited too!"

There's a difference between editing a manuscript that derives from the same stream of sources vs. constructing a manuscript from divergent sources including historically rejected, comically corrupt sources.


Interesting observation on different realms

An email:

Point 1: I've just recently seen something. I've been reading Diana West's American Betrayal about how the Soviet Union since 1933 has been subverting and undermining the United States and western Europe and all English speaking countries and so on, and then how the current coming to life of Islam is doing the same thing using the same tactics.

Point 2: Diana West's book exploded onto the scene, was viciously denounced by neo-conservatives (former leftists and former communists who are now supposedly conservatives) and was ignored by the left since the right was attacking it, and it was ignored by the big mainstream press overall (New York Times, Washington Post, etc.) yet still made it into the mainstream at lesser levels (the Washington Times reviewed it, the mainstream blogosphere has championed it, etc.) and it's published by a mainstream publisher, and she herself is a mainstream columnist and journalist.

Point 3: just recently I watched one of those Christian videos about the *four hidden dynasties*. The four dynasties, or kingdoms, or systems, being 1. Government, 2. Economy, 3. Religion and Education, and 4. News and Entertainment Media. And how the spirit of antichrist works through those four dynasties to subvert and defile and attack nations and peoples and individuals.

The realization I had was twofold: 1. what I'm reading in Diana West's book isn't new because I use to be *onto it* when I use to be into the mesoteric, spiritual warfare side of Christianity (Arnold Murray even use to talk of such subject matter). So that means my resentment at the Soviet Union getting such a victory over us used to be seen simply as the usual attack from the Kingdom of Satan on everybody all the time and I didn't necessarily associate it with communism or the Soviet Union, though they certainly have played the agent for the Devil in it over the last 80 years no doubt. 2. Diana West's book exploded on the scene *because* it brought spiritual material into the mainstream where it is hardly ever seen or allowed to be. David Horowitz even said, during the initial attacks he and others made on the book: "This book should never have been written." And nobody could figure out why he, a defender of free speech and a foe of political-correctness and so on would say such a thing. It's because unconsciously he was expressing the worldly demand that things from the spiritual realm not be talked of in the mainstream worldly realm.

And as I've been reading the book my overriding thought has been that she is talking about spiritual warfare things, the spirit of antichrist as it attacks through those four things, Government, Economy, Religion and Education, News and Entertainment Media; yet she obviously is not writing about it all from that angle. That would make the book just like the video I referenced above, something in the mesoteric/esoteric realm that never makes it into the mainstream worldly realm.

Interesting... - C.


Obvious known realization

An email:

Man, I am an obnoxious crank on the Plain Path Puritan blog. I know the reason. It's because I'm beating a drum in an empty hall. I could never have a conversation with the people I'm berating over there. They've already kicked me off of probably 50 of their blogs, forums, etc. if not more.

I'm hamstrung by not being able to use Work language [don't ask] as well. I'm just not in that domain, so what am I doing? Indulging hammering people over the head.

OK, I have to say there is a tiny bit of relevancy and unique and possibly even valuable contribution I am making (I write that with the realization that blogs are like lone shadows of no known object in abandoned universes). But I should probably stop now. - C.


Got blocked by Peter Enns

Peter Enns is promoting his new, upcoming book on his blog. You have to read his description, but all I said was:

Another book by Enns where he is projecting his lack of faith onto the entire body of Christ.

What does this tell you? One thing it tells you is Enns is not use to getting negative feedback. He gets stung easily. Certainly nobody in the Reformed academic community will do it. Maybe a book gets written and forgotten so they can all say it's been taken care of. Truth be told, Enns has probably had enough compromising conversations with them all to keep them from criticizing him in public.

To Westminster California

Michael Horton, the reason I don't respect you is because you're a juvenile academic and nigh Romanist. Develop into a man and into some understanding then we'll reassess.

R. Scott Clark, stop coining phrases that you put into acronyms then pretend they have become common usage when you are the only one using them. That's silly behavior. And, the guild talk, the back-slapping, the cleric-lay people mentality, no real born again Christian (regenerated by the word and the Spirit) takes that seriously.

The 'it's not about you' mantra you guys have developed is pure Deism. Yes, you fear the doctrine of monergistic regeneration because being inane academics first, Christians second, you question the supernatural and you don't have the background with literature to be able to see how the Bible is different from any other book. Your ratty, dumb Marxist pedagogues you were too stupid to identify were very happy to let you through the institutions they've taken over without ever asking you to read a single work of literature. Downgrade is not a strong enough word to describe what's happened to such institutions.

And your absolute objectifying of the faith is a juvenile intellectual's attempt at being original while he unconsciously operates in a post-modern environment, all the while thinking that because he's obviously smarter than the 'lay people' he can get away with it. No, you're going up against the discernment that comes from the Holy Spirit in Christians. We see you, young, silly lad. Stop affecting to be a teacher and a leader of Christians.


We're not telling you evil is good, yet we are telling you good is evil...there's a difference

Allow me to summarize this podcast from R. Scott Clark and Michael Horton for you:

"Let us explain this carefully and slowly to you... We don't believe in baptismal regeneration... We believe in regeneration by baptism. We are not sacerdotalists, per se. We are sacerdotalists only in a context of a definition given by an outside entity unknowing of the objective reality internally of the language as we carefully and slowly express it in our domain, though a definition we won't necessarily gainsay, but for reasons that follow a narrow line which needs to be carefully followed if we aren't to fall to the one side of error or the other."

Got that? They don't believe in baptismal regeneration, yet they do believe in baptismal regeneration. They are not sacerdotalists, yet they are sacerdotalists.

They aren't Jesuits, yet they are Jesuits. They are not Soviet spies, per se, implanted into the State Department in 1938, they are American citizens working for Rome, Moscow.

They are a religion of peace. Just because they cut throats and get their followers to blow themselves up in crowds of people doesn't mean they are not all about peace and love.

They are not of the Devil, they are just all about peace and love as the Devil's mantra would have it.

They will not tell you that evil is good, yet they will tell you that good is evil.

Oh, and that whole faith and Bible and plan of redemption thingy? It's not about you.

Oh, and if you think you've experienced some kind of individual regeneration by the word and the Spirit you are self-deceived and you need to allow a Jesuit priest to fondle you in a special place, preferably when you are young, and worship man as mediator between you and God, and listen to the word of man and stop reading that Bible thing you pretty much shouldn't even own. At least get a garbage critical text constructed Bible like a good little 'christian' who knows it is not about you, and who willingly enters the Devil's synagogue where Jesuits posing as Protestants can make sure you never see the light of the Kingdom of God you worthless, ignorant piece of garbage.

Bow to Satan, do it NOW.

- R. Scott Clark, PhD
- Michael Horton, PhD


Biblical doctrine: the academic approach vs. the spiritual warfare approach

Theologians who take an academic approach to biblical doctrine usually are wildly off-the-mark (i.e. usually liberal to some degree, often a great degree); but even Reformed theologians who do not profess an obvious liberal approach in public, and who also take an academic approach can be subtly off-the-mark, and usually in ways they can't even see in themselves.

They usually are just a degree shy of mocking the notion of the supernatural existing in any way. They mock the supernatural unconsciously, but publicly they manage to control themselves. Or all of that is usually half conscious at best as it manifests in them.

They usually gravitate towards a practical deism as well. Any notion of supernatural regeneration, of a 'living' word (they see all text as mere text), of any kind of workings of the Holy Spirit, of individuals being temples of the Holy Spirit, this all embarrasses them and makes them apologetic to their academic friends that stupid evangelicals would even believe in such nonsense.

The true approach to biblical doctrine is not an academic approach but a spiritual warfare approach.

The spiritual warfare approach to biblical doctrine sees on-the-mark biblical doctrine as being actual armor of God. It sees biblical doctrine as what determines our very state and ability to stand and fight and endure in the spiritual realm which is the spiritual battlefield.

When you approach biblical doctrine as spiritual warfare it changes everything. It changes how you discern doctrine. It changes how you value doctrine. It changes how you sift sources and teachers. For instance, number and kinds of degrees of learning hanging on a person's wall and the reputation of the institution of higher education they attended is meaningless to a person who approaches biblical doctrine as spiritual warfare. Custer was a West Point grad.

Approaching biblical doctrine as spiritual warfare also changes how you engage in the process of learning biblical doctrine itself. You are not interested in endless debate (or conversation and dialogue) which inevitably leads to moving in novel directions. You are actively looking for *terminal knowledge and terminal understanding* of doctrine because it is your *armor* on the spiritual battlefield.

And lo and behold the Bible presents terminal knowledge and terminal understanding of the doctrine it presents. It gives you the full, real armor of God.

The academic approach knows nothing of this. Those who take the spiritual warfare approach know it is everything.


Deists of the world, arise!

Michael Horton and his ilk have begun to intone a new mantra. They want you to think they are boiling a biblical truth down into a slogan, but they are really exposing themselves, the way God makes the Devil's children mark themselves. Their new mantra is:

"It's not about you!!"

I.e. the biblical story of redemption, what God has done in history, what Jesus did on the cross, all of it...it's not about you!

There is no reason to be preaching such a message. They have to do their usual straw man constructing to find a justification for it. "So all of you who think you can stop the sun in the sky so you can have more time to get that job, hey! it's not about you!!"

Here's what they are really doing with their new mantra 'it's not about you.'

They are petulantly digging in against the recent charges they have received that they are practical deists.

"It's not about you!!" is a slogan of deism.

Who are these people?

Who are the people in broadcasts like this?


Don't waste your time, they are just church Christians.

But where did they come from? How did the faith get to be what they are?

The first impression I got listening to the interview within the show was how dumb they are. They have no clue how to learn anything. They don't even know what is meaningful to learn.

From the top (their famous pastors and teachers) to bottom they all approach learning at the unserious surface level, and have no clue there is any other approach. "We all need to remember that we need to keep Jesus in mind when we are doing..." and blah, blah, blah. They give a litany of "we need to always keep in mind" knowing that is a type of empty effort that gets forgotten the moment they stop talking (key: talking) and go get their junk food. The next day the book(s) is forgotten (they are always forgettable books anyway), and all the litanies of "we must..." are forgotten.

They know this is the pattern, yet they stick to it. Day after day, until they die.

It's shallow. It is not how one learns anything.

Here's how you learn:

"I'm going to read the Bible complete; dedicated cover-to-cover complete readings, seven times."

"But, my friend, you may be taking a wrong approach there, we must caution you..."

"Back off, devil. I'm going to read the Bible seven times complete. Yeah, that pisses you off. It makes you angry like Cain. I don't care. Go dissuade one of your nursery room sheep."

Then you do it.

Oh, just simply read the Bible?

Yes. You get it into you. You apply yourself and get the complete word of God into you. You don't worry about this or that along the way, you are merely reading every word, every verse, every chapter, every book, one after the other, one step after another, until you traverse the full continent of Scripture shore-to-shore.

"Oh, but dear friend, you must have understanding of what you read..."

We can't understand doctrine until we have the entire raw material of the word of God inside us. Dear friend. Much of the Bible is higher visual language, which needs to be merely taken in. Once inside us it gives us language to see things in ourselves and in the world we weren't able to see before. That's how it works. Other parts of the Bible are different, but it all needs to simply be downloaded.

By default on the second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. reading you begin to get understanding of what you are reading. But what is happening, dear friend? What is happening is you are in a process of actively reading the real thing and actively seeking out understanding of what you are reading. Active learning. Learning that happens in long arcs of time in your life (it takes a long time to read the Bible complete, hence the word 'dedicated' put before 'complete readings'). It is effort that pays off in time as well. Not noticeable immediately, but like planting a crop in one season, it manifests in another season further along in time.

Once you gravitate towards the pure school (hopefully you are regenerate and will do so) you identify the main sources of that school and you learn from them. And because you have the raw biblical material in you from the complete readings you are able to discern on-the-mark/off-the-mark. It's not an academic exercise. It's in the realm of spiritual warfare at that point. It's everything that pisses academics off.

I'm not going to go into what constitutes a complete education, higher influences, developing different parts of our very being; but I'll just state that learning has to go to essence. It has to get through the shell of your shallow personality and reach your essential being. All that you hear from the churchian leaders and educators is about surface knowledge, surface learning, going through the motions to ultimately get to the ice cream shoppe which is the real goal at the church level. No, your goal is to get to the summit of the mountain you should be climbing. Then to get beyond summit.


Time is coming to an end

I've identified the most meaningful headline of this era:

Pussy Riot Got Whipped by Cossacks

This suggests a breaking down of the boundaries of historical time.

Yes, time is coming to an end.


Being awake to the battle

Sometimes I feel convicted (that churchy term) to write something.

I just heard something where part of what the person said was, "...hell, the very central camp of Satan..."

My mind immediately ran over what I know of Hades, and Hell, and what happens when unbelievers die, and so on. Also, how where we are now has a correlation in the spiritual realm.

Also, issues of protection and spiritual battle and so on.

Recurrence too.

And how it is all so important and potentially dangerous when not 'seen' or remembered or just taken lightly.

Like, why are some living in living hells here in the realm under the sun, but others, perhaps equally unbelieving, are living in areas where they are under less constraint from evil and idols and less coercion from community and leaders and so on (think of the totalitarian, constant coercion in Muslim lands). Do they have more protection in the spiritual realm - Hades - and how is that maintained? Etc.

So it makes me wonder what am I not doing now that I should be doing. Is my armor on the ground, scattered about me, unattended by me? Is the living Word of the Bible being neglected by me? Shouldn't I be getting it into me strong constantly?

Other things like my behavior don't worry me as much, because I truly seem to not be under the control of active sin or anything stupid like in the past. Yet perhaps a more passive sin might be controlling me, such as laziness or just generally not redeeming the time.

But the general thought that we are in a battle, and we need to be vigilant and strong and AWAKE, all the time (awake to this under-the-sun realm and to the spiritual realm), acting from God's will, came to me. The necessity of not taking for granted a current safe environment and peaceful times. Realizing constantly the real danger of evil and of the Devil and his motives and his army of demons and humans acting from his spirit.

One thing that came to me: how people now in the spiritual realms may be observing me, and how when I am strong and awake and adept in this battle it is impressive, but when I sleep and get lazy and lose contact with my armor I am seen as unimpressive - if not a hapless fool - in that realm. This is inspiration, to act from the knowledge of how you are effecting others, or helping others, in other realms...


The royal attitude of God's royal family

A lot of dark, cloudy inane worldview and philosophy in the minds and hearts of people.

Let's cut through it sharply:

There were Jews who suffered in death camps horribly who then died and went to hell. Yet, there were Nazis who worked in those death camps, administrated them, designed them, and who subsequently became regenerated by the word and the Spirit, and then died and went to be with God in Heaven.

What does this tell you?

It tells you there is no amount of suffering that can keep you out of hell.

And there is no sin, as delineated in the Ten Commandments, that can keep you out of Heaven.

So no more complaining. See your situation.

Gratitude in place of resentment for everything all the time. That's the royal attitude. Royal in the sense of God's royal family.


See through the myriad confusion of the Kingdom of Satan

"Back then the lepers had three fingers on each hand... Now we only have two. Times were so much better back then..."

That wistful observation brought to you by humanity under the unending onslaught of the Devil in this world.

What you want to look for is when they make it so that you can't buy or sell. When you can't buy food. When you can't start a business to support yourself.

That is what Communism did. We see these same measures being put on us here in the United States currently like never before. Before, the Devil really never was able to keep us from buying and selling, and starting businesses. Now?

In all this confusion of conspiracy...seeing obvious evil in this and that current movement, in history, in people and peoples, and so on...it is all simple when you view it from the perspective of the Bible. Not what churches and church leaders and Christian educators tell you about the Bible (they are in institutions and institutions are easy takeover targets for the spirit of Satan), but from the bible itself, which has to be actually read by each one of us so that we are potentially able to see.

I.e. the myriad names and forces and movements, now and in the past, with all the confusion, intentional and self-inflicted, it is all one thing: the Kingdom of Satan in this world.

Some Jews are real, some 'Jews' are not real Jews, some are good, some are evil, Nazis used to be Marxists, U. S. Government protected Marxists in its midst, hated Nazis, only after Nazis attacked Marxists. Zionism, bankers, Khazars, British Empire, Islam, Romanism, Jesuits, conspiracy everywhere, different sources identified by different theorists, undeniable in parts, confused mostly overall, difficult to sort out.....evil exists, things get worse...

What does it all have in common? Godlessness. A hatred of Jesus Christ. (Yes, even in the Christian church; see how denominations are taken over always to become more liberal and unbelieving in what the Bible actually says.)

Where do we get protection? The full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18). Where do we get discernment and understanding? The Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

Whatever is out there, or among us, or in us, that is obviously a force of evil in one way or another, to one degree or another, is of the Kingdom of Satan, and is the spirit of Satan working through fallen human beings unable to act in any other way unless God regenerates them.

The battlefield is simple. On one side: faith in God. On the other side: faith in myriad false idols, some of them very big and powerful (the totalitarian state, for instance).

In our day a big false idol is also the notion of the 'noble savage.' Or multiculturalism. The Devil is big on this as a means to cause chaos and disintegration. Another is environmentalism. Look how they are able to harness an enormous lunacy such as 'global warming' to effect global mischief in the service of their godless faith. This can't be done without the spirit of Satan infusing people.

It is all Kingdom of Satan operations marching along. Whatever name it has to or wants to take on, whatever cover, whatever illusion, whatever delusion, whatever part of the world it needs to be more powerful in now or later or whenever, i.e. whatever it takes it will do what it does until the return of the King, Jesus Christ.


Get in church, you morons... What's the matter, don't you love Christians? You morons...

Has there been anything in the Christian blogosphere as creepy as the Pyromaniacs blog in recent years? Nothing against Phil Johnson, who seems to have retired from that blog, but Dan Phillips? Frank Turk? Really?

That's like turning your blog over to two Jesuits; one bipolar, the other with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

And the 'yes man' culture they enforce in the comments threads. That's really edifying.

Their latest tirades are a long running theme for them: why morons who call themselves Christians won't assume a position of slavery (their word) and dutifully go to a church on Sunday and love their fellow Christians like morons (like you) are supposed to do. And their style - not just especially the ordained pastor - is so encouraging: "Here, let me say it really slowly for you, moron: it's in the Bible. So maybe you might like to kind of take it seriously to any degree that your idiot self can possibly begin to understand it to begin with? Hmm?"

Priesthood of all believers, pastor. Come down to my church on the street. Oh, you don't want to lower yourself? Not to a moron Christian on the street? Hmm...


Dichotomy or trichotomy - see it from the angle of spiritual warfare

Theologians argue whether man is a dichotomy or a trichotomy regarding body, soul, and spirit. Because the Word of God uses soul and spirit synonymously many erroneously conclude man is a dichotomy of solely body and soul.

What they miss is the fact that the spirit is part of the soul. So really you can say both - dichotomy and trichotomy - are correct. We are body, soul, and spirit, and those three things are each separate, unique things; yet the spirit is part of the soul, so the soul can stand in as an identifier for both soul and spirit, hence man can also be said to be solely body and soul.

I'll go farther. You won't read this anywhere else, that I know of, because theologians stay clear of spiritual warfare.

Read this verse:

Heb_4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

This refers to regeneration. Another subject theologians stay clear from, their fallen nature not wanting to concede sovereignty to God in regeneration but to man and ritual.

The Word of God is living language. Theologians are too shallow generally to know what that means. They assume the Bible is just like any other book, and they expose this approach in how they do textual criticism. They're shallow. Generally they've never read much literature out of their supposed specialty, or what their seminary professor told them is 'safe' to read. So they have nothing to compare and contrast to the Bible to see its unique nature. They haven't read epic poetry or the classical historians or even sacred literature of other religions. (Knowing they are false religions doesn't excuse willful ignorance in not reading such works.)

So with this in mind, that the Word of God is living language - quickening language, regenerating language - see what that verse is saying. The living Word actually goes into our soul and cuts out the spirit that is there, which is the spirit of Satan, of disobedience, of the Kingdom of Satan, and the Holy Spirit then replaces it with the Spirit of God, the Spirit of faith and repentance, the Spirit of the Kingdom of God.

We are body, soul, and spirit, but what 'spirit' do you have in your soul? The spirit of Satan, or the Spirit of God? What cosmos are you connected to? Darkness or light? Death or the living Water of Life?

This is why in regeneration the living Word of God is the wild card in the process. This is why you need to read the Bible complete, cover-to-cover. Get the complete living language into you and allow it to work, if, by the grace of God, the external call is also going to be an internal call.


Hate: a difficult insight, but an insight

I recently acquired Paul Hollander's From the Gulag to the Killing Fields. In reading some of the first hand accounts of communist horror something struck me that is probably difficult to communicate or see or accept, but here it is...

The absolute hate that the communist forces manifested towards their victims made one eye witness sum up the whole movement as just pure expression of hatred. If compassion was shown to any victim the person showing compassion would be executed. That type of thing. It was their policy to inculcate hate. Mao did this, I recall from another book. I know this is obvious, but I'm trying to say that it was specifically hate that they were demanding from the rank and file. Hate the enemy.

The analogy has to do with how the Devil and his spiritual children counterfeit everything in the plan of God. This type of focus on hate reminded me of the difference between common grace ethics and consummation ethics. How we are to love our enemies now, but at the consummation we are to hate our enemies (or the enemies of God). If we love the enemies of God at the consummation it would be an act of rebellion against God Himself.

Can you see how that is being counterfeited in these totalitarian movements in the 20th century? They are doing it in the service of their false idol(s), counterfeiting that coming time when believers will do it in the service of God Himself.

To accept this, to see it, needs a strong faith in God and a good understanding of the plan of God, and real Holy Spirit-enabled moral discernment and discernment for what is true and what is false; also a very God-centered being that doesn't put oneself above God and pretend to judge God and His plan. - C.

ps- If you really want to see what this email [this was originally an email] is about read this summary of Meredith Kline's famous article on Intrusion Ethics.


Spectre of evil

Paul of England writes:

It's all about tyranny and liberty. Right down to our simplest Yes/No decisions. We inherently know this, it's a gift of the Fall, part of our make-up. Our feelings of joy or elation and conversely depression or misery are intimately tied up with this same knowledge.

This is in part what makes Lenin interesting. He didn't wake up one day as a despot or murderer. He had himself in his mind on the trajectory of a liberator. That's a commonplace though - being misled about our own intentions by the force of the world, and then if we go deep enough, the active presence of the Devil begins driving.

In a sense though, Lenin is more than his followers. More complex, more adaptive, creative, arguably more authentic in a sense too. For instance Marx thought Russia had no prospects for revolution - it was too vastly peasant. Marx envisaged the proles, the workers rising up against the fat controller. That could only occur in a more developed nation. Lenin's solution was to invent the idea of the Intelligentsia leading the peasants until the peasants were able to take command of themselves. Like parents caring for their infant children. He would save them from the wickedness of the aristocracy by leading them in revolt against their masters. That ideological deviation is already no longer Marxist.

Did he genuinely believe his ideology would emancipate? One of the common defences thrown out is that you can't blame Lenin for the totalitarianism that emerged. That's what he was fighting against. I suspect that's a lame defence.

I've never read Lenin but he may be interesting. Whilst his contemporaries would say "we must protest against this injustice" Lenin would publish methods for killing the oppressors with boiling oil. And so forth. Curiously i have an impression of Lenin as a recurring historical figure that I first met in the Ayatollah Khomeini.

Lenin's elder brother, in his late teens, plotted to assassinate the autocratic Tsar. Lenin's brother gets caught and is hanged. This is cited as the primary catalyst for Lenin - it begs the question, was his drive to liberate Russia from the debauchery of the aristocracy real or a mask for a deep seated vengeance? His ideology of course was BAMN which makes anything permissible. and probably set the course for the rest of the regimes history and for all the copycat regimes that followed.
I responded:
This is why I harp on Dostoevsky. These socialist ideas, the nihilism, all of it started in - or arrived in - Russia in Dostoevsky's time. He was one of them. He was sentenced to die, was taken to the wall to be executed, was then walked back to his cell and sentenced to ten years in Siberia where he became a Christian.

He then knew it was all demonic. He called his political novel on it all Demons. Or the Possessed. It is even a theme in Crime and Punishment. He was prophetic of the 20th century. He predicted it all.

An element of Lenin you didn't mention was his militant atheism. It was arguably his driving motivation. The one thing that brought all the various factions that became the Bolshevik Party together was their unified hatred of Christianity. Their atheism. You saw the same thing in the French Revolution, which was the father, so to speak, of the Bolshevik Revolution.

These were not naive utopians. The useful idiots that followed them were, but the leaders were not. They were consciously demonic as hell. They called their idealist, utopian, naive followers *useful idiots.*

Of course these types will have better cover if what they are undermining or taking over is despotism to one degree or another itself. but it is always exaggerated. They are looking to create the possibility to make massive human sacrifices to the Kingdom of Satan. Pure and simple. That's what it always came down to. The ultimate, always-present goal. - C.
And added:
THE spectre haunting Europe in The Communist Manifesto (1848), and haunting the world today [1968], walks for the first time in the pages of [Edmund] Burke:

Here is a quote from one of his letters about what was happening in France:

"… out of the tomb of the murdered monarchy in France has arisen a vast, tremendous, unformed spectre, in a far more terrifick guise than any which ever yet have overpowered the imagination, and subdued the fortitude of man. Going straight forward to its end, unappalled by peril, unchecked by remorse, despising all common maxims and all common means, that hideous phantom overpowered those who could not believe it was possible she could at all exist..."

That word, spectre, was used by Marx obviously, and he mentioned Burke in his writings, so he was using it intentionally, and wickedly (in a wicked, mocking fashion).

The French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution are similar break outs of this evil spirit. You have to read of the French Revolution by a non-leftist historian to see just how identical it was to the totalitarian ideology and regimes and means and so forth of the 20th century.

Leftist historians know that all the seeds of the evil they cover up and excuse are in the French Revolution. Forget that the 'old Regime' was what it was, such evil will break out against the most successful, egalitarian society. In the U.S. it has been working to bring this nation down from the beginning. They despise the contrast of the American Revolution (the third major revolution) with their gruesome totalitarian revolutions. For instance, one leftist historian described Robespierre as a religious fanatic, giving the intended impression that he was like a Christian fanatic, not telling his reader that Robespierre was 'religious' because he set up a false god he called the God of Reason to replace Christianity and did all the 'year zero' things (changing the calendar, fundamental things) to leave no trace of Christianity in culture and society. That was how he was 'religious'.

Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France is a good start in seeing what was going on. - C.

A non-man-fearing approach to homosexual condemnation

Any condemnation of homosexuality is man fearing if it doesn't include a condemnation of the practice of the homosexual community in increasing their tribe by recruiting children and young people by 1. molestation; 2. indoctrination; and 3. drug addiction. Then telling them they were born that way.

For the homosexual community to have their gay bars filled in the future they have to constantly molest, indoctrinate, and otherwise recruit in the present.

This is why homosexuality was criminalized in the past, and why it should be criminalized now.

A Christian needs to discern between the wicked souls who run the racket and the victims of those wicked souls in terms of our view. Most homosexuals were molested as children and young people, indoctrinated as children and young people, were given drugs and made dependent on the homosexual community for those drugs, etc. Then they were told they were born that way. Just as in the Satanic Marxist movements, you have the King Rats, and you have the wide-eyed indoctrinated followers. Prosecute the King Rats and let the prison chaplains work on them; but evangelize to the wide eyed victims.


Spiritual warfare note - the spiritually celibate

1. For self-serving reasons homosexuals don't want to recognize chastity or spiritual celibacy in heterosexuals (in fact they want to claim that everybody secretly acts and thinks and queerly lusts just like they do).

2. For a host of different, but similar, reasons heterosexuals will recognize chastity but don't want to recognize spiritual celibacy in other heterosexuals.

3. Homosexuals, married people, people in committed relationships, fornicators, adulterers, they all want to bring down the spiritually celibate, by denying they are real, or by mocking and ridiculing, accusing, shaming, belittling, embarrassing.


Liberty vs. tyranny, and the supernatural

Paul of England writes:

I've been reading The Devil In History


That's a book C put us onto last year. It's very good, quite academic in tone but not overly. What is very clear, and it comes through in the first pages, is that Stalin, Mao, Kim Il Sung, Ho Chi Minh, Castro, Ceausescu. (I suppose there are others) all of them owed everything to Lenin. Not merely the imagined ideological pretense but the legitimized violence for the defence and protection of the mystical body of the state. That whole Mao thing is replication. They embalmed Lenin, his body is still on display today. You can go to Red Square and have your own Bolshevik religious experience at the Lenin sarcophagus. That's what all these types do, become false (death) gods. What's interesting with all these types is their desperate need to create a Year Zero - Pol Pot could be added to the list. Death is just what they do.

There are a ton of youtube video's out there. some interesting old footage of Russia ...

Curiously and almost an aside, one theme I find especially interesting from that period of Russian history is the Former People. These Year zero concepts invent former people as a necessary means of legitimizing their existence.

I see it also in the effect of Modernism in art and poetry in 1912 - it so utterly wipes the slate that there are a bunch of people that are left with no relevance whatsoever. Victorian poetry for example, so flabby and sentimental and dead. It happens at lesser levels (think 70's prog rock after the Sex Pistols). It's a fascinating theme - I see parallels to this everywhere. This isn't to say that a former person is finished but culturally they are left with nowhere to go. Bougoureau would be a good example, in art. It took a 100 years for his work to surface and reconnect.

There's more to this than art and politics though. C Influence has that exact same effect. It took everything to get there and then none of what went before has any weight anymore, the whole force and purpose changes The Contact is transcedent. I think of Bunyan's Christian leaving the village. He is already regenerated and no more of the village.

Former people caught out by the devil's force in the world Vs former people who left the world (if still in it) to fight for His Glory. We are all former people.
I respond:
And remember why this subject is so interesting. It's because in this fallen world it's easier to see the supernatural when it manifests as evil than to see the supernatural when it manifests as good. And we crave to see the supernatural. We want to know what's beyond and that there is a beyond.

An example of seeing the supernatural manifest as good is when a person truly gets saved supernaturally from an accident. If you've been there you've been there. If your particular case is imagination then so be it. Not everybody's is.

Also just getting saved as in salvation. Regeneration is a supernatural act of God effected by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

But anyway...

Another thing I thought of reading your email is this: The Book of Revelation tells us there is a false trinity that counterfeits the real Trinity. The Dragon (Devil), the Beast, and the False Prophet.

You mentioned how all these totalitarian movements invoked the name of Lenin. Lenin is the Dragon behind it all. He represents the Devil on earth in this case. The Beast is all the totalitarian collectivist states with their soul-killing machinery of tyranny, ultimately existing to provide human suffering and human death to feed as sacrifice to the Kingdom of Satan. And the False Prophet(s) are the Stalins, the Hitlers (who learned his game from Marxists), the Maos, the Pol Pots, the Castros, and all the wannabees.

Vern Poythress' the Returning King is very good on these things, counterfeit and so forth:


That page is the HTML book in full, but I downloaded the page and sent it to my Kindle and lo and behold it reads and is formatted just like a book. Only illustrations and links link back to the web page. - C.
And, a further note:
Also, this subject is the subject of liberty vs. tyranny, and it is foundational. For understanding and discernment, but also...

If you have *any* trace of sympathy for the Devil left in you *it will show in your politics* (even if you have long ago accepted orthodox - Apostolic/Reformation era - biblical teaching). *And*: if you are still prone to fear the world more than God (easy to do for any of us granted) it too will show in your politics.

Not saying everybody has to have the same political opinion to a 't', but you can see the general outline here.

This is just another subject your email made me think of... - C.


In the spiritual realm

I know it's Christmas, but to me it just means the stores are all closed.

I keep thinking about (it keeps coming to mind) how we are all in various schools and circles in the spiritual world and how that manifests here under the sun, so to speak.

It could explain the bizarre reaction I get (from the very beginning) when I'd appear on a Christian forum or blog or similar environment. I'd just have to say "Hi" and I'd get "What are you doing here!! Get away from us!! Ahhh!!!"

Like it would be like an Aborigine in full tribal get up shows up at the most white neighborhood, the most white family in Australia for Christmas dinner. Just out of nowhere.

And I think it is that way in the spiritual world because people settle into these schools and circles and they attain a degree of peace and comfort from the dangers around them, and when something threatens to throw that out-of-balance you see the kind of reaction I've seen.

And this speaks to development of being as a real thing. My history, my experience, has brought me to where I am, in terms of being. I know I am different from other Christians. They obviously sense it too. And it's real. I can't complain when they freak out or refuse to interact. It's actually normal.

And what makes it more difficult for them is I scare them because I don't seem to be attached to anything they recognize as a school or circle. Like Odysseus scared one of his hosts because it seemed like the gods were against him, partly because he was alone.

We can all situate ourselves within this scenario.

So I have to see that my school is not church level Christianity, but order level. It is what I've been presented with, and it is what I've set out upon. With some success. If you then leave your first love, as Revelation puts it, you need to return to it or you are really nowhere. Odysseus had to return to that upper chamber where Penelope awaited.

Where I am at in the spiritual realm calls on me to be saturated with the word of God (something I've done with the complete readings); active on the battlefield with real, awake, discernment; in the full armor of God (doctrine at its most on-the-mark essence); with God and the Host of Heaven for my protection. I don't have the comfort of a group, or circle of protection (and obviously don't want it, with its limitations).

To the others, in the other various schools and circles in the spiritual realm, I may look pathetic, or alone, or despised of God, or just strange, or dangerous, but it is really just that separation that is between the [here I'm editing out special terminology] common, worldly level of man and the uncommon higher level. The in-between level is looking both ways, which causes much of this confusion and disorder.


Roland de Lassus Psalmi Davidis Poenitentiales

Disc 1

Disc 2

If you listen to this work complete you will come across very remarkable passages. Overall as well it is very special. Youtube is a goldmine for polyphony. It would be very expensive to explore polyphony by buying CDs. I did it back before the internet, but so much is now on YouTube. This one is special and worth owning.


My energy is not right for the churchians

This comment I wrote was deemed not worthy of being on a Calvinist blog thread:

A lot of cults and heterodox groups are feeling their strength currently. Atheists as well. Homosexuals. Socialists. Hedonists. The spirit of disobedience (the Spirit of Satan) is putting a strong wind in all their respective sails. Not surprisingly they are all sailing in the same direction as well.

Maybe they didn't get the metaphor (or something), but more likely their churchian sensibilities can't take that much going against the world in their precious churchian environment. The person is an ally of James White, by the way.

James White, burned like Eck in Protestant fashion

"The modern love for manuscripts was no part of the history [of Christianity down through the ages]. Mss. were not the object of devotion. Mss. were not looked upon as "treasure," "blessing to the church," etc. This is the language of modern empiricism. When one hears this language come from a speaker one should immediately recognise a departure from true Protestantism.

The text underlying the AV is the reformation text. The translators did not consult "mss." in the sense the word is used of Sinaiticus. The "treasure" is the Word; the revelation of God's will and its preservation is the "blessing to the church." Protestants recognised that this treasure and blessing was to be found uncorrupted in the text which had passed down to them."

- Rev. Matthew Winzer
Australian Free Church,
Victoria, Australia

This is a powerful rebuke that I had not seen nor thought of before. The context of this statement is statements made by James White in his debate with Chris Pinto. White began to waft poetic about how Sinaiticus was a treasure and blessing to the Church and so on. Mr. Winzer has identified White's (and all supporters of the Critical Text industry and their bibles) foundational approach. White undoubtedly has said similar things in the past yet has never been exposed on it. He's exposed now. Look for him to incorporate a Satanic defense for it in the future, pretending self-awareness all the while as to what he was doing in expressing such things in such a way. "The language of modern empiricism" indeed. James White, burned like Eck in Protestant fashion. Not on a stake, but on his own worldly presuppositions.

* * * * * * *

Somebody questioned Winzer on Christians not seeing manuscripts as treasure: "[W]hy do you say they didn't see Mss as a "treasure"? Witness Calvin for example who many times refers to "older" and "better" manuscripts." (The person who wrote this question, by the way, missed the entire point of Winzer's previous post, which unfortunately is par for the course in these discussions. I.e. the King Rats of the Critical Text industry rely on their vast army of useful idiots to run interference when necessary.)

Winzer responded: "I see where Calvin refers to mss. as witnessing to the reliability of a reading. I do not see where he speaks of mss. themselves as being God's blessing and gift to the church. This kind of language is a part of the infatuation which develops with archaeological discoveries and an over-appreciation for material evidence. Calvin fought a good fight against relic-worship. I doubt seriously that he would have contributed towards another form of it."

(Also, one of the foundational points that Winzer himself introduced to that Puritanboard forum which gets lost constantly is there is a difference between editing a received stream of similar manuscripts vs. *constructing* a new manuscript from divergent sources. The Critical Text industry which White champions is engaged in doing the latter. The Reformation did the former.)

Another major point in all this is this is nothing less than the Counter-Reformation all over again. The main battle thrust of the Romanist Counter-Reformation against the Reformation was to introduce various manuscripts and Bible versions with different readings with the sole purpose of attempting to get Protestants to lose faith in an inerrant and God-preserved word of God and thus to then give their 'faith' back to men and the word of man which would be the Pope and Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.


They talk slow for us because we're stupid

Why are there so many Christians on the internet who write things like this?

Sample paragraphs: "The reason why this debate is an important one is that it challenges a prevailing stream of consciousness regrettably found among many believers these days. Pinto, and similar individuals like him, have taught numerous, undiscerning Christians to live spiritual lives that are, for lack of a better term, conspiratorially driven.

They are being told that church history has been largely shaped by sinister, dark forces that lurk in the shadows. Whether they be the Illuminati, Jesuits, or whatever, those forces ceaselessly toil to disrupt God’s purposes and the lives of Christians everywhere. If Christians are just only made aware of those forces and the evil they attempt to perpetrate and learn to identify and avoid them, why the church in America would be in much better spiritual health."

The writer of the above words comes across as a juvenile intellectual who is merely masturbating his vanity by talking down to Christians like he is talking to five year olds. This really is the common element in these types. You see it in Michael Horton, in James White, in the John MacArthurites like this blogger, it's all over the internet.

One gets the sense that none of these individuals are fully developed adults. Certainly not fully developed Christians. One gets the sense that these people have never been against the world. They've never gone against the easy current of the world. They've always been going *with* the easy current of the world. They've never had to engage in spiritual warfare because they've never been on the spiritual battlefield. These people are pure examples of churchians.

Listen to the White Horse Inn. They talk to their audience as if it is an audience of Kindergarteners. And they get so much obvious pleasure in doing so. Listen to the silly MacArthurites (silly for among other reasons their Mormonish Dispensationalism that they have no clue MacArthur clings to because he's published 500 books and is too invested in it to come off it), they all have the same juvenile, half-angry, belittling attitude with a quick finger to ban and delete anybody who calls them on it. A very smug sense of being secure in the world and with attendant numbers to go along with that.

What does the Bible say about having numbers on your side? You don't need them. For battle anyway. Yet the churchians need them because to do what they do which is to mock and giggle and yank chains and engage in fallacious rhetoric and propaganda (they love to accompany their posts with mocking graphics) they have to have the world on their side. They need the world on their side to do it as smugly and easily and with the degree of juvenile pleasure as they do it with.


The Person of the Holy Spirit as Comforter

Simon of Australia sayeth:

God there's heaps of death around me at the moment. Parents of close friends mainly, and relatives. The stakes feel high.

Your time is limited. I feel the actual active holy spirit though - you dont die alone, he comes to collect you.

I respondeth:
At times over the last six months or so I've made efforts to study the Holy Spirit. The *Person* of the Holy Spirit. Just now I thought about how Jesus called Him the Comforter. This tells me when we do have those thoughts of what happens at death it is the Holy Spirit we should think of (which is what you bring up in your email). After all, the Holy Spirit is *in us.* Once regenerated, when we die we die with the Holy Spirit - God - in us. And it was the Holy Spirit that was with Jesus (Jesus as a human man) when He rose from death. I think the more we come into consciousness of the *Person* of the Holy Spirit (not a force or energy, but an actual Person like Jesus or God the Father) the more we develop overall. - C.


Dance of the ......

This is some of the evil angels as they danced above the old Soviet Union amidst the smoke of the offerings of human suffering and death coming up from below: