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The Challenge of Islam According to the Reformers

In expounding Daniel 9, Martin Luther noted that among others, the prophet Daniel was talking about the Muslim Turks, who at that time were invading Europe: "In the latter part of their reign, when rebels have become completely wicked, a stern-faced king, a master of intrigue will arise. He will become very strong, but not by his own power. He will cause astounding devastation … He will cause deceit to prosper and he will consider himself superior. When they feel secure, he will destroy many and take his stand against the Prince of princes. Yet he will be destroyed, but not by human power." Daniel 9: 23 – 25

Luther wrote that the "two regimes, that of the Pope and that of the Turk, are … antichrist."

John Calvin in a sermon on Deuteronomy 18:15 maintained that Muhammad was one of "the two horns of antichrist."

In his commentaries on Daniel (7: 7 – 18), Calvin put forward the theory that the Muslim Turks were the little horn that sprang up from the beast. As the Turks had conquered much of the old Roman Empire, much of the prophecies concerning Rome could apply to the Muslim world. Islam was one of the two legs of the later Roman Empire described in Daniel 2.

Commenting on Daniel 11:37, Calvin wrote that Muhammad "allowed to men the brutal liberty of chastising their wives and thus he corrupted that conjugal love and fidelity which binds the husband to the wife … Mohamet allowed full scope to various lusts – by permitting a man to have a number of wives … Mohamet invented a new form of religion." (Commentaries on the Book of the Prophet Daniel – John Calvin).

Luther noted that Christ warned about false prophets coming from the desert (Matthew 24: 24 – 26) and this certainly included Muhammad.

Commenting on 2 Thessalonians 2: 3 – 12, Calvin wrote that … "the sect of Mohammad was like a raging overflow, which in its violence tore away about half of the church."

In his commentary on 1 John 2: 18 – 23, Calvin states that the Turks "have a mere idol in place of God."

Luther observed from 1 John 2: 18 – 22 and 4: 1 – 3, "Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist – he denies the Father and the Son." 1 John 2: 22, that the Mohammadans deny both the Fatherhood of God and the Deity of Christ – hence they are liars. They testify against the truth of God’s Word.

On 1 John 4: 3 – 6: "but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus, is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist … this is how we recognise the spirit of truth and the spirit of falsehood", Calvin noted that "Mohammad too asserts that he has drawn his dreams only from Heaven … False spirits claim the Name of God."

Luther observed that the Muslim Turks want "to eradicate the Christians."

The 1637 Calvinist Dordt Bible in Dutch, comments on Revelation 16:12 that the Muslim nations of the East would still unite with one another in a Pan-Islamic Jihad against the West.

The 1643 Westminster Assembly’s "Larger Catechism" calls on Christians to ... "pray, that the kingdom of sin and Satan may be destroyed, that the Gospel propagated throughout the world …" It’s "Directory for the Public Worship of God" instructs congregations to "pray for the propagation of the Gospel and Kingdom of Christ to all nations, for the conversion of the Jews, the fullness of the gentiles, the fall of antichrist, and the deliverance of the distressed Churches abroad from the tyranny of the antiChristian faction, and from the cruel oppression and blasphemies of the Turk."

Commenting on Rev. 9: 1 – 11, the Dutch Dordt Bible of 1637 suggests that Muhammad is "Apollyon" (which is Greek for the Hebrew word "Abaddon" which means destroyer) and the army of locusts and scorpions are the Arab and Saracen armies which wage Jihad in Muhammad’s name.

In his Institutes (Book 2, chapter 6:4), Calvin writes: "So today the Turks, although they proclaim at the top of their lungs that the Creator of Heaven and earth is God, still, while repudiating Christ, substitute an idol in the place of the true God."

Jonathan Edwards, the first President of Princeton University, wrote in his "A History of the Work of Redemption." "The two great works of the devil which he … wrought against the Kingdom of Christ are … his Anti-Christian (Romish or Papal) and Mahometan (Muslim or Islamic) kingdoms … which have been, and still are, two kingdoms of great extent and strength. Both together swallow … up the Ancient Roman Empire; the (Papal) kingdom of Antichrist swallowing up the Western Empire, and Satan’s Mahometan kingdom the Eastern Empire … In the Book of Revelation (chapters 16 – 20) … it is in the destruction of these that the glorious victory of Christ at the introduction of the glorious times of the Church, will mainly consist…"

In a sermon on 2 Timothy 1:3, Calvin explained: "The Turks at this day, can allege and say for themselves: ‘We serve God from our ancestors!’ … It is a good while ago since Mahomet gave them the cup of his devilish dreams to drink, and they got drunk with them. It is about a thousand years since those cursed hellhounds were made drunk with their follies … Let us be wise and discreet! … For otherwise, we shall be like the Turks and Heathen!" (Sermons on Timothy and Titus – John Calvin).

Calvin pointed out that the reign of antichrist will be destroyed by the Word of God (2 Thessalonians 2:8). "Paul does not think that Christ will accomplish this in a single moment … Christ will scatter the darkness in which antichrist will reign, by the rays which He will emit before His coming – just as the sun, before becoming visible to us, chases away the darkness of the night with its bright light.

"This victory of the Word will therefore be seen in the World. For ‘the Breath (or Spirit) of His Mouth’ means simply His Word … as in Isaiah 11:4, the passage to which Paul appears to be alluding … It is a notable commendation of true and sound doctrine that it is represented as being sufficient to put an end to all ungodliness, and as destined at all times to be victorious over all devices of Satan. It is also a commendation when … a little further on … the preaching of this doctrine, is referred to as Christ’s ‘coming’ to us." (Commentary on Second Thessalonians - John Calvin).

"The Kingdoms of the world have become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign for ever and ever." Revelation 11:15

"All nations will come and worship before You …" Revelation 15:4

"The desert tribes will bow before Him and His enemies will lick the dust ... All kings will bow down to Him and all nations will serve Him." Psalm 72: 9-11

From here; which was linked from this excellent website out of South Africa.


A different approach to studying and using historical writing that values the unity of truth

I say that "values the unity of truth" because these days historians, or so-called historians, consider truth to be relative or some kind of 'power play' perpetuated by mostly white people and Christian western culture and civilization. We just have to stick with and engage older historians these days, for the most part, which isn't a horrible thing anyway. Time-vetted historical works are obviously valuable in many deep ways, it goes without saying...

Until roughly the 1930s, American higher education was based on what was explicitly called “the unity of Truth”—“ the conviction that all truths agreed and ultimately could be related to one another in a single system,” writes Harvard historian Julie Reuben.

Pearcey, Nancy. Finding Truth: 5 Principles for Unmasking Atheism, Secularism, and Other God Substitutes (p. 153). David C. Cook. Kindle Edition.

In addition to the above paragraph the unity of truth also means truth doesn't evolve or change with the time. What was truth for 5th century Athens is truth for people today in any part of the world.

So here's an approach to world history that gets at foundational elements that give unique understanding of human nature, the ways of the world, the nature of power, and even current psychological phenomena.

Study the five main cities in world history:

1. Jerusalem
2. Athens
3. Rome
4. London
5. Washington

Not really just the 'cities' but what they represent. In most cases they represent an empire of one type or another. I guess in all cases. And because they represent empire their influence in the world and through time - until our very own time - gives added dimension to getting understanding from history.

For Jerusalem we have the Bible.

For Athens we have her own classic historians such as Thucydides.

For Rome we have Edward Gibbon.

For London there are many histories of the British Empire. I read Niall Ferguson's Empire which I can recommend highly. It's not politically-correct, and I got some of the understanding of psychological phenomena that is current that I mentioned above from this book. For instance a lot of the interplay between the races, especially black vs. white, but lately all the races (because they've all learned it now). How black people play on white guilt, for instance. Why our world looks the way it is currently. Much of this has to do with consequences of actions committed by the British around the world. And to a lesser extent other European countries, but mostly the British and their Empire. The United States, unfortunately, seems to get all the blame nowadays for what other European countries and the British Empire did.

For Washington (or just American history) there is Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America and the epic three volume History of the American People by Samuel Eliot Morison.

For tyranny you can go to Paris and France's archetypal Satanic revolution. Then to fill that out further and see an empire development of that darkness go to Moscow/Saint Petersburg.


Take advantage of the old pedagogues

Every Christian should read Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Not because, as some did in the past, to match historical events with the Book of Revelation (Historicism) but to see the patterns of history nevertheless (which does help with reading Revelation). To also get a general, classic presentation of the nature of power and the nature of human nature itself. To get perspective and understanding from where we stand in history and in the events of our own country and culture and civilization.

Since, though, Roman history is divided into three main sections: the Kingdom; the Republic; and the Empire; it may be useful, before reading Gibbon (which gives a complete history of the third section, the Empire) to glance through the Kingdom and Republic parts.

For that there is a book written in 1885 by an American educator and founder of a college (a pedagogue with interest in educating young people with easy-to-read yet serious overviews of various subject matter, a type of writer that seemed prominent in the 19th century) named Arthur Gilman. He wrote a book titled The Story of Rome from the Earliest Times to the End of the Republic. See, he gives the Kingdom and the Republic part of Roman history. Gibbon covers the Empire from there.

You can find Gilman's book for free at Amazon's Kindle store (and probably at other internet sites that have old books in electronic formats). It's free, it's well-written, it's worth it.

Along the same lines there is a similar writer from the same century, though in this case an Englishman, who wrote an incredibly helpful book on the Peloponnesian War. Reading Thucydides is a difficult task. It's difficult to envision the geography and events and timeline of the action. The book I'm talking about is by H. L. Havell titled Stories from Thucydides. The title makes it sound like a book written for children, but it's not. It's a good 400 pages and follows Thucydides' history closely, but just narrates it in a way that makes the entire narrative easy to envision and get perspective on. If you've read through Thucydides once, as I have, and then you read this book there will be a lot of 'Ah's and "OK, now I see" and so forth. It really is a necessary book to get understanding of Thucydides classic history. Not even modern books written with the intent of making Thucydides easier to grasp come close to the usefulness and competence of this book. Well worth looking for. It's free too at Amazon Kindle or any other site that has free, old books in electronic formats.

PS: Another similar writer from the 19th century is Alfred John Church, or A. J. Church. He may be focused on younger people, but it's a similar vein.


Today on Reformed Forum...

Today on Reformed Forum - Fri., May 6, 2016 - we're going to be talking with a good friend about an article he has written for the North American Karl Barth Review regarding what do we make of Barth's Christology vis-a-vis his unique view of inspiration in light of his support for Stalinist genocide. [Moderator note: we've deleted all mention of Stalinist genocide from this interview after many complaints from some very good and important Reformed Barth scholars, many of whom are our good friends and brothers in the faith.]

Today on Reformed Forum - Fri., May 13, 2016 - we're going to be talking to just an excellent Reformed scholar about his new book on Declension Static Traumatizing String Theory Translation Algorithms and how this new practice is revolutionizing the translation of the Bible for new generations and making it possible to get the word of God right without having to even access any manuscripts. Praise God.

Today on Reformed Forum - Fri., May 20, 2016 - we're going to be presenting highlights from our last two shows.

Today on Reformed Forum - Fri., May 27, 2016 - we're going to be talking with Carlos Montoya, a really cool graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary, on his thesis that dichotomy was not the reigning belief in OPC churches in western Pennsylvania surprisingly until really the middle of the last century. He's done a lot of important investigative work on this subject, and we will explore this important topic on Reformed Forum, Christ the Center.

Today on Reformed Forum - Fri., June 3, 2016 - I will review the new version of Scholax Software, and, with great joy, focus on their new 20th century Roman Catholic theologians modules. Here's a hint: there's joy in Mudville, because they hit it out of the park...

Today on Reformed Forum - Fri., June 10, 2016 - we're going to be talking with church historian Len Dulles (pronounced Dull-ass) regarding the very exciting new finding of a cache of pastor's diaries from the 1950's in a storage unit in Milwaukee three years ago. The diaries have been collated and put into a new multi-volume book by Len and cast a very important light on the relation between Milwaukee pastors and their congregations during the historic Eisenhower administration years. One thing Len has dug up from this find is the extensive use of catechisms for vetting church administrators and not just teachers. That's an important find and gives a great new insight into our faith and the history of God's plan of redemption. Praise God.

Today on Reformed Forum - Fri., June 17, 2016 - we're going to be talking with a good friend about Karl Barth. How do we see Barth's take on regeneration? Barth said that regeneration was like giving allegiance to the Communist Party. Is this helpful for our understanding of Reformed doctrine? How can we incorporate it and learn from it. What did Barth say about Reformed churches taking money from the government to help settle Muslim refugees in our small town? Should we become Muslim? Is there a difference? What would Barth say? Why am I talking softly? Am I a soft-talking scholar? Are my blank eyes a symptom of some sort of unknown-to-me indoctrination I've received from institutions that don't really believe the Bible to be more than some Ancient Near East text document, with its supernatural baggage and talk of sin when I'm a pastor in good standing with a wife and kids, i.e. sinless and soft-talking and blinking mindlessly with my blank eyes, following the rules laid down by all the authority figures that must be obeyed including their decrees about gender and abortion and bathroom access for men into girls bathrooms and Satanic-pedo ritual everywhere including rightfully in churches where pastors in good standing teach the faith and exercise a lot? Does the Bible say suicide sends you to hell, not that I care because I'm enjoying life...

Today on Reformed Forum...


A good, short book on Reformed, amillennial end-times doctrine

I just read a little book (booklet) on end times doctrine titled The ABCs of the Prophetic Scriptures by George H. Clement (available for free download here).

I recommend it highly because there doesn't seem to be a single quirk in it. I mean, if you already are amillennial, Reformed, and hold no allegiance to Dispensationalism then you'll find this concise little book to, in an on-the-mark and clear way, sum up end times doctrine.

It's a difficult subject, and bigger books can overload, so to get to the point in a simple, on-the-mark way this is a good book to read through.


Studying war for the three-front battle

Here's how you fight the three-front battle as a Christian:

1. The battle with the Devil is fought by knowing the Bible in the parts-in-relation-to-the-whole way; and knowing sound doctrine which is five solas, doctrines of grace, covenant - federal - theology.

2. The battle with the world is fought by studying worldview analysis and getting understanding and perspective on just how and why the Christian worldview is transcendent and correcting and all-encompassing of every worldview fallen man has ginned up.

3. The battle with the flesh (our fallen nature) is fought by learning a practical language which describes clearly the features of our fallen nature, and as well describes the psychology of what is possible and indeed normal for man no longer in the bonds of sleep, self-ignorance, and debilitating weakness.

[Good sources for the first category are numerous and summed up in the difficult word 'puritan.' It is called generally Reformed Theology, of which great individual authors are many. One great trinity would be Louis Berkhof's Manual of Christian Doctrine, John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, and Thomas Boston's Human Nature in its Fourfold State. Good sources for the second category are James Sire, The Universe Next Door; David Naugle, Worldview: The History of a Concept; Nancy Pearcey, Finding Truth (and anything else by her). A good source for the unusual third category doesn't come from the mainstream, academic or otherwise. You have to go into the esoteric realm. Ouspensky's Fourth Way is a cache of raw material on this subject (get the paperback as eBook editions are horrible and missing much of the original). Take it from there...]

Related note: Christian books on spiritual warfare are attractive to a believer but ultimately unsatisfying because they lack the practical nature and necessary subject matter listed above. I mean, for instance, you can't do battle with the world and defend yourself against the onslaught of the world until you know the worldviews you're dealing with. And you can't get control of your fallen nature (if you don't control it, it controls you) until you can *see* it, and that requires language and method to accomplish. And you get nowhere in all this without downloading the living, quickening, supernatural word of God into you by dedicated, cover-to-cover complete readings, once, three times, seven times...


Real Puritans

Scripture-The only Rule

While we have Christ's Word for the things we do or refuse to do, we need not fear the threats of any vain men; neither be amazed at any vain titles of Church, Sacraments etc. For this we know, that their is no church that can excuse us for the breach of God's Law before that great Judge. [Henry Barrowe]


Some thoughts on the current scene in these end times...

Every Calvinist who knows better still goes soft on Roman Catholicism every now and then. It's a constant push and pull between recognizing evil vs. wanting to be fair and brotherly to actual Catholics themselves.

But then you're shocked back to reality. (Consider the current Pope. Enough said.)

I have always been one to defend Israel, to mention another similar subject. I probably know better, but there it is. Then you get shocked out of it by hearing that Israel is the world capital of human organ harvesting. OK.

There are four types of human trafficking.

1. The trafficking of children for sexual exploitation (and worse...Satanic Ritual Abuse).

2. The trafficking of of-age (usually) women for sexual exploitation. The so-called white slave trade.

3. The trafficking of humans for forced labor (otherwise known as slavery).

4. And the least known of the four: the trafficking of children and adults for the purpose of harvesting their bodily organs to be sold on international markets. It is big money.

All these networks are involved with each other. They call themselves different things, go by different names, wear different hats, but they are all unified in their Satanic intent and activity. Jewish networks, Roman Catholic networks, pedophile networks, Islamic networks, Marxist networks, media, political realms, entertainment, religion, academia, all relatively high level, able to - to a good degree - ride above the law. All with money, if only just enough to have the leisure to be involved in such activities to begin with.

Actually, of those four points above I could add a fifth: the trafficking of humans (so-called refugees, for instance) for the purpose of disrupting the polity of a nation or community and for the purpose of increasing a political party's voting rolls, etc., etc...

This is all Satanic activity. It is all activity motivated by the spirit of Satan in this world. You have to call a spade a spade. You can't go soft and have any - any - sympathy for the Devil in this world, on this journey towards the consummated Kingdom of God, New Heavens and Earth.

Without regeneration we called good evil and evil good. We didn't have discernment that comes from the Holy Spirit. Once regenerated we can discern good and evil. We know which way is up. But we have to constantly be internally vigilant that we don't allow the world to move us or influence us, or make us fearful of stating the truth, as difficult for others that that will be (and difficult for us due to the inevitable backlash of all kinds).

These evil acts are the price of admission to participation in the higher levels of this Satanic world structure. The level of evil is going to always be shocking. Astonishing. We will always be vulnerable to understate it. If not justify it away.

For the final sentence of this post I'm just going to say this: prayer is a weapon of a spiritual warrior as well as the armor listed in Ephesians 6:10-18...


To Christians who piously condemn America as evil

All areas of the Earth have the influence of anti-Christ constantly seeping through it. To some degree or another. Also, all nations are populated with fallen humanity and judged on a scale of perfection will have a black record. Yet some places the Devil owns, and some places the Devil attacks. And some places evil is sanctioned, and other places evil goes against cultural norms. Judge things by your feet. Where are your feet? You could live in Islam right now. In the 20th century you could have lived in a communist country. Evil manifest on this planet is not like an even layer of paint over the surface of the globe. The American Revolution and the French Revolution were contemporaneous; one was biblical and good, the other was atheist and evil. America has been under attack from its founding by forces that despise its biblical foundation. Let's not whip and beat and castigate the child from birth then piously condemn the child as bad. The Devil grins.


Street level definition of Existentialism

Existentialism (I'm referring to atheistic existentialism which pervaded popular culture throughout the 20th century) is said to be notoriously hard to define. I think that is probably because most people don't have a concrete understanding of it, if there is one. In reading James Sire's The Universe Next Door I came across a pretty good explanation of it. From memory here it is.

Existentialism is not really a philosophy but a reaction to a philosophy (or philosophical worldview); in this case a reaction to nihilism.

I.e. an existentialist is first a nihilist. He considers the world and existence to be ultimately meaningless and absurd. Then - from that foundation - he (as an existentialist) proceeds to determine to create himself and his world in a kind of heroic action that is still meaningless yet at least is macho (or pleasurable, or self-sacrificial, or successful in existentialist terms which is becoming what is called a 'strong poet').

A strong poet, in existentialist terms, is a person who muscles his view and language of something into the world to where other people adopt it as part of reality. In so many words. This could be in music, architecture, psychology, literature, whatever.

There seems to be a low hum of hedonism as well in the existentialist quest, or manifesting essence. Get your cigarettes, your women, your adrenaline rushes while you can type of hedonism. Not necessarily really decadent hedonism (because existentialists seem to operate by a code that would look down on such things; which gets at the subject of how close really existentialism is to a practical sort of Christianity)...

As for the existentialist saying: existence precedes essence... That means, in existentialist terms, you are nothing until you make of yourself something. Even though it's all meaningless anyway...

An approach to philosophy for smart, common-sense, Christian oriented people

If you're smart and common-sense oriented (and either a beginning or fully initiated Christian) you will likely have concluded, after studying all the basic areas of higher influences (art, music, history, imaginative literature, philosophy, science, religion) that philosophy is a lot of gobbledeegook. Mental masturbation by people who can't accept Christianity, or refuse to, and who put way too much confidence in the powers of their intellect, or any human intellect. You see it as too surfacy as well. Not deep. Surface knowledge as opposed to deep language. And you're right. Worldly type philosophy, it should be said, can be more practical and useful. Carl von Clausewitz' On War, Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, good political philosophy based on biblical anthropology, Montesquieu's Spirit of Laws, for instance. These works are hardly a waste of time. But analytical philosophy; or the big system building philosophers associated with the European continent, and anything similar seems - or can be - ultimately empty, often silly, sometimes evil, overall shallow in contradistinction to Biblical wisdom. (Caveats would be practical handbooks on aesthetics like Edmund Burke's little book on the Sublime and Beautiful, etc.)

After that preface here are three things to know to help one get a basic sense of the field of learning called philosophy nevertheless:

1. I read this in some book by R. C. Sproul, and it stuck with me: all philosophy takes place between two poles: one pole is Theism; the other pole is Nihilism. I.e. these are really the only two honest positions. Everything that happens in between these two poles is 'philosophy.' Nietzsche, for instance, is called a rare honest atheist because he admitted he was a nihilist. He embraced that pole of the spectrum. He conceded that was where he stood because he stated that he would rather believe everything was meaningless and absurd rather than believe in God. (This brings up the question, can you learn anything of worth from a philosopher who is not a theist, like Nietzsche? Yes, with Nietzsche, for instance, you can learn a lot about honesty. Nietzsche is good on that subject, even if just in an indirect way. I picked up on this when before I was a Christian and read a lot of Nietzsche. His remarks about Thucydides, for instance, brought this subject out. Nietzsche, as a general writer and thinker, can also be bracing in a real way. For instance bracing in going against the easy currents of the world. Ironically this is what a Christian ultimately does, or should be doing, when a Christian fears God alone and does not fear the world or the world's opinion of the Christian, etc.)

2. A practical and powerful way to learn about philosophical schools and ideas is through the discipline of worldview analysis. Philosophers hate worldview analysis. Why? Because it brings down their strongholds and does it rather easily. It tests their assumptions and consistency and rather deftly exposes them as wanting. How does worldview analysis do this? It does this by coming at philosophy from the base of biblical revelation and wisdom. A good book on worldview analysis would be whatever the latest edition is of James Sire's The Universe Next Door. David Naugle's Worldview: The History of a Concept is a good, more academic-oriented overview. Anything by Nancy Pearcey is worth reading as well. (The Naugle book will direct you to other very good books on worldview analysis from the turn of the 20th century up through until today.) There are also websites that will define the basic worldviews in a concise way. Just Google worldviews.

3. A third thing to know about philosophy to have it in perspective is how ideas - especially bad ideas - have a really kind of supernatural ability to speedily infect large populations of people and define whole eras of human history (think Marxism). This is because it is part of Satan's power in this realm (one of the things in his toolbox) to control people. Satan is the prince of the power of the air. David Naugle speculates convincingly that this includes Satan's ability to control what ideas get propagated through the 'air' (the universe of discourse), hence it being mostly bad ideas that get the supernatural ability to take over quickly in the minds of average people, and not just the most hollow and shallow among us. Related to this is another of Satan's great advantages in doing battle with the human race: the fact that each generation is born a blank slate to a good degree. This is how a country can be inflicted with a Satanic ideology that results is widespread suffering and even genocide and then the very next generation can be born and fall for the very same ideology because they are blank slates. This is why civilization relies so heavily on inter-generational educational efforts, and traditions, and ritual and so on to keep the light of truth and wisdom going generation to generation. Satan's children for this reason always infiltrate and destroy educational establishments and institutions. The left in America did this and has completely destroyed education from Kindergarten to the Ivy League. Anyway...


Three things that if accepted would change a person at a deep level

Here are three things that go to the foundational level of how a person sees themselves and the world, and that can awaken a person.

1. Accepting the unity of truth. Accepting that what was true for a person in 5th century Athens was true for a person in 18th century England, or 20th century Peru. That the greatest influences of art and literature and history transcend geographic, ethnic, racial, and cultural boundaries. This will make a person go to the best sources of knowledge and wisdom, which is what the West did, and which is what made the West such a powerful civilization and culture in world history.

2. Accepting that resentment is not a noble emotion. Resentment is the dominant emotion of fallen human nature. It is glorified in the world as something noble. In movies, in television, in popular novels, etc. Yet in reality it is the primary emotion that losers indulge in. It is a Satanic emotion. Satan, who has already been defeated by God. The opposite of resentment is gratitude. This is the true attitude and emotion of greatness and heroism. Of a plain life that is complete and joyful.

3. Accepting - or just entertaining the possibility - that man is not inherently good. I.e. that man's nature is inherently bad. Even evil. This is difficult to accept because we tend to not see ourselves as being particularly evil (though we can see it in others). History shows that all utopian ideologies and projects - big and small - lead to various kinds and degrees of tyranny. This is because when you assume man is inherently good you then leave yourself unprotected from the true nature of man, which is evil. This is why a wise political course or project puts checks and balances on man's human nature (man's evil nature).


Nine great divides of the Christian faith, which is reality

1. The Creator / creation divide.

2. The Jesus was a Great Teacher / Jesus is Lord and Savior divide.

3. The salvation by works (or faith + works) / salvation by faith alone divide.

4. The impersonal universe / personal universe divide.

5. The spiritual warfare approach to the faith / academic approach to the faith divide.

6. The fear of the world / fear of God alone divide.

7. The recognition of sin and the supernatural / non-recognition of sin and the supernatural divide.

8. The regeneration by the Word and the Spirit / 'regeneration' by cleric and ritual divide.

9. The "The Bible needs me more than I need it" / "I need the Bible more than the Bible needs me" divide.

BONUS: 10. The God is Triune and Personal / God is not Triune (Jews), or is not Triune and Personal (Muslims) divide. (Jews and Muslims in fact don't worship the same God as Christians, i.e. they don't worship the God self-revealed in the Old and New Testaments. They in fact worship, ultimately, Satan. Harsh to say, yet true. Jews don't even follow the Old Testament, they follow the Talmud.)

(#5 is not either/or, but it is still a divide because Christianity is a warfare worldview at its foundation. It can use what academic Christianity produces, but it can't live there and be real. #9 gets at 'scholarly' presuppositions in one's approach to the word of God; and how the Bible has been preserved, and is it pure and whole, etc.)


The best, most informed discussion of the worldwide Satanic pedophile phenomenon

If you have the patience to listen to this it is by far the best, most informed discussion of the Satanic Ritual Abuse, pedophile phenomenon that is so prevalent at the Satanic heights of society. All corners of society.

The host does talk a bit too much, but, again, if you persevere you will get the best discussion of this subject.


The woman who is the expert is interesting because she uniquely talks not just about the victims and the evil people, but she also talks of those who get trapped in it, and how they are trapped.

Very much worth the time.


It's hard to state how repulsive these churchians are

Hyper churchian, Tom Chantry, who, yes, is one of many churchian leaders who castigated me for not belonging to a church, has been arrested for, not one, but multiple charges of pedophilia in his role as a 'pastor.'

As we have been finding in the political/media realm once the pedophilia activity becomes public the defenders get very loud, belligerent, mocking, and obnoxiously hairsplitting.

Frank Turk and Phil Johnson are good examples of these defender types. It should be noted that Turk, Johnson, and Chantry himself all aggressively and sarcastically defended a fellow well-known pastor and the pedophile ring associated with his church.

These people are evil. You know something is wrong with them in just casual conversational encounters. They seem hard, crudely mannered, always sarcastic, always practicing a hyper respecting of persons. It's like when somebody with the Holy Spirit enters their domain they start contorting and babbling like demons. Their immediate goal is to rid their environment of the Christian. If, like Cain, they could merely bludgeon the Spiritfull intruder they probably would. In a different day and place.

Evil is oozing up into the light. It is devastating to its young victims but banal as usual. Hey, these Satanic cretins say, let's molest, torture, and murder infants and children! Imprison and terrorize them too! Oh, the look of fear and horror on their little faces... Exquisite!


More wisdom from Victor Davis Hanson


A selection:

"For now, Donald Trump has proved that the animal cunning necessary to survive in the jungle of Manhattan real estate — duplicitous and venal politicians, all-powerful unions, incompetent and vindictive regulators, fair-weather bankers and investors, and dozens of special-interest crusaders — trumps the definition of traditional political wisdom: finding a young hip graduate from the right school with the right résumé to hire the right people to run the right sort of campaign.

Trump instinctively sensed that to win, Republicans would have to recapture the Rust Belt states, and to do that, he would have to campaign on illegal immigration, jobs, trade, and the economy. He sensed that populism was a state of mind and speech, not necessarily net worth. What good did it do for pundits to insist that a billionaire could not appeal to the horny-handed when the billionaire in fact talked and connected with the horny-handed? What good did it do to deplore the loud vulgarity of Trump if one’s own polish and sobriety could not hide the vulgarity of the carnival grifter, glib plagiarist, and loquacious fabulist? Is the local town paper in Wisconsin more or less fair in its coverage than the New York Times? Did the fact that well-spoken Fareed Zakaria snickered at the crudity of Trump suggest that he was not himself a Harvard-trained plagiarist?"

A comment from the NRO site under this article:

François-Marie Arouet
NRO nowadays: Professor Hanson, and a bunch of white noise by a petulant has-been priesthood. Oh, and, of course, the comment section.
Like · Reply · 11 · Nov 22, 2016 3:40am

ps- When nevertrumpers read something like the above how do they take it? Do they curl up in the fetal position and cover their ears? I'm not going to belittle them and say they are too stupid to understand such things, but...how does one explain such venom and shallowness as the nevertrumpers display?


An email:

The reason I sent that Hercules email is because I was thinking of those infants and children abducted or sold into the pedophile rings, and Hercules strangled serpents in his crib. I'd like to see a Hercules get his hands on the pedophiles.

One description said the pedophiles terrorized the children, then comforted them telling them their parents would come for them, then they'd torture them, then comfort them. They get off on the look of 100% weakness and terror in the eyes and faces of the children.

In the consummation when you show sympathy for evil and evil doers you are showing rebellion against God. That is why consummation ethics does away with 'love your enemy.' When you love your enemy in the consummation you hate God. Loving your enemy is a common grace era practice. Common grace ends in the consummation. - C.

Why won't the clerics tell you what I just told you? Because many of them are fucking, torturing, and murdering children too. The rest are scared of their own shadow when it comes to evil manifest.


Pedophilia in high places

These are two (now five) emails:


You guys need to get up to date on this developing story of evil in high places generally known (probably stupidly) as pizzagate.

Here's a good video rundown on what is known so far made yesterday:


Satanism is real, evil is real, as cartoonish as it seems.

Also, nobody seems to be talking about the fact that Julian Assange has not been seen alive for well over forty days now:


It's weird that this is not being talked about, not even by Alex Jones that I can tell. - C.

All kinds of YouTube rundowns of this child sex crime activity. Here's another:


Guys, this answers much of the questions all sane people have had over the years. All the lunacy that has been going on is involved one way or another with this pedophile activity. Like, why didn't England go ape shit wild when it found out Muslims were systematically raping English school girls? Because those girls probably were being used by British elites as well, and then used as extortion to get them to do the bidding of the Muslims taking over that country. Why all the lunacy in government re Muslim immigration? They are all compromised by the child sex crimes. Why do all these government figures and institutions do whatever it seems the Devil would want them to do? They are all involved and compromised. Why child sex? It seems to be a great temptation for people prone to do evil to begin with. People who are just on the evil side of the divide. A big, big, thing is being uncovered here. Also, they compromise police and other investigative institutions. This is a big realization. We are all naive to the extent of evil that goes on. - C.

ps- The freaking out over Trump is part and parcel of all this. He's an outsider. He is a threat to investigate and uncover all this evil. I now suspect any prominent anti-Trump voice in the media. Especially the most deranged.

Alex Jones just made this yesterday. Watch the whole thing. He obviously is wary of getting sued, so he isn't saying a lot blatantly, but he says he has sources that have told them everything:


- C.

This has the ring of truth to it:


Wikileaks had more emails exposing the pedophile rings. You can't confess to child rape/torture/murder for sympathy like you can, for instance, drug addiction. Once it's known your life is over, thus they will do anything - anything - to keep justice at bay...including nuclear war as we saw with Hillary's statements prior to losing. - C.

Here is another rundown. Watch it for the photos. It goes fast. This activity is so blatantly evil and Satanic and so exposes a protected class of devils in high places:


Note: I've noticed in the past that you guys (including Paul) recoil at things that are blatantly supernatural, and I wonder if you are doing it with regard to this subject matter? If so it is a good way to see a limitation, or a boundary that you have to get beyond... - C.


Christians exposed

Evidence that 99.999% of self-identified Christians on the internet don't really believe in the supernatural is none of them are writing about, or want to write about (I've asked) recent discoveries by the scientific community that the Earth is rather shockingly at the center of the universe. Not just the cosmic microwave background discoveries, but also other discoveries concerning the placement of galaxies vis-a-vis Earth, etc. These are spectacular discoveries and Christians react like a herd of disinterested cows.


Taunting vs. insults

Many mainstream pundits clutched their pearls and/or whined and/or moralized when Trump seemingly insulted his way to the nomination. A correspondent has pointed out that what Trump was doing was actually more in the realm of taunting than insults.

What is the difference? I've thought about it. A newish book by Leland Ryken on literary forms in the Bible has an article on taunting that has given me insight. A taunt is really more of a public thing, actually more like a public proclamation. An insult can be public but by nature is a more intimate or private type of event. More gossipy, more reluctant a thing to be broadcast wide and far.

Yet a taunt is intended to be widely and loudly public. Because it's a battlefield move. And Trump on those debate stages was on a battlefield. More than the other establishment candidates who considered themselves to be in something more akin to an academic environment ('debate') or something similar. Somebody described Trump in those especially early debates as seeming like a Soviet wrestler taking on all the others and throwing them around.

What Trump's taunting of his opponents (rather than mere insulting of his opponents) did was to not only voice the contempt many Americans have for establishment politicians but to bring it widely out into the open. A battlefield taunt. Which also sets him apart in the act as one who is not afraid to cross a line, single himself out, and to take the backlash that is inevitable from it. There is also no hedging, as a matter of course, in a battlefield taunt. You're either going to back it up or you're going to go down in ignominy. Or clear cut defeat.

Now, the first move of the schoolboy - and just shallow - pundits and other #NeverTrumpers is to say something like: "Yeah, well, but Trump is too stupid to know anything like that distinction or to use language in such a way to be effective in a way his opponents didn't know about." OK, this is how people think who have never done anything in life. In the real world (of which I admit I'm barely a part of, though I at least understand it) where people build, create, invent, discover, fix things, grow things etc., it is a tacit assumption that a person is capable/intelligent/self-aware if they have done something that has been successful. Especially if they repeat it.

Where Trump learned and developed his rhetorical style who knows? Guys like Trump are often drawn towards things that give them practical knowledge and knowledge they can use. So if Trump has never studied the speeches in the Iliad or in Thucydides maybe he picked up some little book on classical rhetoric and learned some basic forms and figures of speech. Why question the intelligence or education of the guy in the cowboy hat sitting at the poker table who just took all your money? Only whiny, wet schoolboys do that.

Scott Adams has pointed out an extraordinary facet of Trump's rhetorical style (what the left now will probably try to mimic) which is speaking visually. Instead of talking about immigration in terms of numbers and crime statistics and so on he talked in terms of a "big, beautiful wall." Adams gave other striking examples which I can't recall now (and can't link because it was an interview on some news network). OK, I just thought of one myself: instead of talking about arcane laws to regulate lobbying and influence peddling in Washington he said he was going to "drain the swamp."

Victor Davis Hanson comes around one hundred percent

Victor Davis Hanson was never completely not a #NeverTrump. He was never stupid or shallow regarding Trump and the movement, but we can't change history and say the guy was one hundred percent not nevertrump. That being said, in this latest piece by him he shows he has come around completely, and that perhaps his reluctance to be all in for Trump was a reluctance to put all his emotion and money on what he thought was too much of a long shot.

As for myself I ended almost all internet correspondence with "Trump will win in a landslide." And if you subtract the vote fraud and all the votes by illegals from around the country, but especially in California, Trump did win in a landslide. Most important he got beyond the margin of cheating.

Note the open contempt Hanson shows in the piece toward the #NeverTrumpers, obviously many of which write at the publication that is publishing his article.


#NeverTrumpers, we won't forget your allegiance to the Devil

Here in this post-election column by #NeverTrumper Jonah Goldberg you see the establishment (fake) conservative "above it all" stance that enables them to call themselves whatever they want while still shilling for the Devil's party.

Here is the best response under the column:

Rick Williams
Anyone can sit out an election and spend the winner's term saying, "I don't own that because I didn't vote for either candidate!" That's the easiest, laziest, most selfish way to be "right" one can imagine.

When people who just stand there and do nothing say, "I told you it wouldn't work," no one listens to them, no one seeks their advice, no one cares what they have to say.

Go away, and stay away, #NeverTrumpers.


Because they're the Devil's children

Michigan Election Official: 'No Reason to Believe Large Numbers of Votes Will Be Found' to Change Trump 13,107 Vote Win - Breitbart
Breitbart › big-government › 2016/11/10
1 day ago - Woodhams would not speculate as to why media outlets have not yet called Michigan for Trump. “You would have to ask the media ...

I'll speculate: they don't want to give Trump supporters the satisfation of seeing the finished product; or to see the electoral vote total exceed 300, which traditionally defines a landslide.

- C

Feckless and Spiritless

Unsurprisingly the divide between regenerate rank and file evangelicals vs. unregenerate seminary graduate evangelicals is showing itself post-election.

The unregenerate seminary graduate types are angry Hillary lost, though they still show enough consciousness of guilt to couch that anger in straw man ranting on Donald Trump (in an era of people like Isis these self-identified Christians tell us Trump is the most evil human being that exists on the planet today).

What is wrong with the seminary graduate types? They enter seminaries shallow and ignorant; then get toxic doses of the cultural Marxism those institutions are marinated in, and that they have no defense against; and once out in the real world their self-image of being 'elites' makes them fortified against getting a clue seemingly for the rest of their lives. They stay feckless and Spiritless.


Comment under a David French (all hail) article at National Review Online

Eric Johnson 


All you have demonstrated is that you cannot stop him [Trump] nor does he care what you or the rest of the Wizards of Smart at National Review think. "Witless Ape Rides Escalator" is what killed whatever influence hustle you might have had in a Trump Presidency.

#NeverTrump still dancing to the Devil's tune, and thinking nobody sees them...


But they can recite Star Trek episodes from memory

"The #NeverTrumpers showed elitist contempt for the American people and betrayed the interests of the Republican Party as well as our country. Magnanimity is not the appropriate response to this kind of betrayal." - David Goldman (Spengler) 


Russell Moore, über Christian

"The church must be, as Martin Luther King Jr. taught us—the conscience of the state." - Russell Moore

So why do you give Martin Luther King a pass on his adultery and not Donald Trump?

Do you see why street Christians see you churchians as repulsive?


Jonah Goldberg and the 'deer'

In his latest 'G-File', pajamaboy/schoolboy Jonah Goldberg recounts the event that caused him to suffer a head wound and several body wounds. He tells his audience that he was run over by a deer.

Here's what happened: Jonah, distracted from his smartphone, barked at a stranger like Marie Antoinette barking at a servant, and the stranger proceeded to beat his ass in the darkness of the early morning hour. Jonah's injuries are consistent with a) getting his ass knocked down, and b) getting kicked numerous times once he was on the ground.

What is Jonah's story (which he had to make up since his injuries are visible and he couldn't hide out for several days)? He says he was knocked over by a running deer.

The problem with his story (and these kind of ad hoc story lies always have simple problems like this that reveal their fakeness) is this deer apparently could discern a *closed* gate from the rest of the long metal fence the gate was a part of. Now, keep in mind, for the purposes of Jonah's story *the gate has to be closed.* Because the deer powers through the closed gate just as Jonah is walking up to it, thus it is the gate that hits Jonah and not some stranger who cavalierly kicked his pajama boy ass.

So what are the odds the deer is going to run full speed into the fence right where the closed gate is? Deer don't know closed gate from fence. What are the odds the deer is going to run full speed into the fence to begin with? And then he says that even though the deer knocked the hinges clear off the gate (his photo doesn't seem to verify that) the deer nevertheless ran off into the morning darkness unhurt. Which makes him conveniently unavailable to be interviewed by Breitbart.

So if the gate wasn't free-swinging that deer would have been hurt, but the deer didn't exist.

The only positive thing that might come out of this is a pajamaboy who gets his ass kicked might wake up and become something resembling an adult; but as I write that I'm thinking, no, no chance a #nevertrump schoolboy pundit will ever change. Nothing changes those types. They alter reality to defend themselves against such potential changes...


The election

[An email...]
Additions below...learn

If you're wondering what's going on with the election basically in this last quarter mile the media (mainstream media and cuck media) has thrown and smeared about 80 thousand tons of excrement on everything, daily, to dispirit everybody, taint everybody, provide cover for voter fraud, make people tired of the unending up is down falsehoods and lunacy (a Marxist tactic) to the point of giving up on attempting any meaningful action or change. And I forgot to mention the cosmic level gaslighting and ignoring of blatant evidence of massive treasonous corruption and other crimes.

The only solution is about a hundred thousand guillotines working overtime.

- C.


I have to add that alongside the exposing of the fake conservatives this political season has accomplished (the cucks, globalist parasites, pretending to be for liberty, except when it matters, like right now), there has also been an exposing of Christian clerics and theologians who have almost 100% thrown in with the demon globalists. Chalk that up to the common shallowness and fecklessness those types have always displayed in this era of cultural Marxism; but also chalk it up to the fact that 90% or more of clerics and theologians are pure and willing and active ministers of the devil. First to bow their knee to the devil, always willing to serve the devil.

Look at that demon mortician Russell Moore. Makes abortion his main issue, but fights to get Hillary elected...the most vicious child-sacrificing witch in political power today. Russell Moore is a Molech worshipping demon. May all the default pro-Hillary, pro-Satanic globalism ministers receive their just reward in time.


Simon of Australia writes:

Yeah we can see that here in Oz.... It's interesting actually, because I've been discussing it with people here, and everyone seems to fall into one of two camps. There's the people that clearly see what's going on, and then what we call "the Normies" who believe the main stream media and take it in as their only source of information, like "yeah but do you know about Trumps attitude to women?!"

The others clearly think Hilary is crooked and evil. I know a few people who have been converted by the likes of Infowars and Wikileaks so those guys are doing a job.

But over all, everybody agree's that this election is putrid, like a big stinking pile of warm steaming dogshit. Somebody said to me the other day that "America is broken", which was a good summation.

People here also seem to know that Trump is out day after day filling football stadiums with cheering crowds, while Hillary is at home sleeping, so if she some how slides into office with that big grin on her face everyone will know it was a setup.

I respond:

One theme to watch unfolding is the change from things being conservative vs. leftists to the battle lines being ruling class vs. everyone else. I wouldn't want to be in the ruling class when the dam finally breaks. (By the way, the dam is taking a long time to break because America had so much wealth post WW2. Wealthy people, even at just the happy suburban level, don't want to pick up pitchforks and fire. But the long attack on the country is now effecting people at levels that hit everyday survival reality. Healthcare, for instance. A million other things. The wealth is gone and no longer covers the effects of the long attack.) - C.

Simon of Australia responds:

I don't understand where the money has gone. How can America be 22 trillion in debt and not have the best roads, the best airports, the biggest army, then greatest hospitals, schools etc???

It's like all that money evaporated.

I respond:

What was called the Great Society in the '60s wasted trillions on programs that did nothing. The overwhelming of welfare type services starting in the '70s has never stopped. Once the WWII generation retired from public life baby boomers systematically looted federal and state treasuries to the tune of trillions for salary, benefits and pension increases. My oldest sister had a career as a high school teacher, basically. For decades she has lived and traveled like a Kardashian. She owns a multi-million dollar home on the Monterrey peninsula (she's never worked in Monterrey, always inland in poor areas), she travels to Hawaii every year and lives in a vacation home there, and she and her school teacher husband have basically spent their life traveling the world otherwise. Teacher's unions in California voted public money to themselves after the adults left the scene (the WWII adults) making each of them rich at the expense of future generations (all that debt). Now we have the theft that's occurred during the Obama years, which has been gargantuan. And along with all this the same people have strangled the wealth producers with taxes and regulations and trade deals designed to destroy the economy. We've been under extreme Satanic attack with no defenders at the top that didn't immediately get corrupted and drawn into the evil enterprise. - C.


As usual, the comments under Nevertrump articles are more honest and intelligent than the articles

Kent Lyon 

Ormond Beach, Florida

"What makes that crisis acute is the knowledge that he and his predecessors may have helped to bring it on themselves." Unfortunately, Mr. Continetti far over reaches. There is no evidence of any soul searching on the part of the conservative intellectual. He or she evinces no awareness of any role in bringing about the current crisis. The conservative intellectual is entirely myopic, appears to feel no responsibility at all for the current crisis, and is content to simply bash Trump supporters, viewing them exactly as does Hillary Clinton--as deplorables, despicable ignorant scum, against whom the conservative intellectual spouts vituperation reeking of disdain. The vile Charles Murray for example, evinces some sympathy for the denizens of Fishtown from a sterile statistical academic perspective, but the minute those denizens chose a flesh and blood candidate in Trump, he goes ballistic to the point of meltdown over the audacity of those denizens in challenging the order that they are suffering under. The conservative intellectual has lost all contact with the supposed beneficiaries of conservative ideas and policies. And the conservative intellectual views the hoi poloi with the same disdain as the Democratic Party elite, as voting fodder to be manipulated and bamboozled for the benefit of incumbency, nothing more, nothing less. Just as Buckley bragged to the end of jis life about helping Goldwater distance himself from thse deplorable Birchers (aka Goldwater's conservative populist base--evey businessman in Phoenix was a card carrying Birtcher in those days). so we have his successors bashing Trump, and by extension his supporters, in sotto voce and voz alta, helping to ensure that Trump loses in a lanslide like Goldwater did. Plus ca change...
The reason Reagan won where Goldwater did not, is that Reagan didn't alienate that deplorable base; he welcomed it. When pressed by the elites he simply replied: Just becuase they support me doesn't mean that I support them, and left it at that.
And by the way, Reagan didn't just espouse a nationalist/populaist position in the panama Canal debate--he singlehandedly handed Buckley and the pro intellectuals their heads on platters: He decimated them with vastly superior information and insight.'Reagan made Buckely look like an ignorant, effete fool.
NR's infatuation with Burke blinds it to about everything. Burke was a Royalist who opposed human freedom and the American Revolution. NR finds itself in the role of George III objecting to a declaration of independence by the hoi poloi, from the arrogant royalists that consider themselves conservative intellectuals and their duplicitous and disdainful political masters in the Republican establishment.


Ideas have consequences - do you buy that?

Ideas have consequences. I never use to buy that. I didn't put it into context using the phrase "ideas have consequences" in my earlier days, but similar thoughts about ideas.

I'd think: "So, I'm suppose to believe that some philosopher gets an idea, and somehow it then influences whole populations of people in an entire era of history? I don't buy that (I would say in my youth).

I just couldn't see that. It didn't seem practical to me.

Yet as I've learned more about ideas and worldviews I can very well see how that all did happen over and over in history. Probably to more of a strange degree than even some today who always bought the notion would even believe.

I think I have the answer as to why I didn't buy it, and why it is so.

Ideas - especially bad ideas - have tremendous influence on people because that is how the Devil operates in this realm (and before I was regenerated by the word and the Spirit I couldn't see that). Part of Satan being the 'power of the air' is ability to influence the ideas that float around and infect people. And it happens to such an easy and deep degree because it is *supernatural,* i.e. an act of Satan himself. It's a big part of how Satan controls his realm.

So as I marvel that young college students seem to have no defense against the lunacy of post-modernism in all its Hydra-headed manifestations I now see that part of that phenomenon is due to the fact that those young college students have no defense against the Devil and his stratagems to begin with. It's a supernatural hold the Devil has over the benighted young students (and still has over their parents, no doubt).

So when you see ideas as one of the weapons - a big one - Satan has to capture and hold people within the bonds of his Kingdom; and you see their supernatural quality; you don't marvel anymore at the effectiveness of bad ideas to control people.

The solution, the defense, is as always: complete reading - downloading into our soul - of the living, quickening word of God. It gives the material for a defense in ways we can't know when we are in the act of reading it, so we just must read it diligently and like a child, while making the continual effort to get parts-in-relation-to-the-whole understanding of it.


The awake vs. the walking dead (who are often leaders and educators in the Christian realm)

This video is revealing of how hallucinogenically shallow Christian educators and leaders are. James White ventures out of his specialty and shows his non-understanding of history (WWI sanctions on Germany are apparently directly analogous to the United States today, oh, no, he doesn't know anything about those sanctions...Russia is a major power on the rise...well, Russia doesn't even feed itself; it has oil, an arms industry, and that's about it, but when your image of Russia is THE SOVIET UNION, as White's obviously is, you will make a mistake like that).

White knows nothing about the liberty movement and Trump's involvement in it for decades, going back to Reagan.

White thinks Trump is a horrible speaker. White can't compute things like sound instinct, big picture, common-sense, and practical intelligence. Not to mention Trump's warfaring with ingrained political-correctness, something White can't recognize because political correctness is a medium for White which is like what water is to fish.

White also seems to have a deterministic view of decline. This is what socialists indoctrinate into people. What socialists do can never be undone. White is the usual feckless victim of cultural Marxism in the institutions of learning he graduated from.

White is almost criminally naive regarding the battle lines of this election. White considers *himself* an elite. He thinks that's a real thing to self-identify as. Thus the political establishment, according to White, is made up of adults (and stuff). People who "know how it is done." (And stuff.)

White like most all clerics today has no discernment for good and evil within him. He uses what he observes as genuinely bad to accuse fellow Americans, including Christians. He takes pleasure in accusing others. He can't see how the U.S. has been getting attacked relentlessly by evil from its inception; he sees it all as Americans and Christians indulging evil; and God's remnant are to blame...other than White, who sits back and gloats as he accuses and moralizes.

White is a minister of the devil by default of his stupidity and glass-eyed narcissistic indulgence in pretending to be "above it all", looking down on Americans, including Christians, lost in a maelstrom of evil that will never be interrupted or reversed or even confronted, and that is all "their" fault.

If you do just a cursory search on the 'net for the current political insights and opinions of similar internet celebrity pastors and theologians you will find they all are singing the same tune. Shallowness seems to be a requirement in today's church and seminary culture. And fecklessness in the face of cultural Marxist indoctrination.


An esoteric bullet point on Covenant Theology

Here I wrote a ten bullet point post on Covenant Theology.

In this post I'll write an esoteric point.

Jesus tells us how to be in covenant, in the Covenant of Grace. It relates to the so-called sacraments, but the sacraments are visual parable. There is a real, practical way to be in covenant. As real as physical circumcision.

It only happens on the foundation of regeneration by the word and the Spirit, it goes without saying.

Jesus tells us to be watchful, or awake. He also tells us to love our enemy. This correlates to love God and love your neighbor as yourself. The two great commandments of Jesus.

Isn't it interesting that watchfulness and loving one's enemy are not taught in churches and are not mentioned in systematic theologies? Yet they are teachings directly from the mouth of Jesus Christ Himself.

With watchfulness we are filled with the Spirit.

With loving our enemy we are communing with Jesus, our suffering Savior, in a real, practical way.

The two sentences above correlate to ritual water baptism and the Lord's Supper, though they are the practical doing of the sacraments.

A formula from another language: conscious labor, intentional suffering. The two conscious shocks. Conscious shocks to our system because they have to come from inside us, not as random shocks from the world outside us. Think of this last point this way: you are commanded to love your enemy. But in a real time event, in the traffic of your everyday life, you won't even remember that commandment. You'll be caught up in the event and in your resentment. The very act of remembering the commandment is a conscious act. This is partly what is meant by a conscious shock.

Intentional suffering is very different from what we know of as suffering. Most suffering is fake suffering. Various resentments and annoyances, etc. Intentional suffering is like when you *eat* your pride or your vanity in a real time event. It's not easy to do. You have to be separated internally from the 'you' that feels the resentment. But I'm writing this to give an idea that there is more to biblical teaching than is contained in even the best systematic theologies or devotional books.

These things aren't taught at the mainstream level because they provoke limits within a person, and when limits are provoked by definition one is at the end of one's rope, and craziness occurs by default. Yet you have to provoke your limits to be able to increase your limits. Especially to increase your limits to a next stage, where your average state will then be higher than before.

For instance truly practicing watchfulness will make one, eventually, like a crude engine someone has put very refined fuel into which causes the crude engine to explode. So these things can only be approached through stages of initiation, motivated from within.

But watchfulness (being awake in the moment, sometimes associated with the awareness of the presence of God, which ultimately is a necessary component, but at first it's difficult enough just to be awake - "I am here, walking down this street" - in the moment and to hold it) is difficult. Our natural state is waking sleep. Sleep walking through life. It takes effort to be awake in the moment. In fact you'll fall back into waking sleep quickly, and then if you wake up again later you'll then know what waking sleep is. It's where you were in all that in-between time. As I was saying, watchfulness and intentional suffering (loving our enemy) is truly how we can be in covenant. It raises our existence even in time. It makes us useful to God on the spiritual battlefield. It releases us from laws that effect and constrain sleeping people. You become like a knight (male or female) who has contact with Mt. Zion and is yet out in the world. You can effect the very fate of other human beings in ways God wants it effected. Do work for the Kingdom of God.

And in the process you build your being. It is blatant in the New Testament that there is a difference in level of being between God's elect. It angers many, but fear God alone. When you fear God alone you don't fear or worry about what 'angers' the world... Let the world be angry as hell all it wants. The anger of Cain... We are above that...

Fearing God alone also enables one to pursue Wisdom. You don't care what man or the world in general thinks of you. You don't allow the world to dissuade you from seeking wisdom. You fear God alone. A sophisticated language describing in practical language what this post is discussing can be found in a book titled Fourth Way by Ouspensky. It's not for everybody (especially shallow, mocking, scared people), especially not churchians (don't be a churchian), but also it's just truly not for everybody and that doesn't mean some people are lesser Christians than others. Some come, though, to a point where they want the practical level teaching. It needs regeneration. Then it needs a bit of a unique development in life regarding acquaintance with higher influences (imaginative literature, history, philosophy, art, music, science, religion) and a balanced development of each part of our being (intellect, emotion, physical). But Christianity has never been for dopes. It's only with the appearance of the culturally Marxist indoctrinated clerics and theologians that being a dope has been put forth as a virtue in a Christian. Stay away from synagogues of Satan, church or institutions of learning, and the people who teach or lead or come from them.

10 bullet points on Covenant Theology

1. Start with recognizing the three foundational covenants: the Covenant of Redemption, the Covenant of Works, and the Covenant of Grace. Some want to tuck the Covenant of Redemption into the Covenant of Grace and so only talk about the Covenant of Works and the Covenant of Grace, but the problem with that is the Covenant of Redemption is the foundation of both the Covenant of Works and the Covenant of Grace, not just the Covenant of Grace alone. The Covenant of Grace is the Covenant of Redemption as it is played out in historical time (the Covenant of Redemption is convened before creation in eternity); yet the Covenant of Redemption also underlies the Covenant of Works made in the Garden. The Covenant of Works is what Jesus comes to fulfill after the first Adam fails to fulfill it. This is part of the plan of redemption as laid out in the Covenant of Redemption. Some don't want to recognize the Covenant of Redemption because the Westminster Confession of Faith doesn't mention it directly and they want their confession to be perfect, but no document made by man will be perfect because it would rival the word of God itself.

2. It's important to realize there are three unique players in God's plan of redemption: pre-fall Adam, National Israel (as opposed to individual Israelites), and Jesus Himself. This is important to know so that you don't compare any of these three players with fallen man in general, pre or post-incarnation.

3. Jesus (the second Adam) came to fulfill what the first Adam failed to fulfill. So did this mean Jesus came to not eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Well...yes, but obviously the garden is no more and the scene has changed post fall. So that Covenant of Works made in the Garden was republished on Sinai (the Mosaic Covenant) - in obviously elaborated form - so that Jesus could be "born under the law" and have that specific law to follow and fulfill to a 't.' Which Jesus did. Which only Jesus could do.

4. For some odd reason nobody in this discussion of Covenant Theology wants to talk about how National Israel is a prototype of the coming Messiah. It's curious because it is central to understanding Covenant Theology and to understanding God's plan of redemption overall. National Israel mirrored Jesus' life (for instance going down to Egypt). National Israel also came into existence to be the bloodline of the coming Messiah, from Adam through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the Twelve Tribes. National Israel's history also was the actual substance of the engrafted word of God. You can see how close an identity as a type National Israel had with the coming Messiah. Blood, history, biography, etc. This typology is important to see why the Covenant on Sinai was made and how it relates to fallen man. National Israel was not fallen man, individual Israelites were fallen people, just like us, but as the entity National Israel they were a unique player in God's plan of redemption. There is NO similarity between National Israel and any people or nation that is not National Israel, pre or post-Incarnation. Individual Israelites were saved by faith in the coming Messiah just as we are saved by faith in the already come Messiah, but National Israel as an entity is unique as a type of the coming Messiah.

5. Saying the Mosaic Covenant is a republication of the Covenant of Works is not saying that anybody can be saved by their own works after the fall. This point is demagogued by many in the general discussions and arguments over Covenant Theology. The Mosaic Covenant was the republished Covenant of Works for National Israel as a prototype of Jesus, and for Jesus Himself to be born under and to fulfill.

6. Jesus' very fulfilling of the republished Covenant of Works on Sinai *is the Covenant of Grace for fallen man* once fallen man appropriates Jesus' accomplishment by faith. This is the only sense that the Mosaic Covenant is both a Covenant of Works and a Covenant of Grace at the same time. In other words: there is only one way to be saved........works. Either your own works (good luck with that, fallen man who has original sin and who has actively sinned from birth), or Jesus Christ's works, appropriated by faith. The latter route is the Covenant of Grace.

7. An aside: it helps to get an overall skeletal sense of the history of the plan of redemption by reading Thomas Boston's Human Nature in Its Fourfold State. Why? Because it will clearly show the differences between the pre-fall state of man in the Garden; the post-fall state of man in this fallen world; the new state that a human being enters when regenerated by the word and the Spirit; and finally the state of glorification beyond physical death. Knowing these four different states helps one in not making category mistakes. For instance, some very respected theologians treat Adam in the Garden the same as if he was a fallen man like us. No, Adam in the Garden was different from us. Adam had the ability to sin, and the ability to not sin. We as fallen people have the ability to sin, and the inability to not sin. Everything we do is sin. We are dead in sin. Adam in the Garden was not. He became like us after his fall, but prior he was different from us. Regarding sin and the four states it goes like this:

Man in innocence in the Garden: able to sin, able to not sin
Fallen man: able to sin, unable to not sin
Regenerated man: able to sin, able to not sin
Glorified man: unable to sin (which is a wholly new state that even pre-fall Adam did not possess)

8. The other covenants (other than the Noahic) had to do with setting up the Nation and Kingdom of Israel. The Abrahamic Covenant made Abraham's offspring, including the God-man Jesus Christ, God's unique people, with their own land, in time to set the stage for His overall plan of redemption. The Mosaic Covenant gave National Israel it's laws and ceremonies, again to enable them to bring the future Messiah into being undefiled by any of Satan's attempts to defile that royal bloodline. The harsh laws for adultery, for instance, had this for it's reason for existence. The Davidic Covenant set up the line of the Kingdom. The Noahic Covenant established the theatre of redemption, keeping it safe from future judgment like what happened with the flood, but obviously not keeping it safe from the final judgment. National Israel's history also played the role of showing the world that one can't earn one's salvation by one's own works.

9. In spiritual warfare the Covenant of Redemption is like the Christian's Magna Carta, or legal Constitution that he or she stands on when challenged by the Devil. There is also a small analogy regarding this with what being a citizen of Rome meant back in the apostle Paul's day. It granted rights and protections non-citizens didn't have.

10. It has to be stated that there is intentional deception by some when discussing Covenant Theology. Those who are mostly concerned with protecting infant baptism are the worst offenders (but Federal Vision types have their own motives for deception). Those concerned with protecting infant baptism distort Covenant Theology by first insisting that the Old Covenant mentioned by Paul is not Sinai but is the Abrahamic Covenant. They have to maintain the parallel, as they need it, between physical circumcision and ritual water baptism (when the bible makes circumcision of the heart - which is regeneration by the word and the Spirit - the parallel to physical circumcision). They also have to say one can be in the Covenant of Grace and not be in the Covenant of Grace *at the same time.* This is ad hoc garbage doctrine.

Addendum: Here is a continuation post on an esoteric point regarding Covenant Theology.

Which church?

Debater James White dropped the Romanist Hammer Verse® on his listeners yesterday, demanding that he be the ruler of "lay people" based on Hebrews 13:17 -

17 Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.

White use to belong to a now defunct forum that had two levels. The lower level was for the "lay people", and the closed upper level was for the seminary graduates and other special people of God. Guess where all the upper level types spent the majority of their time? Yeah, in the closed upper level. Who wants to hang with unwashed nobody 'Christians' while taking the risk that one or more of them will show you up (which happened regularly, followed by the usual deletions and bannings).

Just as the 'elite' class that makes up the Washington establishment has no clue the level of contempt Americans hold them in, these clerics and seminary graduates equally have no clue the contempt God's lowly and plain people hold them in.

So what is James White missing in citing that verse? He's reading it in isolation. Prior to that verse is another verse. Hebrews 13:7 -

7 Remember them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the word of God: whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation.

Why is this verse relevant? Because it says *why* some person might have the 'rule' over another, and just what that rule consists of. Notice the phrase "the word of God" in that verse? That is the rule. If a person has the word of God they have the rule. God's word is the only rule for a Christian. Not a cleric or theologian or scholar. The word of God. Back then, when Paul was writing (assuming Paul to be the writer of Hebrews) the word of God was not as available as it is today, it goes without saying. We now have the complete word of God in convenient book form. If you lived in an era where you could only get at it from a person who has it then you definitely would be interested in sitting under that person.

Why did White miss that? Because White does not see the Bible as having the authority of the word of God. He sees bibles has having the authority of the word of scholars. He thus considers himself to be the rule spoken of in the verse.

There is another practical matter to be stated regarding this verse and how it is used by the Romanist types who use it as their hammer to get people to recognize them as a ruler.

When someone, anyone, says you must join a church, you say, "Which church?" They say inevitably, their church. Some will say any church. So, 99 out of a 100 churches are worthless regarding what they teach, so, I'm supposed to join a synagogue of Satan as a matter of course because clerics who think they are rulers say so? Well, they might then say, join a church that teaches the truth. I answer: if I'm able to discern the truth myself - which I am - why do I need any church at all? I'm in the Church of which Jesus Christ is King. The church you hate. The church which uses the pure and whole word of God which you hate. The church that is biblical. I say to James White and all other clerics who demand to rule over Christians: go to hell, devils.


Seeing God 2

Over a year ago I wrote a short post on the subject of seeing God. Here. Now here is another angle on this subject.

In the first post I mentioned how it can be an uncomfortable thing to think about seeing God in Heaven because that kind of feels like seeing a supreme authority figure, or being in the presence continually of an authority figure. It even feels a bit silly. Like a Muslim staring at their black rock after journeying a thousand miles to get there. I.e. what is the point of just merely looking at something? This is not mocking something like the beatific vision; this is practical thinking. Anyway, I answered that part of it in the first post linked above.

In this part two I want to mention another aspect of seeing God that doesn't get talked about. I believe it has to do with the subject of our level of being.

You have to have something in you before you can see it outside of you. Think of this in terms of language. You can't see why one musical composition is more interesting than another unless you have some of the language of music in you. If that involves just having heard different kinds and levels of music rather than having any musical theory in you it still applies because you heard that music which is audible language. I.e. you have *something* in you that gives you ability to discern the difference between the two musical works.

To see God you have to have something of God in you. Obviously the Holy Spirit applies here. At the level, though, of being in the Kingdom of God (seeing God - Jesus - directly) your level of being has to be higher than it is right now.

Forget the question of how your level of being gets to where it has to be to be in Heaven. Monergism, synergism regarding sanctification, etc. Let's just say you are *there* now. This means 'seeing God' is a measure of your new level of being. I.e. it is too simple to see it as you standing before Jesus gawking at Him and thinking that is the goal, to see Jesus. That's kind of silly.

When it's said the angels always face God that is talking about how they are arranged in their internal being. They are not always, literally - physically - facing God.

It's the same with glorified human beings in the presence of God which is to say in the Kingdom of God, the new heavens and earth.

The subject is level of being; not climbing up to the summit to view the old man in the cave.


Sacred truths, and oracles divine

Upon Truth's Victory Over Error

(This poem is at the front of David Dickson's commentary on the Westminster Confession of Faith)

Dost thou desire this Treasure to be thine
Of sacred Truths, and Oracles divine.
A fiery Pillar radiantly bright;
Come, it will guide thee in the darkest Night:
Thro' Seas, and Rocks, and Mountains on each Hand,
Through Wildernesses to Canaan's Land,
By Holy Writ the Truth it verifies,
By Holy Writ confutes all Heresies.
Tho' short, yet clear, for both do well agree
To make thy Path unerring unto thee.
As Ophir's Gold, which from Malacca came,
Made Solomon on earth the richest Man;
So will this Book make rich thy Heart and Mind,
With Divine Wisdom, Knowledge of all Kind:
Thee richer make, than Solon of great Fame.
Than all the seven wise Sages, Greece's Glory,
I do protest 'tis true, and is no story.


Worthless churchians

I just have to comment on visiting Reformed Forum again today. Usually they have a guy named Lane Tipton on, who seems to be afraid of his own shadow in terms of veering from the Westminster Standards, and who talks more idiocy per minute than the average sports commentator; but today they had a guy talking about what Calvin thought about the sabbath. This is like high energy for this forum. We live in a time when evil and Satanic lunacy is strangling the planet, and all these churchian clerics can think of doing is arrange yet another conference or talk about the Sabbath, or have a guy defend infant baptism while sounding like a Ludwig Wittgenstein scholar. These people are worthless in Christ's army. We're all mostly worthless in Christ's army, but it's not as obvious with most of us compared to these seminary vomited clerics and scholars.


God's standard

I hesitate to write this because James White reads this blog and this post will give him a new idea that he will immediately appropriate and then twist and distort which is why we're told not to speak out of school, but I'll use this preface to innoculate the post and forge ahead.

I recently watched the interview/discussion between White and Stephen Anderson:


It was actually a good, cordial discussion, until the end when White did the classic "I'm finished here" and pulled his mike off and walked off the makeshift set. Never has that move made for good optics. You would think Anderson had just produced photos of White in a bathhouse. They actually had just disagreed about the use of the word hell in the KJV.

My quick point. The unspoken theme in the entire discussion (which was about the King James Version vs. critical text bibles) was the fact that God always has His standard for His revealed word. Just as God always has a remnant of believers in every era of the history of redemption, He always has His standard for His revealed word.

Just as atheists are ironic, unself-aware identifiers of the true religion by what they passionately attack, and by what they lack enthusiasm to attack, critical text scholars are similar regarding God's standard for His word and the Authorized, King James, Version. They attack it, mock it, mock those who value it, and they call it dangerous, etc. While at the same time they appropriate its renderings shamelessly in their own translation activities, and identify it as the standard by the fact that it is their foil in everything they do and say.

In God's providence English has become the second language of the world. That His standard for His revealed word would be in English is not surprising.

Just as God always has a remnant who have faith, He always gives this fallen world the standard for His revealed word. That standard is not the ever-shifting critical text and its ever-changing versions. That standard is the Authorized, King James, Version and the manuscripts that underlie it.

Another way of saying this is: what is the true Bible? The one your fallen nature most doesn't want to be humbled to. Atheists and critical text scholars (often the two being the same thing) give up the truth despite themselves.


The Ring

If one were to look for a central ring symbol in the fantasy novel like world and journey of the Bible and God's plan of redemption it might be this:

30 Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.

Because God is acting from outside of time the first part of that ring - predestination - doesn't necessarily have to be seen in the context of our linear birth-to-death time line. It doesn't have to be constrained by that. It's God's sovereign choice still, but that choice, from our limited perception of time, can occur in higher aspects of time. A human being then can develop in a way to enter such other areas of time, making the fact and reality of predestination, monergistic though it still be, more interesting as a doctrine and reality for God's human creation.

The Bible doesn't blatantly go into higher aspects of time because it tends to explode the narrative. Also, such speculation gives room to the duller sorts (who are often professional theologians) to get everything hyper wrong, intentionally or otherwise. Usual caveat to the other types of simpletons: the foregoing has nothing to do with universalism.