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The challenge of what is happening today

We're living in a unique time for those who have been alive since the middle of the last century or so, in western culture and civilization. We're currently experiencing a manifesting of the Kingdom of Satan into the material world. It is always acting through people, but it normally stays in darkness and certainly never manifests in the mainstream.

It's manifesting not just in the criminal heirarchies but in the sort of physical hieroglyphics that get scoffed at when elucidated by conspiracy theorist types.

This has probably happened in past historical times, probably mostly where darkness has blatantly ruled and really owned the environment, but not so much in the English speaking countries and western Europe.

Today it is also unique that there is a means to expose and comment on all this phenomena. In the past evil has been careful to control all public communication, but the Internet has proven to be a new animal out of their control.

So we are currently seeing a mixture of spiritual world and physical world phenomena. You have to realize something can be half spiritual and half physical which gives it the sense of being not believable yet still happening. It also takes things out of the human realm solely so that explanations don't have to hinge solely on what is possible or expected from experience in the human, physical realm.

The publication of Diana West's book American Betrayal was an unlikely (or surprising) harbinger of what is happening now. She brought some of the history of spiritual evil of the last century regarding communist influence (and into this century regarding Islamic influence) tied to American government and other institutions, and the book received an unprecedented wild rebuke from the intellectual gatekeepers. A fierce storm of backlash. You're not to bring the esoteric history of the times into the mainstream, and Ms. West is a mainstream figure. Her book is a mainstream book published by a mainstream publisher. The shock could be felt beyond the electronic font of the outraged reviews and condemnations. The spiritual world throwing a shoulder into the physical world.

Now we have all the attributes of Satanic behavior being exposed to the light. How they need to defile and use innocence in their ritual behavior for instance. The extent of the use of murder and lies (two of the primary attributes of their spiritual father from the Garden). The empty quest for wealth on top of wealth.

People are being challenged today. Do you stay asleep to the ever more exposed Satanic show, or do you face reality and don the armour of God to confront it?


8th dedicated, complete reading of the Bible, AV1611

(Begun Feb, 12, '18)

Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy Joshua Judges Ruth ISamuel IISamuel IKings IIKings IChronicles IIChronicles Ezra Nehemiah Esther Job Psalms Proverbs Ecclesiastes Song of Solomon Isaiah Jeremiah Lamentations Ezekiel Daniel Hosea Joel Amos Obadiah Jonah Micah Nahum Habakkuk Zephaniah Haggai Zechariah Malachi Matthew Mark Luke John Acts Romans ICorinthians IICorinthians Galatians Ephesians Philippians Colossians IThessalonians IIThessalonians ITimothy IITimothy Titus Philemon Hebrews James IPeter IIPeter IJohn IIJohn IIIJohn Jude Revelation

By dedicated I mean a cover-to-cover reading done in a not desultory manner. That doesn't necessarily mean as fast as possible. It can mean a single chapter a day, which would take a long time, but the discipline of doing a chapter a day and keeping it up would make it a dedicated effort in my definition. I, of course, usually do my complete readings much faster. The fastest was a 66 day effort, about 20 chapters a day. It strained my eyes. The longest, if I recall correctly, took about a year and a half. Most were in the five to nine month range. This 8th reading will be the fastest probably because I'm reading along with the Max McLean recording on the YouVersion app, and in some chapters I'm going at 1.25X speed. I've never been good at paying attention to an audio book. My mind wanders and I miss large sections, but with this I am reading the text along with the recording.


Bavinck gets close, but the mainstream is not supposed to get too close

Here is a Reformed theologian, a good one, who brushes close to the esoteric understanding of the law:

"It is truly not Scripture alone that judges humans harshly. It is human beings who have pronounced the harshest and most severe judgment on themselves. And it is always better to fall into the hands of the Lord than into those of people, for his mercy is great. For when God condemns us, he at the same time offers his forgiving love in Christ, but when people condemn people, they frequently cast them out and make them the object of scorn. When God condemns us, he has this judgment brought to us by people—prophets and apostles and ministers—who do not elevate themselves to a level high above us but include themselves with us in a common confession of guilt. By contrast, philosophers and moralists, in despising people, usually forget that they themselves are human." - Herman Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics


Truly seeing sin in us is a big subject for a believer

Because the heart of Christianity, of our reality as human beings here in this physical environment, is sin and salvation we obviously have to truly see our sinful nature. This is not just a stumbling block for unbelievers (who famously mock the notion that they might be 'sinners' and who justify any act to make themselves out as being innocent), but it is also a problem for believers because of some of the same reasons that don't go away once regenerated by the word and the Spirit.

That last statement might sound wrong. I.e. one might say before one is regenerated one is convicted of their own sin in some way, to some degree. Maybe, maybe not. We don't all live lifestyles involving overt sinful behavior, which gets to the main point of this post.

Much of the sin we as fallen humans are guilty of and polluted with is of the nature of being baked in from birth. I.e. it is so much a part of us, constitutionally, that we can't see it. When it manifests it doesn't clash with anything to alert us to it (other than conscience, once conscience begins to get unburied and become tender).

This is a very big subject because until we can truly see and accept that sin is in us we won't see the value of the Gospel, or Jesus' work on the cross, or God's plan of redemption overall.

We will still call ourselves believers, but it will be weak and shallow.

There are two things Christians have to see and accept the existence of: the supernatural, and sin.

So I'm saying many Christians might be unknowingly weak on seeing sin in themselves simply because they've never really confronted the subject and the reality of their situation.

John Calvin began his Institutes with the observation that it is hard to see sin in ourselves because we tend to compare ourselves to other human beings, and when we do that we tend to see ourselves as being pretty much better than other human beings; so he says we need to compare ourselves to God to see our true nature as it is: fallen, sinful, guilty, full of pollution, and with all the attributes that follow from that such as ingratitude to God Himself.

So what is 'baked in' sin? It is sin we are not even conscious we are manifesting. Take adultery. Adultery is not just sexual, it is spiritual. All our lives, when we have shown favor and given allegiance to one degree or another to various idols, we have engaged in the sin of adultery. We think of it as innocent. Just learning. Developing. And it may be, but it is spiritual adultery nevertheless. That New Age period. That flirting with Hinduism, or Buddhism. An atheist period when we gave ourselves over to a political ideology that involved worship of the state, perhaps. And less obvious, more subtle adulteries. Our will and desire for such things is baked in to us. We don't realize we're sinning as we're doing it.

And one sin convicts, remember. One sin puts us behind the eight ball, so to speak. One sin make us reliant on a Savior to save us. Even if we could be perfect we still have original sin to deal with. We are sunk from birth. If we don't see that, truly, we won't truly value the Gospel, or good news of the Savior.


Spiritual but not religious

[an email]

That Wikipedia article on Spiritual but not Religious overall is a good summation that defines much of the seemingly disparate non-Christian beliefs we encounter around us.

I go back to saying they can't, or they refuse, to see sin and evil in themselves and in the world.

Much of the sin in us is of the nature of 'baked in' from birth, so we have to think about it to see it. I.e. original sin as being our very constitution. Like the Work [Fourth Way - Ouspensky] teaching that some lies or lying are integral, like thinking we're awake when we clearly are not. Or thinking we can do things when things just happen. Our lack of will and our sequestered will are part of our fallen nature (we have will to choose an apple or an orange but not to choose to recognize our Creator, that requires the Spirit and the word of God acting on and in us).

This is why the 'spiritual but not religious' people are naive. They don't know what they don't know. They need the language of the Bible to be able to begin to see things in themselves and in the world they currently can't see. - C.



[originally an email]

Somebody asked Elisabeth of the YouTube channel Elisabeth's Philosophy what her beliefs were. Not her but somebody else replied that she believed in Ietsism, which is a popular belief in the Netherlands.

I'd never heard of it, so I thought you guys might be interested in reading a short description too. Here's one I read.

It's easy to see the capital 'I' and mentally see it as an 'L.' I did. But it's ietsism.

Wikipedia article on it.

Basically I'd say such people may believe in the supernatural, but they don't believe in sin (and probably are if not blind to evil at least are asleep to its existence).

They are naive. Their view of themselves is naive. If you don't see sin then you don't see the necessity for a solution to sin, which is the heart of Christianity.

- C.


Two categories of conspiracy theorists

There really are two broad categories of so-called conspiracy theorists.

1. The ones who see only 'parts' and can't see the whole. They are focused on many parts, flitting about from one to another, until they might begin to have a special pet peeve and so reduce everything into a box called by the name of that pet peeve (Jews, Jesuits, Freemasons, Illuminati, etc.). I.e. they engage in reductionist thinking where anything that doesn't fit into their box then becomes sort of non-existent. Confirmation bias is the leading fallacy.

2. Then you have the ones who can see the parts in relation to the whole (which is a classic definition of understanding in itself). These by definition are going to be Christians. Real Christians. Not church Christians, for the most part, but real Christians. Christians who can see the spiritual battlefield. The 'whole' they are able to see and to reconcile all the myriad parts into is God's plan of redemption as revealed in the Old and New Testaments. They can see that the Devil goes by many names and wears many different hats (all those 'parts' type 1 sees) but nevertheless is still the Devil manifesting Satanic spirit, attributes, and deeds. They may have a more difficult time defining the good (some will say liberty, being in covenant with God, prosperity, and obviously if Christian evangelism and sanctification, etc.).

So category 2 is able to have the bigger vision and truer vision, potentially.


Hard truth, should be obvious


The Walter Lippmann Brigade

Related, on the JQ (Jewish Question), I've never been focused on Jews or Israel, never a hater of all things Israel or Jewish (like some people hate Jesuits or Masons or what have you); but lately have found a way to frame it: The Walter Lippmann Brigade.

Walter Lippmann was a Jew in the early part of the 20th century who began the whole "we are the elites that must lead the stupid masses" thing.

This is when manipulation of public opinion (techniques) was developed.

I see him and his (mainly) Jewish progeny in politics, media, entertainment, academia like this: they got off the boat at New York, were deloused at Ellis Island (they've never forgiven this), then stood in the middle of the vast metropolis of New York City and said to themselves: how do I see myself as bigger than all this? I.e., all this that these worthless goyim have achieved, have produced, have created, built, invented, discovered, grown, fixed, adapted, organized, fought for, conquered, pioneered across the vast landscape, all the blood, sweat, tears, all the native ingenuity, all that they've founded, developed. How, how can I as their superior be above all this? (Muslims within Christian culture and civilization have a similar moronic arrogance, ingratitude, and treachery.)

Thus he attends one of our Christian founded universities (Harvard), writes his 1922 book on public opinion and how to control it; establishes the notion of an elite class; and here we are. Narcissistic parasites insinuating their presence into something they had nothing to do with and can only destroy ultimately with their incompetence and Spiritless, unrooted, demonic existence. (Without faith in Christ one is Spiritless and easily given over to the demonic realm).

Thanks, Walter Lippmann Brigade.


Anthropomorphizing the demonic realm

Some conspiracy types have real knowledge, real understanding, but their mistake that makes them sound crazy is they anthropomorphize the demonic realm.* The 'they' they are always referencing are really the demonic realm influencing very hollow, very stupid human beings in high places. The conspiracy types talk as if it is the stupid humans in high places that are orchestrating and doing everything. They're usually too stupid to tie their own shoelaces.

This occurs when the conspiracy type doesn't have a vision or worldview of the supernatural and of evil. When they aren't Christian. They have to attribute everything to human causes. Some, though, do it even though they are Christian and don't have to. Alex Jones comes to mind.

*Ascribing to humans what is being done by demons, fallen angels, and Satan himself.


The difference between Christians

I've been skimming some old posts and articles written by anti-Trump Christians over the past year and a half or so on the subject of Donald Trump, and have been reminded how little discernment they had. They are shallow.

Christians who understood Trump know Trump is about spiritual warfare. The Christians who were anti-Trump are the same Christians who haven't a clue about things like cultural Marxism or the Satanic nature of globalism and the tactics of such things. They are feckless on the spiritual battlefield.

Establishment Christianity is clueless and worse. They have a default sympathy for the Devil. All the while being sanctimonious in the most juvenile ways.

I couldn't find many recent posts and articles (like Trump's first year assessments and such). It's like they've gone into hiding somewhat.

It's understandable that most people will be unaware of the Devil's work all around them, often to unforgivable degrees (like when their children are being directly attacked); but Christians need to have discernment for such things. That they don't can mostly be explained by the divide that separates fear-of-the-world establishment Christianity from fear-of-God-alone spiritual warfare Christianity.


They are finger painters thinking they are men of God

"Modern day theologians are finger painters. They don't know spiritual warfare. They don't know the supernatural. They don't know God. They don't know Satan. They don't know the spiritual battlefield." - Me

Thought after hearing someone begin to quote Peter Enns on anything.

Some will say this is unfair. Why? Enns taught many, many years at the premier putative orthodox, conservative Reformed seminary in the United States.

But he was only one professor at that seminary. Really? How many of his peers defended him? Many.

And how does heresy work? Do you give people 100% poison, calling it the truth? No, you give people 2% (or even 1% is enough) poison amongst 98% truth.

That 2% poison will be: "There is error in the Bible." (The modern Critical Text industry.)

That 2% poison will be: "Justification by faith[fulness] alone." (Another old Counter-Reformation attack.)

That 2% poison will be: "Regeneration by man and ritual rather than word and Spirit." ("Come, children, and be baptized! There is error in the Bible, very difficult to navigate, don't worry yourselves over it... Be baptized! We have lollipops... All free today...!")

The fecklessness of seminary graduates who think heresy is solely in one or two professors is the general fecklessness of academics in general in the face of cultural Marxism. Their entire seminary (like all institutions of so-called higher learning) is marinated in cultural Marxism, and they don't see it any more than a fish is aware of 'water.'

They are ignorant of Critical Theory and the myriad ways it is cloaked.

They can't see the spiritual battlefield.

They are finger painters thinking they are men of God.


Things heating up

The FBI released 50,000 new texts between two of their agents that were talking about how much they hate Trump, including in the very office of the Director of the FBI (I'm writing in shorthand), but they said a "glitch" made them lose five more months worth of texts which covered just after Trump's election. For the FBI to pull this bullshit some really incriminating stuff has to be in those texts. The rumors now are that it involved talks between FBI and Dept. of Justice people (referred to as a secret society in the texts themselves) about assassinating Trump (please don't flag me, Yahoo, for writing that). [This was originally an email.]

Q Anon dropped more on this subject last night (after a major drop hours earlier (yes, I'm using the word drop, because I'm cool and hip) outlining the long term coup against the United States from within. Last night he talked about assassination, collusion with foreign governments to take out Trump, then all the degrees of crimes against children that have gone on.

Mainstream media is now in total bizarro world by not reporting on any of this. They're all running for their lives. What we have right now at this point is many, many things 'up in the air' where all can see. They will have to come back down to earth sooner or later. It comes down to can the Washington establishment put fear into the American people and somehow, someway walk past all this with nothing happening to them? No way in hell. They are cooked. For eternity. - C.


Weird actions can be explained

Three examples of strange things observed in recent times and their explanation.

1. Why would so public a preening, sanctimonious moralist asshat like Bono of the rock band U2 allow himself to get busted only donating 1% of proceedings from his Africa charitable foundation to actual people in Africa? Does simple financial corruption or greed explain such a thing? It doesn't seem like it because Bono is worth hundreds of millions of dollars already from his music.

Here's the explanation: Bono is a globalist. He has the Satanic globalist virus to like 33rd degree zombie level. He fools people by mentioning Jesus every now and then (but only as a liberal theologian would mention Jesus, if you pay attention), but he is a Luciferian through and through. His globalist mentors have taught him the program. The program is to get the third world to move en masse into first world countries so that the globalists can have a rootless, a-historical mongrel race of basically slaves to easily tyrannize over. So they tell Bono it's OK to steal money from the third world because this in part enables the bad conditions that contribute to mass movement of populations. Thus Bono has this bizarre justification to steal as much money as he can possibly steal from Africa because he's been told it will further the greater goal of globalist one world tyranny, which in Bono the Luciferian's mind is the greater good. Welcome to the world of high altitude globalist moralists. (I could have used Bill and Hillary and their Clinton Foundation as the example here as well, but it is a bigger, more multi-headed Satanic Hydra; yet the reason Hillary still is trying to get more and more money despite already having hundreds of millions if not billions is due to the justification outlined above. Probably throw in that in her dementia she has probably also bought into the globalist fantasy that they will somehow live forever - by drinking the blood of infants or some other Satanic ritual - and thus being a trillionaire is the mark for a good, powerful globalist...)

2. Where all of the sudden did an internet bookseller (Jeff Bezos) and the guy who founded PayPal (Elon Musk) get rocket and space technology to the degree that they become the go to companies for launch of U.S. military assets? How does this happen? OK, we think, well, these guys have gotten soooo rich from the internet that we guess they are just able now to do things that before only government level budgets are capable of doing. I guess.

Here's what was really happening: the globalists knew they could counter even the power of the U.S. military (and any other military) with space based weaponry and technology, thus they basically had Obama cancel NASA as a working agency (remember when Obama announced NASA's new role was to be some kind of reach out to the Muslim world, or some such bizarre thing?) and transferred that technology to tech titan Dr. Evils Bezos and Musk (word is Musk has seen which way the wind is blowing lately and has turned on his globalist masters and is now working with white hats within the government against the globalist coup). This also enabled Obama and Hillary as his Sec. of State to transfer rocket and space technology to places like Iran and North Korea, bypassing government controls, with the design to destabilize the world and weaken the power of the United States. So now we see how this advanced, very expensive technology that only a government financed agency like NASA could handle is being handled by tech geeks all of the sudden. With black budget money thrown into the mix, by the way.

3. Why did so many life-long public conservatives publicly state that they wanted Hillary Clinton in the White House last election? All their arguments were pointless and nonsensical ("It's not a binary choice...Trump is unfit...it's about principle...")

Here's the reason: 50% of them were thoroughly enmeshed in the blood-for-money, endless war Neo-con racket that has been a foundational part of the Washington, D.C. economy for decades. The other 50% are pedophiles. And it needs to be understood that the Neo-cons made their Stalin-Hitler pact with the globalists sometime during the Clinton administration, so there isn't much space between them and the Satanic child raping/torturing/murdering globalist pedophile types. The way you recognize each is the Neo-cons (after being publicly exposed by Trump) retreat to the political left and to mouthing pro-liberty, pro-constitution sentiments in a lecturing style as if they are the only people defending such things. While the pedophiles go around acting out the preening, sanctimonious moralist role before the cameras and in print.

So there you have it. When you see behavior that is just strange and weird remember that totalitarian movements both try to turn things upside-down (good is evil, evil is good, peace is war, war is peace, freedom is slavery, slavery is freedom, etc.) to dispirit and disorient the population they are tyrannizing over - and - the very justifications for deeds and words and actions in a Satanic environment become detached from truth and reality.


OK then, OK now, OK into the future (still exists in time)

Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Ground (1823) by John Constable (English, b.1776 d.1837) Victoria and Albert Museum, London (click on image)


Christianity is the big, real mystery religion 2

Part 1 here.

We hear and ultimately read the Bible, and if it regenerates us really it is an experience of seeing the truth. Truth is like light in this sense. We see the light.

Now as one who sees the light we are at odds with our surroundings because most people are in the darkness, yet they can vaguely discern when somebody has crossed the threshold into the light. The spiritual landscape is an analogue to this physical realm we live and breathe in. People can vaguely sense the spiritual realm. Not via senses - knowingly - yet vaguely sense it nonetheless.

So as now an initiate into this big, real mystery religion called Christianity, the true mystery religion, we develop more and more in the way of being able to see truth. More and more truth. It's painful at times. It goes against all we use to think, perhaps what we've held dear. It goes against all the old songs we've always sung about ourselves and the world. Truth strikes me as hard. Clear yet hard and perhaps sharp.

Seeing the truth about man's condition or state in general; and about the great plan being played out in historical time, is one thing. I think it is more common for initiates to see those things. But to see truth about ourselves, to shine light into the inner recesses of our fallen being...that, I believe, is the more difficult and more rare development. It is why religious figures (leaders, educators) come across as shallow. They aren't all that different in terms of self-knowledge as anyone else.

And yet the New Testament - the very teachings of Jesus Himself - are all about this shining of light on the darkness of our inner fallen being and nature.

Jesus doesn't just talk about truth in this sense, but also love. Another difficult, basic, thing we often neglect to focus on to the same degree and in the same manner as we focus on other things like justification. It's because love involves how we act. Not in a sanctimonious or moralizing sense, but in the sense of a soldier of Christ on a real spiritual battlefield. Loving our enemy doesn't make us 'good' it makes us effective. Effective soldiers. It also is a sign of inner command and control.

Seeing truth and acting in love. Whenever I am thinking of terms and I can't find three of them (like goodness, truth, and beauty; or like understanding, consciousness, and will) but only two as is the case now with truth and love it usually means they are representative of things we do. Like what some call sacraments. Or like the Two Great Commandments of Jesus to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself. Or prayer and fasting.

A language I've adopted to sort out and see clearly these neglected teachings of Christianity is the esoteric, or practical language known as the Work, or Fourth Way (mainly as Ouspensky explicated it). It's used by cults (just as the Bible is used by cults). My rule has always been: exploit everything, join nothing. It keeps you alone, but it frees you to climb continuously to the summit of the mountain, and to even go beyond summit. Other people stay on the valley floor or get stuck at Base Camp #1 or Base Camp #2 or 3 because that is where the group is. Or that is where the world says it is OK to be.

The part of the Work language that would sync with what I've written above is conscious shocks. Specifically two conscious shocks. They correspond to Jesus' great commands, when you know both the Bible and the Work to a great enough extent, which pretty much nobody does. Work people tend to be New Age shallow, and Bible people tend to be scared of the open sea. Or easily dissuaded by the world from going into certain directions and areas of influence. Which is called fearing the world. The Bible says fear God, it is the beginning of wisdom. Because when you fear God alone you don't fear man or the world or their opinion of you.

I believe a thoroughly initiated Christian needs three pillars of understanding:

1. The Bible and doctrine derived from it. Hard doctrine. Doctrine that our fallen nature is not comfortable with. Calvinism. Reformed Theology. Doctrine that says what the Bible says.

2. Worldview analysis. This brings in philosophy in a practical way to a Christian's understanding.

3. What I might call biblical psychology, which is ancient psychology and not what has passed for psychology since the turn of the 20th century. Psychology as most people know it is the study of the sub-normal (and it is worse than that as well, it is making the sub-normal the normal). Real psychology begins with the normal (the good householder, to use the metaphor of the Bible) and explains what is possible above that and what is holding everything back. The idea is nature only develops us so far, then only effort to gain understanding and control gets us to further plateaus. In doctrinal terms this is progressive sanctification, and involves God-reliant effort (because really only the regenerated can engage in such effort). It studies difficult things like all the types of lying we engage in (which highlights truth by contrast). See in the Bible where truth is mentioned with lying numerous times. The only language I know of for this third pillar of understanding is the Work, or Fourth Way, in the main books by Ouspensky. It is a sophisticated language, worthy of a discerning Christian (and I emphasize discerning because no influence other than the word of God is all wheat and no chaff).



Truth is the basic thing. It is objective, absolute, eternal.

Truth is understanding yourself, the world around you, and the big picture.

To see truth, see lying.

Truth is discerning on-the-mark, off-the-mark.

Truth becomes almost like a medium you walk in. The more developed your level of being the more truth you are able to perceive. The more the language and languages of special and general revelation you have in you the more truth you can see.

Truth and sanctimony are enemies.

Christ is truth because Christ's life is God's plan of redemption, the big picture; and Christ's teaching is self-awareness and understanding. He is what we're to conform to individually.


Q Anon (Questions and Answers)

Here's a good link to a few questions and answers on the Q Anon phenomenon.

It's from a Reddit forum set up by people involved in it at 4chan and elsewhere. The link to the main forum which is called CBTS_Stream (Calm Before the Storm) is here.

I find Reddit to be confusing (just like 4chan). These sites just seem horrible to the eyes.

Tracy Beanz on YouTube is a good source. Her Q Anon videos are numbered up to 13 (or XIII) now. Anti School on YouTube is also good. Both know the editors (the Bakers) at the 'chans' who are involved in all this. - C.

ps- Much of this has to do with internet culture which is foreign to me. These guys and gals seem to be hyper red pilled. It's surprising to hear young people who sound like they do say things that are conservative, insightful of globalism and all that, and even Christian. They call it the awakening.


This is how you develop...

"We read all of the Bible because what we read in it is not what we immediately know we need. It embeds in the heart and brings forth fruit later."

I don't know who wrote the above quote. Maybe I did. It was on a file on my computer. I seem to vaguely remember it was written by someone on their blog. Anyway, it's a concise and clear way of saying: just read the Bible. Complete.


Reading the Bible in dedicated, cover-to-cover complete readings is like planting seeds that result in a harvest in time. That harvest is understanding and ability to see more of ourselves and the world around us. Also to discern good and evil. To know which way is up.

Many if not most individuals today are indoctrinated to degrees not seen other than in overtly totalitarian states. Indoctrinated by the culture in general via media and 'entertainment' and also via public 'education.' The indoctrination is not just what to think but also instilling attitudes in us when young that tend to control us when we leave the classroom.

In my day we were told over and over that the world was going to end in one way or another (by nuclear holocaust, by food shortage and overpopulation, by global cooling...). Telling children these things over and over has a horrid effect on decisions they make in life and their attitude towards life in general. It's Satanic. I can't help but envision the looks of demonic pleasure on the faces of the teachers who were dutifully impressing these things into us. Based on it I probably should have become a teacher, but I really didn't think of becoming anything (and my age group where I grew up were all similar). When I was in public school it wasn't the 3 R's, it was how many ways can we destroy these children who should have been aborted anyway? It really was that bad. And what a pathetic waste of time. 13 years of public school and your first few years out of that hell pit you're struggling to recover by reading basic self-help books (or self-confidence books) at 18, 19 years of age. Lucky you can even read that level of material. I was so wasted by the ordeal that when college was proposed to me I said, "That way lies death." Not joking.

We need the armor of God (word and doctrine) and vision of the spiritual battlefield. The younger the better. (Yet better late than never.)


Christianity is the big, real mystery religion

[An email.]

I've been reading books of the Bible, mainly Paul's letters, in a unique way. I've been putting myself in Paul's shoes as he writes and seeing what he writes in the context of the delivery of info on the mystery religion aspect of Christianity. Maybe this is too subtle to articulate.

Christianity is the big, real mystery religion. And Paul's task is to explain it. Interestingly, you see right away that he doesn't go into it at too great a detail to the esoteric, or practical level. Which is why everybody reads the Bible and is left in a sort of state of limbo regarding it all. I mean we can get the main points and we can become regenerated, but we really have to struggle to see it all as the great mystery of the ages and the workings of it all.

That is what I've been trying to see as I read Paul. It's an interesting approach. - C.


Know what Christian types to avoid

1. Any Christian who makes you walk on egg shells around their precious self avoid.

2. Any Christian who shows you by their body language and their words that they just don't have time for you avoid.

Numbers one and two above make up the large body of the asinine that self-identify as Christian 'pastors' and what not. They are under the authority of demons. Leave them to their masters.

A real Christian is like a street person. A real Christian will talk to anybody and have time for anybody. A real Christian will not have a problem being seen as outside the world, nowhere to go, not having better things to do, etc. In this world not of this world.

A real Christian likes answering questions and knows how to teach, yet doesn't self-identify as a 'teacher.' A real Christian doesn't care if you insult them.

When a real Christian sees or reads (on the internet) someone who is wildly negative to them they don't automatically ban the person or ignore the person. They engage the person.

A real Christian is not a respecter of persons (and knows what that means). No real Christian has a 'guild mindset.' There is no back-slapping, in-joke giggling club for real Christians. Real Christians are outsiders, and not necessarily solely by their own choice.

Why do I say avoid these types? Shouldn't one engage them? They don't want to be engaged by a Christian. When you attempt to engage them you just get rebuffed (usually skillfully, the way the self-involved, worldy-shallow are good at rebuffing people). The problem is a real Christian is naive regarding these types. The real Christian will tend to think they themselves are the problem and not the glass-eyed zombies parading around as 'teachers' (who can't teach) and 'leaders' (who have no clue where to lead). Blind leading the blind.

These types live in an empty world. An impersonal world. If you could see their family lives you'd see similar things going on. They have 'schedules.' No real Christian has a schedule. Other than the Bible they're holding and providence.


What's happening in Washington, D.C. right now, Dec., 2017

[Updated below.]

Since the Bolshevik Revolution and the Wilson administration there have always been degrees of globalist creepiness in American government, but the real divide - or Rubicon crossing - happened in the Clinton administration when the sitting President (and his wife) sold military secrets to the Chinese for campaign cash.

This is the divide: they - Bill and Hillary - justified this treasonous act by seeing themselves as having 'evolved' to a higher level of political life where they no longer had to have loyalty to their own country. What was this higher level of political life? Globalism. They now gave themselves, their loyalty, to the globalist paradigm. So anything they did after that point was meaningless within the context of U.S. law.

Humans being human (and in the case of Bill and Hillary, shallow humans being shallowly human) they went on a bender of financial corruption and satisfying of physical pleasures that eventually led them to the world of child trafficking and pedophilia. The money corruption resulted in the Clinton Foundation, a massive financial vehicle for bribery, pay for play, influence peddling, money laundering, you name it.

Move on to the Obama administration and you see all the same except that all of America's enemies now were running the show. China benefiting from Washington putting our economy on hold for them, Arab oil money, Jihadist influence in our government and culture, pedophilia corrupting law enforcement at all levels, and the money scam now having evolved into a simple looting of tax dollars real and in the form of future debt.

Because all of this started at the very top the rot was thorough throughout the government as-well-as any side activities attendant or reliant on government such as the mainstream media.

An argument could be made that the Neocon blood-for-money endless war racket they've been working in Washington for many decades was a prelude and corrupting example to the Clinton's and their ilk, but having just written that I'm reminded that the Clinton's were perfecting their criminal tactics in Arkansas long before arriving in Washington, D.C. The Neocons, though, definitely kicked their own racket into high gear once the shackles of rule of law were loosened from the top of the government.

What we're seeing now is the full demonic show being exposed (due to the provident election of Donald Trump, the greatest threat and enemy the globalists have ever faced) though being exposed without any help from all the mainstream media platforms. This lack of mainstream media covering of any of this makes it all a bit of a lunatic show where all the obvious crimes are hanging out there in mid air for everyone to see, yet with nobody other than in alternative media acknowledging it. Throw in the fact that law enforcement has been corrupted from the Justice Department on down thus taking them out of the picture and Americans are left looking at a strange stage play with skulking characters, very little plot, dialogue that is mostly empty or fake, and scenery that is dark and blurred out.

The crimes have reached the depths though. Hard to go further down than child trafficking, torture, molestation, and murder.

So here we are. The storm is upon us. It's breaking. May evil find its rightful place in the lake of fire once and for all.

UPDATE: S. of Australia replies: Nice brief summation. Be good to hear your explanation of what globalism IS also.

I reply: My first take has always been this: globalism is Satan asserting dominion over the entire planet. Prior, Satan was constrained from "deceiving the nations" (which means uniting the nations under one banner). He tried it with Islam but never had more than a symbolic third of the planet. He then tried it with Marxism/communism but never had more than a symbolic third of the planet. He's still using Islam and Marxism, but now they are put under the greater banner of globalism. Lately the veil has been torn that protected the Christian lands from these Satanic movements signaling that we are now in a new phase of the end times.

Ronald Reagan said if the United States is overtaken there will be no where left to go (for liberty, for God's people). This is the same idea. There is only so much real estate on the planet. I always have to add, we as Christians are told by God to stand, to confront the Devil, to occupy, not to acquiesce. This tempers us, sanctifies us, and by our example calls out other of God's elect.

Satan first attempted world dominion at the Tower of Babel, and God scattered the people. He put them in their own nations and gave them their own languages. This is how God wants it. Satan wants what God doesn't want. Satan wants a hybrid, mongrel race of humans with no roots and no history, easily enslaved and controlled. No liberty, no prosperity, no culture, no civilization, no rule of law. Only chaos and lunacy and torturers and the tortured. Hell on earth. No memory of God. Satan in God's place. For an example look at Islam's ideal world through the eyes of ISIS; or any of the totalitarian hells of the 20th century.

Quick Rundown of the Q Anon material

If you don't know who or what Q Anon is all about this probably won't interest you, but if you have a vague notion of it all but don't really know what is going on here is a link to a quick rundown (and, a much longer rundown of 117 pages after the quick rundown which is a mere 7 bullet points). I haven't read the 117 pages of the link, but the quick rundown at the top of the page is good enough probably for most people's interest:


An interesting development is somebody on 4chan (the internet message board where Q Anon is posting, it's a message board that maintains anonymity) on Nov. 28 asked Q Anon if President Trump could put the word 'axe' in a tweet to show Q Anon is real. On Nov. 30 the Twitter feed of the FBI - @FBI - posted a tweet with the word axe in it. Q Anon is somebody close to Trump who works in deep state.

+ + +

Here is a further post on Q Anon that has even more good, succinct material to get understanding of what is going on.


Some places the Devil owns, some places the Devil attacks

This is how you discern between nations and cultures and religions and civilization regarding good and evil. Instead of observing that fallen man is everywhere on the planet and thus concluding all of the above is equally evil you realize that some places and things the Devil owns, and some places and things the Devil attacks.

For instance the Devil owns Islamic nations, but the Devil attacks Christian nations. In the 20th century the Devil owned communist countries, but the Devil attacked non-communist countries.

In the Devil-owned countries when evil is done it is considered the norm. In countries the Devil attacks when evil is done it is seen as evil and as an exception to the norm.

Big difference.

Evil exists everywhere, and fallen man populates all countries; but not all countries are equal regarding good and evil. Some places the Devil owns, some places the Devil attacks.

Your feet also generally tell you which places the Devil owns and which the Devil attacks. Unless you've been deeply indoctrinated or radicalized you'll tend to move - or want to move - towards places the Devil only attacks, and away from the places the Devil owns.


Jonathan Edwards on why fallen angels got no Covenant of Grace

296. DEVILS.

'Tis probable, one reason why man has the offer of a Savior and the devils never had, was because their sin was attended with that malice and spite and haughty scornfulness, that was equivalent to the sin against the Holy Ghost. Their sin was a downright spiteful rebellion and a direct malicious war against God, a scorn of subjection and a proud seeking of his throne. - Jonathan Edwards Miscellanies



The Bible alone

[What I'm saying in this post is there are no short cuts with the Bible. The Holy Spirit rewards dedicated reading, complete reading of the Bible. He rewards it with real understanding. This is how a street Christian like John Bunyan can impress an honest, mature, highly educated Christian like John Owen. I see seminary types making exhaustive lists of commentaries for each book of the Bible like that is how you get real understanding of the word of God, but it is the actual living language of the Bible that has to be engaged to get the deep understanding that is parts in relation to the whole and beyond the surface level where dictionaries and commentaries and outlines reside.]

I've always found that commentaries on the Bible don't help much. They can help to understand a difficultly worded verse or passage, but they don't give deep understanding. They are surface level. Also, outlines of Bible chapters and books. They don't really help much in gaining deep understanding. They are eye candy when the effort to engage the actual words of the Bible is unwanted effort.

Similar Bible helps are the same.

It seems the Spirit really only rewards direct and dedicated reading of the Bible. Complete readings in particular.

An exception seems to be systematic theology. Of course I mean on-the-mark systematic theology (once one has the raw material of the Bible in one from complete reading.) Reformed Theology being the gold standard there. Reformed Theology says what the Bible says. With rare quibbles in sacramentology and ecclesiology. For the most part. Systematic theology seems to have the energy of the Spirit in it.

The most powerful means, though, of getting deep understanding of the Bible is direct meditating and pondering, away from the page, which can only be done by being able to draw verses and passages into mind from memory. This not only enables one to see what the Bible is saying closely, especially in relation to our experience and state, but it engrafts the word of God into us essentially.

I was doing this with Psalm 38 and was seeing worlds of things I would pass over if just reading the text in the usual breezy manner. By pausing, memorizing, turning from the page and bringing up verses on my own into mind I could see how seemingly similar verses actually were relating different psychological and emotional phenomena - and describing real experience - and drawing different realizations out of me (all the myriad things the words of the Bible do). I could also see how verse 18 of that psalm was the central verse. A usual run-through reading would not have seen that.

In this post I have used words that the legions of shallow pastors and theologians would stupidly grin at. Bible *alone.* Seeing my own *states* and *experience* in the words. For some of them even the notion of reading the Bible complete draws 'concern' from their idiot minds. Indoctrinated in shallow, culturally Marxist seminaries. Engaging the word of God in real, deep ways will always be seen as 'dangerous' by the dead souls of establishment Christianity. They see themselves as necessary mediators between God and man (and Bible and man). They know nothing of spiritual warfare. They can't discern the spiritual battlefield. They practically deny the Holy Spirit Himself. They are shallow and operating under the authority of demons.

The pastors and theologians need to come out of that devil-run system.


Con-sssede, they hiss

As a KJV Onlyist when I hear people assailing my belief I hear:

"Concede there is error in your Bible. Concede now!!"

What does that sound like? It sounds like:

"Yea, hath God said...?" (Genesis 3:1)

Practical Christianity...seeing it

[If you're going to stop reading this in the middle of the post at least skim each paragraph. There is new subject matter in each paragraph. From 2013.]

The Catholic Church is a communion in the spiritual realm that gives no defense against the Devil.

Classical Reformation era Protestantism, as a whole, is a sound fortress in the spiritual realm. It exists as this as something that is not necessarily attached to local communions. Classical Reformation era Protestantism as a whole.

Eastern Orthodox Christianity is pious in some good ways but vulnerable on the spiritual battlefield due to doctrinal ignorance and an acceptance of doctrinal ignorance.

Biblical doctrine is armor of God. This is how it is practical. It is actual armor on the spiritual battlefield. Hard saying, unwatered down, unnegotiated down to the demands of our fallen nature biblical doctrine when seen and accepted and valued changes you internally. It reorientates you. For instance it makes you God centered rather than man centered. Without real biblical doctrine you are naked on the spiritual battlefield. If you don't know what real biblical doctrine is yet then move towards what your fallen nature hates the most. (Yes, real biblical doctrine is five solas, doctrines of grace Calvinism...classical Covenant - Federal - Theology.) Use the same method to find the pure and whole word of God (it is the received Hebrew and Greek text underlying the Authorized - King James - Version, in any sound translation, but notice there's only one available widely today, which is telling).

The use of the Law for a regenerated Christian is for necessary friction for inner spiritual development (progressive sanctification). The friction comes not just from the Law in it's pure form (there is less friction there for a regenerated Christian because a regenerated Christian can follow the law and wants to follow the law [not meaning can be perfect, but is able to sin, able to not sin]), but also from the Law in its twisted, distorted form. The Devil and his fallen angels, the world (including other human beings), and our inner fallen nature twist the Law of God and distort it to make it a mass of accusation and shaming and policing in the service of maintaining the elements of Devil's Kingdom here in this world. After the Fall, the pure Law of God came into the hands of the Devil, the world, and our inner fallen nature...mass fallen humanity, and has been twisted and distorted and turned into a works righteousness as defined by the Devil...with the Devil's goals in mind. This twisted, distorted aspect of God's Law is like a massive black monstrous presence in this world working to keep individuals in their place (in the Devil's Kingdom) and working to feed the Devil's Kingdom with suffering and death. To see it in full manifestation study the hell of the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century. Remember, the mass effecting of this twisted, distorted form of God's Law is acted out by fallen human beings who act with a piousness and Pharisee-like self-righteousness and sense of being holy that are also distorted aspects of real biblical faith. Of course the Beast and the False Prophet, in their different manifestations, are the objects (idols) of their worship in all this, whether as a totalitarian state, the planet, multi-culturalism, media, entertainment, education, etc.. Seeing all this as God's Law (twisted and distorted) brings you to the practical level of seeing something as big in the faith as the Law in a clear way.

The Gospel is regeneration, justification, repentance, faith, definitive sanctification, adoption, glorification. All that is connection. It's not 'being good.' It is connection. Effected by God. To use a biblical metaphor you *were* a fish, living in a wholly different cosmos (the ocean, or "sea" as the language of biblical prophecy prefers sometimes, and see how 'sea' is not a good thing?). Then you were 'hooked' and drawn up out of that cosmos into a wholly different cosmos, where you exist now (I speak to regenerated believers). So, practically speaking, the 'connection' you have in the Gospel is with a wholly different cosmos you are now living in (your very life force comes from another source, the living water Jesus speaks of). Notice you're a bit out-of-step with your environment? Other people? Alienated? At odds? It's because you are not even in the same cosmos they are living in. You are even in another realm of time.


Unspoken tension breaks forth into words between moderators at the Puritanboard

[This is from 2013, yet still relevant.]

An interesting thread at the Puritanboard (here, mostly on page 4, assuming they don't delete comments after I've written this) evolved into some real conflict between moderators. One of the King James Version advocates, Rev. Winzer, was accused of being a default King James Onlyist and then others piled on Winzer, including another moderator (or administrator, one of the two).

Basically, the people who have championed the garbage manuscripts (Sinaiticus and Vaticanus) and the modern versions based on them are conscience-struck whenever they are in the presence of someone like Winzer because they know they are rejecting the pure and whole word of God for versions they can look down on rather than have to look up to. So ultimately they have to take a position of eliminating the KJV and its advocates from their environment. Ultimately.

And this necessity has erupted in one of the threads over there in recent days. Like atheists, like anybody in the Devil's camp, they ultimately can't accept co-existence with the pure and whole word of God and all who hold to it. They have to eliminate the pure and whole word of God and any who hold to it. It is part and parcel of the Devil and his children asserting dominion over the entire planet just before the day of the Lord consummation.

So their first move is like any atheist move which is to demand a 'concession' from the evil child of God.

Well, Winzer refused to make any such concession and demanded a retraction of what his accuser said of him. This was not forthcoming as I write this.

To the champions of the garbage manuscripts and the perversions based on them, here is a clue: if you are the stung party, it's pretty good evidence you are on the wrong side of the divide.


The legal justification for Europeans conquering America

This is an interesting passage in a book on American history that goes into the actual thought at the time, or legal justification, for the European taking of lands away from the native Americans. It's not usually thought that there was any legal thought going on about it vis-a-vis the native inhabitants. The relations between the settlers or colonists or traders and their home country, yes; but not the conquerors vs. conquered. That just seemed to be chalked up to the ways of the world. Here it is:

What of lands already occupied, for instance by Native Americans? That question inspired the fourth spirit of English colonization, the racial and legal one. It held simply that the rights of savage or indigent peoples were forfeit. The English first applied that principle in Ireland, the colonial laboratory where they learned contempt and fear for uncivilized neighbors and asserted eminent domain over unimproved lands. John Locke justified that right in his Second Treatise of Government in 1689. He began by asserting, “In the beginning all the world was America,” by which he meant undeveloped, and ended by asserting that American Indians “exercise very little Dominion, and have but a very moderate sovereignty.” In short, the English believed the displacement of indolent people by dynamic civilizers was not only inevitable but just.

That's from Throes of Democracy by Walter A. McDougall.


The full-belly idiocy of the elites

One of the big themes of the 20th century (and going into the 21st) is how elites ignorantly take civilization for granted. Call it the full-belly idiocy of the elites.

They're living in total comfort and prosperity, fed and protected by average Americans they look down on (that is, those elites who don't think food grows in grocery stores and defense of the nation is reliant upon their kindness and understanding of other countries).

So they're bored, of course. And they carp and complain. Things just aren't as they require them to be ever. Then their growing stupidity becomes prey to the various Satanic ideologies and tactics of culture destruction out in the world.

They need the sharp side of a shovel sliced into their necks. It's hard to imagine more shallow and worthless souls. Just the fact that they self-identify as 'elite' when they're not and they've never been elite at anything. They couldn't change a flat tire if you put a gun to their head. They don't create anything, build anything, invent anything, discover anything, grow anything, fix anything, or even creatively destroy anything. They're the worst of the worst. Born in liberty and prosperity and they wake up every morning scheming with all the limited brain power they possess to bring the country down to tyranny and darkness.

It's often said there is a cycle where there is a generation, or multiple generations of mature men and women who, through necessity, build and create and fight and defend civilization, and then inevitably they produce subsequent generations who piss it all away in ignorance and weakness and idle, shallow decadence. I don't see the landscape as it is now as being part of that cycle. That cycle never hits rock bottom like things have today. What is happening today is God's elect are becoming more and more rare. Less and less of them are being born. More and more worthless reprobate souls are appearing on the scene. End times Satanic moves have been quickening as a result. When Satan is able to fool the nations to the extent that he can assert dominion over the entire planet we are seeing the end.

God's elect, Christians, Bible-believing Christians, are suppose to confront Satan in all this though. Stand ground, occupy ground. That tempers us, sanctifies us, and calls out the few elect not yet called. All the while saying to God: please get us off this idiotic ride...

Jerusalem to Athens to Rome to London to Philadelphia

[From an email...]

Steve Bannon is quoted in a new bio:

America has “an underlying culture, that has been passed down from Jerusalem, to Athens, to Rome, to London.

I recently wrote that post on 5 cities history (including Washington - or more symbolically, Philadelphia - at the end of that river of influence through time). Bannon is in sync with how I think (and no doubt millions of others in this country). He also was greatly influenced by Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Plutarch, and Thucydides. All books on my 12 book list. Other books he cites as major influences are Catholic oriented: Imitation of Christ (OK, not exclusively Catholic), Loyola, etc.


Objective understanding

[From 2011 on my Fourth Way blog.]

It's a big deal getting understanding of biblical doctrine. Seeing it, accepting it, valuing it. It builds your spiritual body. The same with getting parts in relation to the whole understanding of the word of God. It's unusual. As I'm here reading endless chapters of the Old Testament I sometimes think how unusual it is compared to what is happening everywhere else all around me. Not that I'm special, just how different it is.

You have to engage this living language of the Old and New Testaments until it fuses into something higher, until you see it as truly universal, until its seeming provincial, localized aspects fall away. Then it becomes true objective understanding. There's nothing under the sun (or beyond the sun) within time, or in eternity, that can't be understood by it (other than God, completely).

In the above I am assuming Man #4 type efforts and development into Man #5.

Where anger has no point (second conscious shock)

[This is from 2013 on another blog. It has Fourth Way (Ouspensky) language in it, but it still has value for a church level Christian. There is church level and there is order level. One need not be interested in or drawn toward the order level to be saved.]

I've been reading The King in His Beauty by Thomas R. Schreiner, and it is scattershot, but it keeps pulling me back in. Here is a quote from the chapter on Psalms that I found very interesting:

* * * * * * *

As Gerald Wilson points out, even in the shape of the Psalter there is a movement from lament to praise, so that laments are more common in the first part of the Psalter, and praise concludes it. “Praise,” Wilson says, “constitutes another reality in which the presence of God has become so real that anger has no point, pain has no hold, and death lacks all power to sting.”

Schreiner, Thomas R. (2013-07-15). King in His Beauty, The: A Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments (p. 250). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

* * * * * * *

I think that language is unusual. "Praise constitutes another reality." Then this: "...in which the presence of God has become so real that *anger has no point*..."

That's what I was getting at with resentment. I was saying it this way: "What is the goal of our resentment? To what end?" Concluding that the only end is the ludicrous end of burning down the world, which is hell itself.

Where anger has no point. That's a state of being. A level of being to be reached.


In other words:

"...in which the presence of God has become so real..." (First Conscious Shock)

"...that anger has no point..." (Second Conscious Shock)

Which would make 'praise' (which he calls another reality) akin to the third and fourth state of consciousness. It's interesting anyway that 'praise' goes from being an activity to being a destination. A place.


! ! ! ! ! ! !

It is striking how that phrase - "where anger has no point" - captures the second conscious shock in a deep and newly-articulated way.

First principles of nationhood

Without these a nation is not a nation:

1. Familial ties

2. A common language

3. A common national epic

4. A common faith

[Adapted from a Michael Walsh article.]

Thought, after sickness...

[an old post from another blog, as are the three others below this]

After awhile, once you get to the core of orthodox
Christianity, you see it really is rather esoteric in
nature. A 3 in 1, 1 in 3 God; a new birth experience
that has catch-22s all over it (I didn't do it, God
does it; yet part of God doing it is me moving in that
direction in all the various ways that happens, etc.);
a new birth experience that requires an inner
reorientation from self-will to real will, going from
acting bottom-up to acting top-down, and how that is
not 'effort' yet it is effort of a kind, etc., etc.

The big panorama behind it all can be acquired from
the theologians. The covenant theologians. Federal
theology. The covenant of redemption and works and
grace. The four states of man. The fall and
reconnection by faith and return, etc. 

But the teaching of Christ itself having to do with
sanctification, or development gets lost. The
theologians are not as adept on that subject. You
have to get that from the Spirit. And language
inspired by the Spirit.

But it can all become dead quickly if you stay within
the mainstream and allow the mainstream to stifle your
development. You have to be light on your feet with
anything to do with the Spirit and spiritual

And you have to continually go to the Source, the Word
of God, and actually find for yourself what is in
there and put it together. Continually. 

Prayer is an art. If you pray for things, worldly
things, that make your life smooth and comfortable or
that goes against God's will you'll probably be
disappointed in some way. If you pray for things that
have room for maneuvering in realms of higher laws the
art of prayer then becomes more interesting. 

When everybody around me was getting sick with a
vicious virus I prayed to be protected from it. Then
I stuck myself with an infected needle (giving an
elderly person an insulin shot, something I'd never
done before, then carrying the used needle and lancet
- that's used to test blood sugar - I got careless and
pricked my finger; within half a day I had a full dose
of the norovirus). So I did it, God didn't. But
sickness is something we learn from anyway. 
Potentially. A restart. Mentally as well. 

But once you have the big background panoramic picture
that the Bible and biblical doctrine presents, then
just like all the mystics you have to find what it is
you have to hold on to and practice and live by. It's
there in the Bible, and in a language like the Work. 
It's not one thing, most likely, for everybody, but to
find what you need does take effort and valuation and
constant staying on it.

An observation on the classic catechisms (Westminster, Heidelberg, etc.)

Notice when reading one of the classic catechisms such as the Westminster Shorter Catechsim or the Heidelberg Catechism there is a disappointment when you get beyond the doctrinal parts and they close out with rundowns of the Ten Commandments and the Lord's Prayer. There is disappointment because more is expected. What is missing? 

It's in these parts of the catechisms that is elucidated what one actually does as a Christian. Good works. Good works, as the Heidelberg Catechism (or, Ursinus in his Commentary on that catechism) states are works that are commanded by God. So they then discuss the Ten Commanments. Which is proper, but they are leaving out something rather big.

They are leaving out the teaching on good works of Jesus and the apostles in the New Testament. Things like turn the other cheek, and love thy enemy, and practicing watchfulness, and separating yourself unto the Gospel (and away from the world), and fearing God only, and wait on the Lord, &c. All of which can be seen, or culled by implication from the Ten Commandments, but they are not explicitly stated in them which is why Jesus spoke the words he spoke in the New Testament. And they aren't all summed up, either, in the Lord's Prayer, anymore than the Sermon on the Mount is summed up in the Lord's Prayer. 

It's a strange missing element from these great, classic catechisms.

It's because the teaching of Jesus is of a different level and stage. To value the teaching of Jesus (to even see it) requires true regeneration effected by the Word and the Spirit. Narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Now it is high time to awake out of sleep...

Two-Register Cosmology

"Two-Register Cosmology: Central in biblical revelation is the relationship of God, whose dwelling place is heaven's glory (Ps 115:16), to man on earth. A two-register cosmos is thus the scene of the biblical drama, which features constant interaction between the upper and lower registers.[3]" 

"[3]Theological differences aside, the cosmology of mythology is analogous. Indeed, mythology may be defined formally precisely as a portrayal of human affairs in terms of a dynamic interrelating of divine and human realms." 

Excerpt and footnote from Kline's article 'Space and Time in the Genesis Cosmogony' included as Appendix A in his book God, Heaven and Har Magedon, pg. 224, Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2006

Practical mystic

Quote I found (you have to read the whole thing):

'This brings me to the supremest and most solid truth contained in the Science of prayer. The praying mind, by its mere attitude of faith and earnest expectation, opens itself out to the tremendous inflow of Divine Energy. It draws close to the centre of all-power, wisdom and love, and drinks deep of the living waters of life so that even the very face or flesh begins to shine under the influence of this self-polarization — if I may be permitted to use this word — through prayer. Here is the causa nuxus between a prayer and its sure reply. Do you remember what Lord Rosebery said of the great Puritan Mystic Oliver Cromwell? If not, please let me quote: “The secret of his extraordinary success — he was a practical mystic — the most formidable and terrible of all combinations. The man who combines inspiration, apparently derived — in my judgment, really derived — from close communion with the Supernatural and the Celestial, a man who has that inspiration and adds to it the energy of a mighty man of action, such a man as that lives in communion on a Sinai of his own; and when he pleases to come down to this world below, seems armed with no less than the terrors and decrees of the Almighty Himself.”'


Not a Christian site, but interesting nonetheless. Calling Cromwell a 'Puritan mystic' is interesting in itself.


This 3-part article in the American Spectator concisely and clearly describes the competing interests in America today