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Rare perspective

Look at any old photo where the people are certainly deceased due to the passage of time. The sturm and drang of their lives was real. Family is real. Survival is real. Yet what arises from it that is meaningful, other than the wheel of life turning? I'll suggest this: ending up, one way or another, in God's camp, in Christ's army. Regenerated. With Christ in Heaven. Otherwise it's all motion with no telos. No ultimate object or aim. The life animals live. Animals don't make history. They just exist. Look at the old photo. A portrait, or crowds of people in a street an hundred and thirty years ago. You'll see people who just existed; but imagine the ones, the individuals, who became truly regenerated by the word and the Spirit. That's why that scene, those people, that life exists. That telos. (It's still a mundane scene. The awakened ones are still in that mundane world. Only death really shows the difference. Meanwhile, in a different way, it's all a picture of death. Even what would be called the poetry. It's still death. Dead in sin is dead. Young love is real, but it takes place in a mental haze; a sleeping state. New life is meaningful, but regeneration is the only real telos.)


The Idiot vs. Twitter

[an email]

I'm still reading the Idiot, if anyone is wondering. Yes, I'm only on page 152 currently, but there is still a continuity. I can tell I will finish.

We are in the era of Twitter. So this is what my attention span is up against. Imagine going from Twitter to a 600 page Russian novel.

But I feel I'm in good company with the Dostoevsky novel. It's an ongoing movie in words that's worth watching.

I'm also on chapter 20 of Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, which is a good bit of way to be in that book if you think about it.

Two things bothering me: 1. All the suicides happening. Not just the opioid crisis, but military veterans and just people with seemingly normal lives in terms of family and career. Too many. 2. The jump in homelessness. All the homeless camps in first world countries. These are signs of breakdown. Not economic breakdown because the economy over here is apparently very good, but ... moral (or morale?) breakdown? Maybe a breakdown in community cohesion. No social trust therefore no social interaction and help in all the ways that happens. Yes I'm talking about the blight of multiculturalism. It destroys social trust and cohesion. - C.


30,000 foot view of the Q phenomenon

[This is an email I wrote to a correspondent in England who is not somebody who would go so far as to ridicule or mock the Q, or QAnon, phenomenon but also is not on board with it. I have a 30,000 foot view of it. I admit if you solely get up close and look at the diffuse, myriad details it can seem silly, or just impractical in a too-complicated or riddle-like sense.]

It's hard not to sound humorless when someone is mocking something you know is deadly serious. (I'm not saying, Paul, that your quip on the letter Q in your email handle is meant to be that.) Think of a Muslim or atheist mocking Christianity. But political/social things strike us even closer to the bone than even Christianity, or that Christianity should.

Think of it as a veil. There was a veil keeping hid all the most evil behind-the-scenes activities. Now that veil is being pulled aside. In this case it's being pulled aside by rogue, white hat American military intelligence (Q). Because evil has a spiritual component (fallen angels, demons, ancient idols, Satan himself and his kingdom) the unveilers will also take on a spiritual component. I was serious when I compared the 'map' Q has created to Scripture. It's not Scripture, it's a similar genre. Notice, like Scripture, a very strange genre? Something you don't come across as an everyday thing. Who even knew 'map' was a written word genre? 'Future proves past' seems to be a real attribute of this genre. 'Mirroring' is apparently an attribute of this genre. I didn't know of it. Now I wonder if mirroring is a hermeneutical aspect of Scripture. Is 'necessary disinformation' a hermeneutical aspect of Scripture as well? Probably not in any obvious way. That would make all Scripture questionable.

A parallel to this veil being broken is the breaking of the protective veil on 9/11. Evil breached that heretofore unbreached veil. So now, as response from the spiritual realm, the veil that hid the activities of evil in this world is being breached. - C.


The seeming power of evil

Evil seems to always have the upper hand. The grinning lies and propaganda and myriad acts of corruption and evil seem to be effortless and unopposed.

This is because the King of this world (or the Prince of this world, same thing) is Satan. So his spiritual children enjoy the privileges similar to being the mayor's son in a small town.

Now just imagine what it will be like when the King of this world and all worlds comes back and takes eternal, complete command with all His children (in full battle gear).

It will be very different for all the grinning demons in human form we're having to suffer in these end times.



All negative karma has been cancelled. You are now free. Free to be a higher up in God's Kingdom.

(You will hear, "You're not supposed to want to be higher up. A lowly doorman in God's Kingdom is greater...blah blah..." Somebody has to be in the higher up roles. They are not easy to execute. They require unusual development, experience.)

Carry on.


What is a Satanic inversion?

What is a Satanic inversion?

Good is evil, evil is good.

The bloodiest, Satanic religion on earth is a 'religion of peace.'

Men are women, women are men.

Decadence is moral, moral is decadence.

Legal citizens are evil, illegal aliens are holy and sacred.

Tolerance is hate, hate is tolerance.


The devil's children are inside and leading all institutions pushing all this, including churches. Hell was created for them.


From the well



Nobody tells me how to think, beast.

Nobody tells me how to use the English language, beast.

And fuck your Satanic inversions while you're at it, beast.

OK, beast? Good little Beast.


The Devil's hell of inversions

What do we want? We want God's sanity. God's environment. God's Kingdom. We're sick of the Devil's hell of inversions; and his followers who push it all. Lord rebuke thee, Satan, and to hell with those who follow you.


The onslaught we're under (if you're able to feel it, i.e. if you hate evil)

The Frankfurt School was a Marxist think-tank that invented poisonous psychological mind-control devices such as Political Correctness, Identity Politics, Cultural Determinism, and Critical Theory, the parent of Critical Race Theory.

Critical Theory is a malevolent psychological weapon used to induce confusion, disorientation, cognitive dissonance, loss of identity, and mind-control. For media, Hollywood, academia, and the DNC, Critical Theory is a license to unleash a relentless terroristic onslaught of hatred, contempt, ridicule, and destructive criticism to beat and batter Americans into submission.

From here.

This, today, is a 360 degree, non-stop onslaught. God's people and the future subjects of hell fire are being separated. (And churches don't represent anything regarding that line of separation.) You either feel and hate what is happening today in such unrelenting degree, or you sort of like it; or feel a sense of power from it. So be it. If the latter you are lost. Good riddance. The time of evangelism is over...


List of features of our fallen nature

Here's a list of features of false personality categorized:


1. Sleep
2. Imaginary 'I'
3. Many 'I's (lack of unity)
4. Buffers
5. Self-Will (Self-Will opposes the Work)
6. Integral Lies (i.e. lies you're not aware of like thinking you're awake, or that you can do things, etc.)
7. Vanity & Pride


1. Identifying
2. Internal-Considering
3. Lack of Presence (Lack of Self-Remembering)
4. Expressing Emotional Energy Negatively (i.e. Negative Emotion)
5. Out-of-Control Talking & Out-of-Control, and Negative, Imagination
6. General Lying & Self-Justifying
7. Formatory Thinking (i.e. using Formatory Thinking for ALL your thinking)


1. Mechanical Roles
2. Vain, Prideful, (Self-Glorifying), and/or Dishonest Self-Pictures
3. Negative or Useless Attitudes
4. Fake Suffering
5. Mechanical Associations
6. Mechanical Dislikes, and Opinions
7. Mechanical Annoyances (Including also ‘making requirements’ which is a sort of vain, self-centered impatience with anything and everything – traffic, people, objects, weather, etc. – that aren’t exactly as you ‘require’ them to be)

* * * * * * *

3 Big Features of our Fallen Nature:

Self-Justifying, Resentment (without even a notion of the very concept of gratitude), Violence and/or Self-Pity

(Splash SIN in red paint over all of this. The point is, though, to have practical, pin-point things to observe in ourselves. Things that stay in the dark and we don't see in ourselves until we have a language to see them.)


Some positive things:

New Thinking/Active Reasoning
Effort/Zeal/Super Effort

Observation of Features of False Personality
Transforming Negative Emotion


Conscious Labor / Intentional Suffering

[The above list was put together from various Work books (Fourth Way, Ouspensky). This has been called practical, or esoteric, Christianity. It is not establishment Christianity. Which is good, because establishment Christianity is various degrees shallow to purely Satanic; and pretty much always has been. The terms above have to be understood from the sources. Start with Fourth Way by Ouspensky. In real book form. The online versions are not good for many reasons. It's not for everybody, but it's available to anybody. Regeneration, discernment from the Holy Spirit, and a pretty well-rounded true development (intellectual, emotional, physical) needed. A balanced development.]


Performative contradiction

An example of performative contradiction by a postmodernist is when they say truth statements are not possible. So that means what they just said is meaningless. They contradict themselves in the very act of making their assertion.

What false and reductionist worldviews demand is that they be allowed to be an exception to what they are declaring for everybody else.

Then if you pin them and they retreat to a nihilhist position they still have the same problem because the same language they use to declare nihilism (there is no meaning) has meaning.

Whether they like it or not they exist within the Logos, and the language they use has meaning. - C.

ps- Philosophers hate worldview analysis. I picked up on this when first getting into it. You'd see it in comments and forums. Because it nukes them so easily. Strikingly easily. It's synonymous with the biblical description of the fallen Satan. This is what was confounding the world? This?


5 points regarding worldview analysis

[This was an email.]

1. The first thing about worldview analysis is simply encountering the fact of the existence of different worldviews. Before seeing in a catalogue type of setting we tended to conflate them all into a mush. So the taxonomy aspect is the first impression that is striking.

2. The second thing is finally seeing how philosophy does play a real role in how people think and act. Prior to having worldview as a subject to attach philosophy to and give philosophy a practical context a common-sense person is likely to dismiss to some degree or completely the subject of philosophy.

3. The third thing that worldview does for a person in our era is untangle the very ubiquitous onslaught of post-modernism. The witch's brew of post-modernist beliefs and tactics scramble the minds of the unknowing to a great degree.

4. Then the subject of worldview analysis forces you, inevitably, to focus on Christianity as a lens to see the world and engage the world.

5. Overall worldview analysis enables a Christian to do more effective battle with the world; just as the Work [Fourth Way, Ouspensky] enables us to do more effective battle with our fallen nature; and just as the Bible and biblical doctrine enables us to battle the wiles of the Devil. The three-front war against the world, the flesh, and the Devil. - C.

ps- One of the criticisms from Christians of the concept of worldview is it can seem to make Christianity just one of many different worldviews. Sort of make it equal to any other worldview.

This quote is good in explaining how that is not the case:

"The condition of the heart constitutes what Dooyeweerd calls the "religious ground motive" (grondmotief) which determines the substance of theories and the makeup of worldviews. According to the Dutch professor, there are two fundamental religious ground motives, "two central mainsprings operative in the heart of human existence" One is born of the spirit of holiness, and the other of the spirit of apostasy. The ground motive of the Holy Spirit is derived from the divine Word-revelation and is the key to understanding the Bible: "the motive of creation, fall, and redemption by Jesus Christ in the communion of the Holy Ghost." The ground motive of apostasy leads away from the true God and culminates in idolatry: "As a religious dynamis (power), it leads the human heart in an apostate direction, and is the source of all deification of the creature. It is the source of all absolutizing of the relative seen in the theoretical attitude of thought. By virtue of its idolatrous character, its religious ground-motive can receive very diverse contents."74 Thus, on this basis, Dooyeweerd concludes that worldviews are not the most deeply rooted thing in the soil of the heart. Rather, religion or faith is. The religion of the heart is the cause; the philosophies and worldviews are the cognitive effect. Worldviews and philosophies stand side by side as the intellectual siblings of religious parentage."

That's from the Naugle book (Worldview: The History of a Concept) mentioned previously.



I'm going to keep talking about law because it's so pervasive yet invisible to us.

Islam is all law and no gospel. Totalitarian states are all law and no gospel. When you have law minus the gospel you have the formula for the demonic. Because law is then distorted, twisted, and turned upside-down from what it truly is: God's perfect law.

There is no law other than God's law. When we aren't in harmony with God's law (as Adam was in the garden) God's law becomes a curse. And it is used by fallen angels and fallen man to coerce and imprison and destroy. Fallen angels are administrators of false religions. Fallen man administers repressive governments. Fallen humans also control at the social level other humans using finger wagging of various degrees of fierceness. This is all the use of God's law, tbough distorted and twisted, if not utterly turned upside-down.

How does the law have this power? Sin, and the presence of death. The presence of sin in us is the power of the law. The dictator looks at his mass subjects and says, "You know you're guilty. You know you're polluted." This is why the prisoner of the police state goes to his cell or his hanging half knowing he deserves it.

And the existence of death provides fear and a punishment. Mere suffering short of death as well. The prospect of suffering and death gives power to the law as fallen angels and fallen man wield it. And again, the law becomes twisted and distorted as it is wielded by fallen angels and fallen man. Without the gospel it is demonic to begin with.

This understanding of the law is the tangible thing that we live in and under. The smothering thing that weighs on us and constricts and coerces us. The medium we live within. We can't escape it. We can only use the friction from it to develop. And of course as believers we are free of its curse aspect. To develop within it is to follow the commands and teachings of Jesus Christ. Gratitude over resentment, for everything, all the time. Love God, and love your neighbor as yourself. Be awake and love your enemy. Conscious labor and intentional suffering. These teachings are how to do battle with the demonic use of the law against us so as to grow in grace...until glory... - C.


Establishment Christianity

Christianity is at best shallow, at worst demonic when it becomes establishment.

Why is that? What is establishment?

In the concise biblical way of putting it: establishment is fear of the world.

Fear God alone, it is the beginning of wisdom. When you fear God alone you don't fear the world or man or man's opinion of you. You also aren't drawn down to the lowest common denominator. You're also not in the environment of respecters of persons or vain and asinine man made hierarchies.

Establishment Christianity also always veers leftward and downward. Always.


These are the enemy, this is the war

There are three levels of crime going on carried out by the enemies of humanity and God.

First level is money crimes. Corruption regarding money. This is where it begins.

Second level is Satanic religion that they're drawn into which involves the harming of children in many hallucinogenically evil ways.

Third level is crimes of treason. They get drawn into the ultimate demands of high level evil to create a world tyranny. This makes them give their allegiance to globalism and causes them - gives them justification - to commit acts of treason against their own countries. This 'higher allegiance' also justifies in their minds (and what's left of their conscience) the other crimes they are committing.

The global mechanics of it all carried out by the various rogue deep state agencies of the world involve the necessary money laundering, child (and other human) trafficking, and numerous (and various kinds of) false flag events designed to empower world tyranny.

These are all devil-run operations, devil-run hierarchies. The people involved lose their souls (yes, I consider them beyond redemption; let others evangelize them, I don't like human demons). When confronted they are soulless cornered rats capable of doing anything to save themselves from exposure, prosecution, and justice. Their crimes - especially against children and of treason - have no public redemption.

These are the enemy. This is the war.


Hunting the Hunters: Inside the Minds of Elite Corrupt

This article is concise and bullet-pointed. It's unusual in the landscape of similar articles. The evil is around us and invisible. We all have had contact with it to some extent most likely. My little sister was almost pulled up over the fence of our backyard by a man. Literally abducted from her backyard. My mom happened to see, ran out there to stop it and was badly injured in the process. That same sister, now a very bad case drug addict, had her infant son taken by Child Protective Services. A short while later the child was said to have died from SIDS. I bought the whole story at the time, now I'm wondering...


If you don't know what SES is (Senior Executive Service that controls Washington, D.C.) watch this:



What I would say to those in a normal state of non-understanding

What I would say to normal, average people who typically don't know much about themselves, the world, or any higher meaning...

We're all close to death, read the Bible.

You have no understanding.

Your worldview is a jumble of idiocy.

Your very soul is hostage to embarrassment and shame regarding truth; i.e. anytime you move towards truth or have it presented to you you feel embarrassment and shame. Embarrassment derived from the people around you who demand that you stay just like them; and shame derived from the spirit of disobedience within you which is the spirit of Satan we're all born with; i.e. you're going against your spirit of disobedience thus it makes you feel a perverse shame.

Once you break free of these barriers you have to start engaging influences that give you building blocks of understanding until you can begin to see the parts in relation to the whole.

These influences are primarily the written word, though music/art and physical development (athletics/performing arts) play a big role in getting a balanced development overall. But God has put a unique power into the written (or spoken) word. History, imaginative literature, philosophy, science, religion.

You have to start off somewhere, but eventually you become more and more systematic in your efforts as you see more and more of the 'landscape' you are in and that's before you. You also begin to see the hierarchy that influences fall into. Higher influenes are more rare (many genre novels, few epic poems) and require more effort of attention (a thriller or romance novel easy to read; a classic novel or ancient historian more difficult to read).

Sounds like a lot. It is. It also sounds like it requires a lot of time. It does. This is why this development of real understanding is rare. Many excuses (and legitimate reasons like job, family, etc.) not to do it.

"Isn't that what I did in college?" some might say. Yes, ideally, to some extent. But motivation matters, and when motivation is external (get a grade, graduate) it's not the same as being inwardly motivated, which is what is really necessary. That "love of learning" that colleges and universities say they want to instill in you, that will abide after you leave the campus. At least in the past they did. Today they want to indoctrinate with very concentrated poison.

You have to do it on your own, of your own volition and motivation, with the goal of getting real understanding.


How do you know Christianity is real?

I was asked this question ten years ago or so by a Christian who often sounded more like an atheist. He said, "How do you know Christianity is real?" I answered, because I can see the Kingdom of Satan manifest in this world. It's easier than seeing the Kingdom of God manifest in this world.

I was reminded of this when seeing this post from an ex-pastor who was losing his faith. He posted it on one of the Q boards (QAnon).

I am an ex-pastor who has been in the process of losing my faith for months. Waking up to the reality of a ruling Satanic elite has made me reconsider faith in the God of Christianity.

Just wondering how many others on here are Christian? Do you see this as a spiritual battle? It feels like it's all right out of CS Lewis' book That Hideous Strength.

Anyway, just wanted to say that the ugly reality of darkness has convinced this wayward soul to seek the Light. [Here]

It took seeing evil manifest to convince him of the rest of the message of the Bible. Notice too that he had to wake up a bit even to see evil. Sleeping people can't even see evil, let alone the truth of the Bible.


Books and chapters of the Bible

Genesis 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

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We just have to realize - to mentally digest - that we live in a severely defiled world

We live in a severely defiled world. What makes this particularly difficult to endure is we see bits and pieces - in nature and in humanity - of how things were originally created thus giving us ability to see how and how much it's been defiled.

And nobody can see themselves which makes us all feel like we're not part of the defilement. And there's another problem with not being able to see ourselves. Take an attractive girl who carries a now unusual amount of the original creation in her DNA (or bloodline, or however you want to say it). You will inevitably see her giving herself to the most atrociously defiled among us. I.e. abomination along the lines of our original mother Eve giving herself over to an evil snake.

We see the mocking grin of Satan in humans all around us. We see the sons and daughters of Eve split up into variously defiled bloodlines, some being no longer even all human.

We're living in a world turned into a prison where all the dominant forces at work think and do evil all the day long and have all the advantages. Work by the sweat of your brow to built or create anything; all evil has to do is strike a match.

So the point of my title is we don't mentally grasp how defiled from the original creation all of this is. It causes us to live in denial and a good bit of illusion. We've got simple-minded theologians telling us this world is good! 'cause it's God's creation and stuff, and flesh is good! and cigars and whisky and stuff 'cause it's like Chesterton and stuff... (Our sub-adult seminary graduates. Thanks for that.)

God created it, but it has fallen to hallucinogenic degree at this point. Look in a mirror. Even Olympic athletes are all sodomites and lesbians. Look at Bruce Jenner. Decathlon gold medalist in the Olympic Games. Go ahead, take a long look. Force yourself. He's actually doing you a favor by confronting you with the horror of the situation...


Alex Jones and InfoWars

[This is an email I wrote, but it gives some pertinent info on Alex Jones...]

For the record I've not listened to InfoWars in months. It jumped the shark during the Syria bombing. I think it's pretty obvious InfoWars is controlled opposition and always has been. Jones is too wealthy and his operation has too high a payroll to have been generated from selling Caveman Powder.

There are early videos of Alex that can't be explained away where he is engaging in controlled opposition agitation.

My first assessment of him was he is kind of junky and showy and overall shallow and not worth the time. Then with the Trump campaign he and his operation seemed real. I think the controlled oppo aspect got a bit out of control at that point, and he was providing a real service to the truth. His educating people on what globalism is was prescient and real. Probably he and his handlers like everybody didn't think Trump had a chance to win.

So the monster was out of the lab and operating on its own. Jones just kind of rolled with it all. Then a few months ago he got the message to turn on Trump and bring his audience along. No way. Not possible. He just lost his audience. Then he was told to take down Q (QAnon, the public intel dump coming from military intelligence from the White House). Again, a big fail. He REALLY angered his audience over that. He was caught blatantly lying.

Now he is no longer in the middle or in front of the news cycle. He has no inside sources, if he ever did. Half his videos now are about how important he and InfoWars are because they're being attacked.

Everything is theatrical and fake now. It's not even fun in a Coast to Coast way. He seems to think he's too big and important to continue in his old pale, pudge-faced cable access style, so now with his new Hollywood producer beard and permanent tan look he doesn't even look normal in that role. He's grown out of it while also his controlled oppo schtick has had its mask pulled off.

There was always an element of truth in what he was saying. Yes, he was supposed to make it all look ridiculous so the public would dismiss it, but you could tell he actually figured a lot of things out and could 'see' a lot and could teach it effectively. This is what drew people in. Since I was a newbie because only watching from when Trump came on the scene I missed the early clown act and only saw the guy who now was in sync with the times and whose subject matter - at least the political stuff - was center stage and relevant. His deep state handlers were probably like, "OK, Trump unbelievably won. Just roll with it for awhile. We'll let you know when we'll need you to help take Trump down." That came during the Syrian missile strikes when Alex ranted against Trump and said "fuck Trump" pretending to not know his mike was on, then crying on air (which was obnoxious and made him lose viewers just because he looked insane). Soon after that he and fellow controlled op Jerome Corsi consummated a previously launched plan to destroy Q which as stated failed loudly.

Does Alex Jones have any value left? Very little. He seems to have reached the end of his live action role play. He got himself a lot of money so no problem there, but he's pretty thoroughly jumped the shark at this point... - C.


Fallen beings love to wag the finger

The persistent myth that Osama bin Laden was very tall (he wasn't) derived from the unconscious recognition that he was inspired by the evil spirit of fallen angels (who create giants on the earth).

And that finger wag he was known for was him wielding the LAW (yes, biblical law) that fallen angels and fallen man wield in this fallen world. God's law with the difference that it is a twisted, distorted version of God's law, often turned upside-down.

And it always needs to be reiterated that when the law - pure or not - is presented without the gospel it becomes demonic.


Some people need more supernatural

Some people are turned off from the Bible because of the supernatural in it. Some people, on the other hand, are turned on to the Bible when they learn there is more of the supernatural in it than the establishment church lets on or knows about.

Whatever draws you in to engage the complete word of God and potentially be regenerated by it and by the Holy Spirit is all good.

Eventually you have to gravitate towards orthodox (small 'o') doctrine. Yet if it was the supernatural elements of the Bible that drew you in you will have an advantage over 90% (or more) of establishment Christianity in being comfortable with the supernatural elements.


The formula for the demonic

"It is truly not Scripture alone that judges humans harshly. It is human beings who have pronounced the harshest and most severe judgment on themselves. And it is always better to fall into the hands of the Lord than into those of people, for his mercy is great. For when God condemns us, he at the same time offers his forgiving love in Christ, but when people condemn people, they frequently cast them out and make them the object of scorn. When God condemns us, he has this judgment brought to us by people—prophets and apostles and ministers—who do not elevate themselves to a level high above us but include themselves with us in a common confession of guilt. By contrast, philosophers and moralists, in despising people, usually forget that they themselves are human." - Herman Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics

When the law is wielded minus the gospel it inevitably becomes demonic. It is also usually twisted and distorted and even turned upside-down, when wielded by unself-aware (or consciously evil) fallen human beings.

When you see phone video from Africa of a street justice scene you are seeing what law looks like wielded by unself-aware fallen man. Somebody accused of stealing will be set upon by a righteous crowd, kicked, stoned, set on fire. In false religion you see the same thing on a larger scale. In Islam you see all law and no gospel, and hence you see much crude violence and blood-letting in the name of 'righteousness.'

You see the same phenomenon in totalitarian states. Same law-minus-gospel at work. And twisted, distorted, perverted law at that. Law in the service of the goals of fallen angels and fallen man. The big end goal being human sacrifice (either suffering or death, or both) to the Kingdom of Satan. Genocide, if possible.

The main point is God's law, twisted, distorted, perverted, in the hands of ruling fallen angels on high and fallen man here on earth is demonic when it is without the necessary counterpoint of the gospel. Counterpoint: the combination of two or more independent melodies into a single harmonic texture...a complimenting item.


Being an individual is not bad

Beware pastors or theologians telling you individualism is a bad thing based on this connection with post-modernism:

Here, then, is the single epistemological and moral principle in postmodernism, namely, the freedom, autonomy, and sovereignty of the individual. You alone decide what is true and false, right and wrong, for yourself.

That's a quote from a book on worldviews by an author named Sunshine.

What, afterall, is the antithesis of individualism? Melting into some sort of collective? Obviously being an individual is not the root cause of not recognizing an absolute standard for truth. Ignorance, sin, a seared conscience might be candidates for the root cause, but not the notion or reality of being an individual.


Law and Gospel: A Practical Understanding of the Christian Faith

1. A truly practical understanding of the Christian faith. Church leaders and educators have let us down.

2. The Christian faith is reality. It is based in creation, history, human nature, law, and Gospel.

3. Law has to be seen as something almost tangible. Like a medium we exist in and that we use and abuse. It's kind of like the logos (word) spoken of in the Gospel of John, chapter 1. It's something we can't escape, any more than a fish can escape water.

4. We feel this phenomena of law in the personal/social realm. In the realm of government/state. And in the larger realm of the religions operated on high by fallen angels and in this world by fallen man.

5. At first, in the Garden, we were in harmony with this law. Then after the fall of Adam we became out of harmony with this law. The law became a curse. It began to be twisted and distorted and even turned upside down as it began to be used by fallen angels and fallen man to coerce and control and enslave.

6. We mostly know the law - as Christians - as being a curse because we can't fulfill it after the fall and as carrying the penalty of death which we can't escape. As Christians, though, those aspects of the law have been taken care of by Jesus who fulfilled the law and paid the penalty of death for us all making the law no more an undefeatable curse. This is the good news of the Gospel.

7. Yet the law still remains to be used by fallen angels and fallen man in its twisted, distorted form as false religion; and by the state as coercive force; and in our social sphere as manipulation and attack in various ways. (Accusing and shaming are big aspects of the law of God as it's wielded in its distorted form.)

8. A Christian has to learn how to deal with these remaining perverted uses of the law at these three different levels in the battle with the world, the flesh, and the Devil.

9. We are freed from the curse of the law, yet while still in the flesh we are on a spiritual battlefield where we have to deal with these remaining elements of the law.

10. When Jesus teaches us how to act in general, for instance to love our enemy, He is teaching us how to do battle with the now perverted law as it is wielded by fallen angels and fallen man. All of Jesus' teaching is about this. Christianity is a warfare teaching. Yet it is simple: there is law, and there is gospel. The law of God is pure and good as it is engrafted in the Bible (the ten commandments, the two great commandments of Jesus), yet it is a twisted, distorted version of that law that is wielded against us on the spiritual battlefield.

11. We basically walk, wherever we walk, in a dark medium of the distorted and twisted law of God as enforced by fallen angels and fallen man.

12. When we follow Jesus' teaching to basically have gratitude in place of resentment for everything all the time we are practically doing effective battle with the forces of darkness on the spiritual battlefield, and it develops us in terms of our progressive sanctification.

13. Our faith in Jesus' work in his life to fulfill the law and in his death on the cross to fulfill the penalty of the law for us once and for all gives us all we need for victory. Everything else is successful battle or getting beat up pretty good yet still having the victory. Jesus as leader of God's army needs good soldiers though. He wants good, effective soldiers. Good effective soldiers by their example call out other of God's elect and perform acts on the battlefield that need to be performed. Effects that are contingent on good soldiers getting it done. Examples are myriad but basically have to do with effecting lives of God's people especially ones connected to us in the connections and timelines of our lives. People we can influence.

14. But see how this has to do with law. This battle. The dark forces want you resentful rather than grateful. They want you asleep rather than awake. They want you imprisoned rather than free. At all levels: personal/social, government/state, false or counterfeit religion. And they use God's law in a twisted, distorted form to do this. The most hellish totalitarian states of the last hundred years use law - God's law - law as a thing that God created and that we all exist in as a medium, in a distorted form. See this. This is the aspect of law that Christian leaders and educators have been delinquent in describing and explaining. They don't see it.

ADDENDUM: Christian leaders and educators don't see it, as stated, but this should be added: this is why establishment Christianity knows nothing of spiritual warfare and never speaks of Jesus' teaching on things like wakefulness and loving your enemy. These are practices that enable us to do battle with the law as it's wielded in its distorted form by fallen angels and fallen man. Establishment Christians are going with the flow. They feel no friction and want no friction on the spiritual landscape. Real Christians can't escape the friction and learn to use it to develop. Like warriors. But it's a subtle battle because it's not like fighting flesh and blood. The two great commandments of Jesus correlate to being awake and loving your enemy, and constitute the complete war plan; but to learn of those two acts is to go deeply into their meaning. But you meet the friction of the law with those two acts and this enables you to develop and transcend and navigate the spiritual landscape which is a battlefield. That friction actually becomes a gift in your view. An opportunity to develop. Law and Gospel. Christianity is simple as in plain, but we must understand law especially to see it all in its completeness and simplicity.


Read these 6 posts, then read them again

These six posts will give new understanding. They don't plow over old ground. They aren't novelties either. Few will get them, but they are rare matter for people who have reached the limit of what mainstream theology gives. Though there is no originality. That quest usually leads a person leftward theologically. These six posts take you in a direction that angers the world, the flesh, and the devil.


Extract from the Lord's Prayer, Thomas Watson

God will settle an inheritance on his children, and an inheritance no less than a kingdom! "It is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom!" Luke 12:32. This kingdom is more glorious and magnificent than any earthly kingdom; it is set out by pearls, precious stones, and the richest jewels. Rev 21:19. What are all the rarities of the world, the coasts of pearl, the islands of spices, the rocks of diamonds, compared to this glorious heavenly kingdom! In this heavenly kingdom—are satisfying, unparalleled beauty, rivers of pleasure—and that forever! "At your right hand are pleasures for evermore." Psalm 16:2. Heaven's eminence is its permanence ; and this kingdom God's children enter into immediately after death. There is a sudden transition and passage from death —to glory ! "Absent from the body—present with the Lord!" 2 Cor 5:8.


Angels and human death

God created animals, humans, and angels. One of the reasons angels exist is to help humans at death. We have to focus on this connection.

Unfortunately theologians, especially Protestant ones in reaction to Roman Catholic extravagances, become concern trolls whenever anyone starts talking or thinking about angels.

Angels exist. As a large class of creation they exist. Yeah, seminary professors, it's supernatural. As much as that ruffles your suspenders it's just biblical fact and reality.

We are not alone at death. We live in a personal universe. Not an impersonal universe as the dead soul materialists/atheists (more than a few of which are teaching in seminaries) preach.

Angels exist and have jobs given to them by God. One of which is being present at the death of a human being. Not just believers either. Nobody is judged to hell before the Second Coming. Ad hoc doctrine such as the intermediate state is no more biblical than purgatory.

Human death involves aspects of time that are beyond our experience or comprehension. God the Holy Spirit regenerates from eternity. That includes all of a human being's time. Even if just one month in the womb. Or one nano second. The Holy Spirit can access us, give us a new heart, in our childhood, while we are old and grey. Or dead and in Hades. I.e., we are alive in all our time and can be regenerated at any time in our history. We can only perceive this as revolution or wheel turning, but it is more a block of living time with more dimensions of time beyond the mere 4th dimension which is where we experience time (i.e. a timeline, birth to death). This is not universalism; and this is not second chanceism. This is part of the Creator/creation divide as it effects time and our perception of time.

Recurrence, which isn't reincarnation (it's much more boring and interesting at the same time than that) fits the biblical data (even the biblical data that we all live once and die once). For anybody curious the best description is in the last chapter of Ouspensky's book titled Fourth Way . For those not curious, it's not mandatory knowledge for faith and salvation.

I've forgotten the main point I wanted to make about angels and human death... I think I just wanted to focus on the reality of one of the jobs angels have been given regarding being there and helping us at our death. We don't go into an impersonal void. We aren't alone.

Psalm 23 now comes to mind. In verse 4 it speaks of death, the immediate afterlife, and says thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff comfort me. Easy to see that rod and staff can be metaphors for angels who carry out God's will. Are present for God.



I wrote the post below to show how this world, this existence, this level is a pretty low level of existence. I recently saw a local rich man's mansion/estate (he was a famous builder) and of course he's dead. Got his house just as he wanted it, by then he's in his 80's, and he dies. Even if alive in a big house unless it's full of life you're just walking through empty halls and rooms and probably settling into a suite of rooms that equal an apartment anyway, while continually worrying that the Manson gang is breaking in and poised to kill you in your sleep.

I'm convinced lately that good looking people don't eat food because I never see good looking people in grocery stores. Most likely there are very few good looking people.

Ever see a porn star without make-up? They look like demons. Not that porn stars are the measure of attractiveness, but movie stars are somewhat similar.

I'm jaded because I know too much. I see higher realms, higher categories, pure types, ideals.

Just pointing out this level of existence is rather dead. Mostly people exist on vicarious experience and so real life becomes delusion.

People who desired to and were able to really work the sexual sides of life turn out to be obese gluttons when you see them by happenstance down the road. Flesh, food...

Much of it all is like a cosmic prank. Get understanding, but now you're old. Same with wealth. Get wealth at birth and you don't appreciate it, or it keeps you shallow. Alienation pranks the here and now. Alienated from God, people, nature.

It seems like the only thing that is real is getting born (and getting others born) and then getting born again (regenerated). All else may be necessary, but is impractical for true joy and borders on an ongoing prank beyond that.

This is not a black pill singing, this is reality. Ecclesiastes? It's in the Bible...

Looking at life it's obvious the level of being of humanity is very mechanical and low. Not meant to be an insult, just an observation.

Mixed with the low level of being is the constraint of physical laws that have to be dealt with. Not starving, not freezing to death, not getting killed by animals, or other humans. Teeth cleaning and repair. Getting your car smogged.

Dealing with criminal and evil and treasonous behavior in your local or national capital. Staving off tyranny, maintaining liberty, if you've got it to begin with.

Difficult to get anything going along the lines of real development amidst all these, and a thousand more, necessary distractions. A recipe for an enforced shallow existence.

Other than the suffering (real suffering) which can be meaningful and soul-building - potentially.

It doesn't help that when one person makes some real headway in development in a real way they are treated by everybody else as if they are something akin to a child molester.

Just the way it is. At this level.

Once into that fray, there is suffering before glory.

Meanwhile a new day starts, cars are in motion, jobs are waiting, kid's activities are scheduled, food is thought about, comically limited anticlimactic sex but usually good companionship (any companionship is good at this point) is experienced. Probably all taking place by, and being moved forward by, the invisible sharp chains of mechanical fate.

So we're seeing death making efforts to carry on life. Which is what a true Christian would say, sounding toxic as hell, but there it is...

In heaven, in a glorified body, with the effects of the fall no where in sight, it is all different. (Probably have to get de-toxed, though, before entering that. Hopefully it's like getting de-loused before leaving Ellis Island. Quick, necessary.....but quick...)


Pactum Salutis

If you don't know this term Pactum Salutis you must know it is a very important term, or reality. I explain it street level and concisely here.


Matt Bracken's four must-read books on the evil that's eneveloped us

In this video Matt Bracken (Navy Seal, interesting speaker on globalism and the infiltration and subversion of America and so on) goes through four of what he calls must-red books that enlighten about the evil of our times. At the 2:40 mark there is a graphic showing all four of the books. His discussion of the first book is not included, but here is a two-part interview with the author, Ted Flynn, that gives a good sense of what the book - Hope of the Wicked - is about: here and here.

One note that caught my attention was that apparently much of Karl Marx' writings are taken verbatim from Adam Weishaupt's writings (he being the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati). I find this hilarious because of how academics consider Marx to be a major thinker. I just listened to a Reformed Christian podcast (Reformed Forum) where they interviewed a Christian academic who had written a book on Karl Marx' philosophy; nowhere in the interview, though, mentioning the Satanic horrors that philosophy wrought upon billions of people. Christian academics are as pathetic as secular academics. It's the same in both camps where they have a litmus test: you have to talk about Marx without talking about the horrors of Marxism. This shows you are a true academic. Satan has taken over the churches and seminaries as thoroughly as he has taken over the universities.


The Vanity of Thoughts

Here is a Puritan book that can actually be read in less than a year. (It's only 42 pages...) It's called the Vanity of Thoughts by Thomas Goodwin. It's a free download over at Monergism.

Even if you don't feel like reading it at least skim the 42 pages to read the subject headings so you know what the subject matter is before you dismiss the book from the title alone. It is a profound subject. Thoughts. What kind of thoughts we have during the course of our average day. Goodwin does a good job of categorizing them.

But overall the subject itself is shocking. It's shocking in that our thoughts are such a large part of how we pass our days. Goodwin is not shallow on the subject either. He recognizes that there are different depths of our thought, and he is talking about thoughts such as daydreaming or fantasy or regurgitating past events or what have you. He also offers subject matter that it would be good to focus on with our thoughts.

The subject can sound mechanical, but that shows up the mechanicalness of our thoughts themselves. Active, intentional thoughts are different from passive, mechanical thoughts. Long thoughts are different from flitting short thoughts.

People have picked up on the power of having intentional thoughts with such things as the power of positive thinking. Thoughts have power to keep us negative, asleep in life, confused, ignorant; or they have the power to do the opposite.

One important point is we have to have material in us, language, something to form our thoughts from. When we read the Bible this obviously gives us the most valuable material to occupy our thoughts, but it's more than that. The understanding something like history gives us is material for thoughts. As Goodwin says the subject itself is vast and examples are myriad.


Is Christianity connected to mystery religions?

Christianity is not a mystery religion as in one of the mystery religions. Christianity is the true religion. The others, mystery or open source religions, are either intentional counterfeit (example: Islam)  or seeing truth in fragments through a glass darkly (example: much of Greek myth).


Heaven-now attitude

A complete attitude can be attained that is heaven-now. It is based on understanding of all and everything. No resentment, only gratitude. It can't be angry at anything. It understands all.

There's a sort of law that says if you understand something you can't be disagreeable towards it. You can think (or know) it's wrong as blood drinking and worthy of being condemned by words and actions, but that won't entail being disagreeable towards it.

Righteous anger is often spoken of as a substitute for everyday worldly anger. Righteous anger is a troublesome notion to me. Who is righteous? We have laws to protect us from the 'righteous' anger of our fellow man. Fellow fallen man. I'm not saying be hamstrung to condemn anything, but see in yourself what you dislike in others before you unleash any righteous anger on anyone.

Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord, I shall repay.

I got off track, but the only goal of resentment is, ultimately, to burn down the world, which is hell itself.

Love your enemy is not a worldly moral stance. It is a self-interested stance of a follower of Christ.

We get something from it. We don't get caught in the webbing of the world.


Living Book

I hate hearing about dreams. Usually they're presented as prophecy though. Not this. I finally had a dream that wasn't stupid and empty and like I was pranking myself. I dreamed I was in a bookstore in the afterlife, and I found a silver-colored book that was alive. When I woke up I imagined the language in the book had to come into focus with meaning based on my level of being I brought to it. I wondered what kind of book would be like that in this world. Of course the Bible. (The Homeric epics too, but preeminently the Bible.)

Alarms are sounded by the seminary crowd. Allegory! Eisegesis! Two-tiered Christianity! Gnosticism!!

It's possible to stay on the King's Highway (the straight and narrow, the old paths) and see deeper into the living language of the Bible.

You have to know how to increase your level of being though. (That's about *being awake* and *loving your enemy* to degrees unknown in the worldly world. Read Fourth Way by Ouspensky for a sophisticated language on the ideas, practices, and goals of such a thing. Or read a typical seminary-educated pastor and stay in the nursery. Sounds mean, but truth is truth, sometimes hard.)

Always have to add that the book the Fourth Way is not Scripture and thus is not pure wheat from a pure Christian point-of-view. It isn't written using biblical or Christian theological language and intentionally and self-consciously avoids mixing languages (because that does damage to both languages). Though the Fourth Way is esoteric Christianity nevertheless. Esoteric meaning practical. It does not present the Gospel (salvation), yet it does give deep insight on the law (not obviously though). Basically it is the subject of progressive sanctification. Thus it needs the foundation of regeneration. Without that it is just a very advanced self-help book of sorts. Giving you ability to be the most awake person in hell. It's also not for everybody because its practices put you starkly on the spiritual battlefield, and if you're not ready look out. Also, you need to acquire the actual book. E-book versions are corrupt in various ways and usually missing critical diagrams.



We're in the midst of the battle of Armageddon, which can be discerned if you have faith, and the ability faith gives to see into the spiritual realm.

Armageddon is a general term for the final confrontation between the forces of Anti-Christ and the people of God. It can mean the battle for God's mountain, which is metaphorical, for the battle takes place over the entire world.

Satan is unloosed and given ability to deceive the nations (unite them under one banner; that banner being globalism which has brought Islam and Marxism under its banner, the two biggest fronts Satan has deployed in history).

This action has now enveloped western Europe and the English speaking countries, historically the heart of Christianity and God's people and the defense of Christianity and God's people. Islam and Marxism hadn't been able to overrun these areas as they are now doing under the banner of globalism.

Decadence, murder, and lies are the usual stench of this Satanic movement, the goal of which is to kill God's people and to defeat God Himself.

Sin is irrational to its core, and Satan and his spiritual children are the most irrational of all.

God's people are to stand and confront Satan, and in this act to call out the final number of God's elect; until the return of the just and warrior King, Jesus Christ.


The love of money - the King James Version got that verse right

10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 1 Timothy 6:10

Promoters of the modern translations of the Bible say the King James Version got this verse wrong. They say there are other motivations for evil other than money. They're being typically shallow. God is talking about consummate evil and the progression of consummate evil. God is talking about the progression of Satanic temptation into ultimate evil.

This is the progression:

1. The temptation to accrue riches (and not take a lifetime of labor to do it). I.e. to get rich fast. This is a temptation to stealing and all manner of financial corruption.

(I'm going to use Bill and Hillary Clinton and Karl Marx as examples.) In this initial stage Bill and Hillary used their power in the governor's mansion in Arkansas to scam as much money as possible. The cattle futures scheme is a good little example. Meanwhile Karl Marx, in this initial stage, was lobbying money from rich elderly lady dupes to finance his project to empower the working man. Basically hanging out with rich people to keep him from doing any labor.

2. At this stage they are drawn into Satanic religion and ritual.

Seems unconnected, you say? This is a progression Satan puts people on ("...they have erred from the faith" as the quoted verse says.) It starts with money. That loosens the morals, desensitizes and begins to sear the conscience. Bill and Hillary now in the cocktail and dog collar environment of Georgetown yellow tooth extreme wealth get togethers. Hillary's good friends with Lynn de Rothchild all of the sudden. Oh, the headiness of it. And what comes with that? Contact with the generational bloodlines of Satanic religion and ritual. Meanwhile, out of nowhere, Karl Marx is writing odes to Satan. Actual poetry giving himself over to Satan. He just started hanging with the right sort is all. (The depths of stage 1 and 2 become hallucinogenically evil. They involve stealing wealth from the poorest of the earth and the most unconscionable acts against infants and children.)

3. The third stage involves working for Satan to bring tyranny upon people. Ultimately upon the world.

Bill and Hillary at this stage become globalists, justifying the most treasonous of acts to destroy America and American liberty as all they do no longer having any meaning within the context of United States law. Karl Marx, meanwhile, is busy drawing up a political philosophy designed to enslave people in Satanic bonds and ultimately to murder as many people as possible to feed the Kingdom of Satan.

So now we can see how the King James Version had it right. The *root* of *all evil* (consummate evil) is the love of money (the temptation to accumulate easy money by whatever means).

The KJV carries the deep meaning. If you question it, fine, but entertain the possibility it is your own current lack of understanding that is the problem.