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A Nabeel Qureshi doctrine

Let's propose a Nabeel Qureshi doctrine. Prayer to God for healing must be private. It can be a group or an individual, but it has to be private. I.e. not published or broadcast by any means. Obviously especially if the person in question is famous or even a minor celebrity of some sort. For these reasons.

(I can imagine all kinds of pushback to such a proposal, even legitimate pushback. I understand the faith can move mountains aspect of this. I still just think it should be private between the person and God. Otherwise it's: "Well, God, what are you going to do? The ball's in your court now. Are you going to heal this person or not?" That's not oversimplifying it.)


Do people with Satan-defiled bloodlines look worse than white people?

Do people with Satan-defiled bloodlines look worse than white people? The answer is no. People with Satan-defiled bloodlines (see posts here and here) don't look worse than white (i.e. still Adamic) people. It's even implied somewhere in the Bible that non-white people will often be better looking, more sexually attractive than white people. This is because non-whites have degrees of mixture of angelic blood. Angelic blood mixed with human blood can create monstrous hybrids, but it can also - in more diluted amounts - create attractive looks, in an earthly, sensual sense.

As for white - Adamic - people (i.e. humans who have blood that escaped mixture with fallen angels, to a basic degree anyway) we are far from the Garden, and a lot of devolution has occurred. A lot of sickness. A lot of wear and tear in the DNA and in environmental conditions (because remember nature fell along with humanity). Whites are looking pretty haggard at this point.

Yes, this all sounds weird, crazy, racist! and everything else that is currently bad in the politically-correct universe of discourse. That doesn't make it untrue.

If you're savvy you'll see how this paradigm, this way of seeing humanity, justifies things like respect for the white race. People of color must have respect for the white race because it is still their race. We all came from Adam and Eve. If you are in a body defiled by Satan you still must bow your knee to the King. To your Creator. And in all that recognition of your situation you would naturally have a jealous motive to protect whites as the remnant of God's people unmixed with fallen rebellious angels. Because it is in the white people groups that the memory of God and the traditions of God's people are kept alive. This is why the Devil wants to destroy the last remaining remnant of God's original people. Satan wants to cultivate resentment (radicalize) non-whites against whites.

If you are non-white it is in your eternal interest to ask your Creator for salvation and to protect His creation from further defilement by Satan and his army of fallen angels and radicalized fallen man. (See this post on the three mountains of the Bible.)

ADDENDUM: I hesitated to write this in the body of the above post, but I think I should because it is a loose thread. Question: why do non-whites resemble animals? Monkeys (Asians used to be called yellow monkeys in a different era) and apes (great apes like gorillas and lesser apes like chimpanzees)? Blacks obviously resemble apes, and they know it. Let's not be politically-correct. Why is this? It's because when angels mix with humans it effects the structure of the soul of the human. This is not anything that regeneration by the Holy Spirit and the Living Word can't correct (when a person becomes born again), yet it does effect the physical nature of that person. This happens because the human soul has to be degraded, i.e. go down a rung, as a result of such unnatural mixture (despite the mixture even being with an angel). The unnatural act causes degradation of God's original creation. That means the human soul becomes more in the realm of the kind of soul animals have. And whatever animal looks most like a human being is what the degraded, hybrid human being is going to most resemble. I.e. monkeys and apes.

ADDENDUM II: When individuals who belong to God and are on that path from early youth come into contact with the beauty of non-white, i.e. mixed blood, humanity it can be a comedy layered on a tragedy. Drawn towards the beauty, the sexuality, yet it's a forbidden fruit. The youth obviously won't know what is going on. Different camps. This might be a rare drama, yet it also might not be.


How to read the Bible once you've already *truly* read the Bible

I've read the Bible cover-to-cover seven times. It averaged out to be over a 21 year period, so about once every three years I did a dedicated, complete reading. Though some of those readings were very fast, like once I read the Bible complete in 66 days. I was shooting for two months. Other times it took me a meandering 18 months or so. Seven times complete though, which was my overall goal.

Of course in-between the complete readings I read individual books and did all the other types of Bible reading one does. That's why I call the complete readings *dedicated* readings. Intentional cover-to-cover, with a goal.

I know some people read the Bible complete every year, or twice a year (or say they do), but if I did that it would be the only book I ever read. I also believe reading the Bible is like planting and growing crops. The metaphor, or analogy is big. One part of the analogy is I believe it is necessary to leave a field fallow for a season, or a year or so before planting it again. This is because our level of being (think understanding in general) has to develop alongside the complete Bible readings, otherwise we begin to keep pouring water into a glass that can only hold so much water and we get diminishing returns in terms of our understanding. The glass has to grow. It has to increase in size, so as to be able to hold more understanding. That is our level of being. So getting away from the complete readings and reading other things, and living life, is necessary. Then we can go back to the word of God and be able to get more understanding from it. The field that was depleted of its nutrients in its soil has, through some seasons of fallowness, regained what it had lost and is now ready to produce more growth.

With that being said, one thing that I experience having read the Bible as much as I have is the feeling of going over old ground. When each book and each part of each book becomes familiar to you it presents a problem.

One solution to that problem is just to read it. Take it in. Like you did at first. Allow it to work on you and in you. See it as living language that has effect in you without you necessarily being able to see or experience that effect in real time. The faith of the farmer that the seeds will grow in time and result in a harvest.

I think some people take another approach. They *drill down* into the language. They get atomistic with the text. They major on the different parts while minoring on the whole. Academic types do this. I think it's a shallow approach. A sterile approach. I also think it veils a skeptical orientation to the word of God overall.

Something I've been thinking about recently along all these lines is the necessity to go in the other direction. Instead of drilling down into the parts of the Bible, strive to see everything in the word of God from a high altitude. Meaning: striving to see the obvious that is so easy to miss. Or to forget.

For instance it's easy to forget and to not see that there are two Kingdoms, the Kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of God; and between them there is no neutral ground. You're either in the one or you're in the other. And when reading the Bible you're either encountering the one or you're encountering the other. They both reside within the larger circle of God's sovereignty, yet in the theatre of redemption where we are all going through our lives it is one or the other. There is of course overlap between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan, but that is in terms of conflict. Spiritual war. This is something you have to get up above the text of the Bible somewhere; get some altitude to be able to look down at a larger swath of the landscape to see. Drilling down into the parts of the Bible doesn't lend itself to such vision.

So my thought in writing this post was: if you have read the Bible many times and kind of feel like it is going over old ground now, there is still a way to read it to see obvious things we can miss and forget. Most people choose to drill down, yet there is also the direction of going up in elevation and getting the larger view which reveals the obvious things. Seeing whole parts of the forest rather than having our nose to the bark of single trees.

Of course seeing the parts in relation to the whole is a definition of understanding in itself. Systematic theology is supreme, when we have the Bible in us, in giving us that. Reformed Theology being the gold standard. We strive for that, Genesis through Revelation. I'm referring to seeing from a higher level what is going on in larger parts of the word of God itself, as we read it complete once again.


Warfield on God

"On Christian lips, therefore, the word 'God' designates fundamentally the almighty Spirit who is worshiped and whose aid is invoked by men." - Studies in Theology


A Grimm's Tale - The Flail from Heaven (Manheim trans.)

The Flail from Heaven

ONCE A PEASANT went out to plow with a yoke of oxen. When he got to his field, the horns of the oxen began to grow. They grew and they grew, and by the time he started for home, they were so big that he couldn’t drive through his barn door. Luckily a butcher came along just then and he was willing to buy the oxen. It was agreed that the peasant should bring the butcher a measure of turnip seeds, and that the butcher should pay him a Brabant taler for each seed. I call that a good price! The peasant went home and loaded a measure of turnip seeds into a sack, but on his way back one little seed fell out. The butcher counted out the money as agreed, but if the peasant hadn’t lost that one little seed he’d have had one more Brabant taler.

When the peasant started for home again, the seed had grown up into a tree that reached all the way to heaven. The peasant thought to himself: “Now that I’ve got the chance, I think I’ll go up and see what the angels are doing.” So he climbed up and when he got to heaven he saw that the angels were threshing oats. He stopped to watch them, and as he was watching, he noticed that the tree he was standing on was beginning to wobble, and when he looked down he saw that someone was chopping it down. “Wouldn’t it be an awful thing,” he thought, “if I were to fall from way up here!” He could think of no better way out of his difficulty than to plait a rope from the oat straw that was scattered all about. When he had finished, he picked up a mattock and a flail that someone had left lying on the floor of heaven, and let himself down by his rope. But it so happened that he landed in a deep, deep hole, and it was really lucky that he had the mattock, for he used it to cut out steps. So he climbed out of the hole, and took the flail with him to prove that his story was true, so that no one would ever doubt it.


Meaning: the peasant comes into power of the Holy Spirit. Probably his plowing effort itself is part of the power he acquires. Horns of the oxen grow. Horns are symbolic of power. He sells the oxen for an unbelievably  favorable price. Everything is in his favor now. He is above the common laws at work. He even has ability to get up to heaven. And so he climbs. Once there the tree being cut beneath him is symbolic of his connection with the Kingdom of this World being severed. The rope he makes from the oat straw the angels were threshing symbolizes that his connection and safety now is with heaven, the Kingdom of God. Going down into the hole and using the heavenly tool to climb out just symbolizes his power over hell and death he now has. The flail of the angels symbolizes he has been sifted and found just. This is Romans 8:28 in a bright painting. Total victory.


7 min. description of the Satanic phenomena going on all around us


[I updated the link.]


Rating the Christian Podcasts, the feckless spectacle of emptiness

White Horse Inn - So dumbed down it's almost intentionally mocking Christians. If you want to hear a guy who sounds like a Kindergarten teacher (Michael Horton) string endless strawmen together in the service of defending "punch and cookies" 'sacraments' and 'church buildings' and 'ministers' that are Christ for the 'sheep' this is your podcast. Bonus: guests that sound just like Horton saying similar things.

Reformed Forum - I've written a post on this one already. Newly minted PhDs basically talking about sub-orthodox theologians (Barth) and Roman Catholic theologians. On a recent episode one of their regulars - a PhD and pastor - admitted to the astonished embarrassment of the others that he'd never read the Bible complete. The audience was not surprised.

I'm going to stop there because it's too depressing. These Churchian types don't know how to teach. They don't know what to teach either, but it doesn't matter because they don't know how to teach. They're caught up in the sound of their own voice and in impressing their imagined audience of shallow academic peers. It's all a feckless spectacle of emptiness.

Christianity is warfare

Somebody asked me, or speculated, that non-whites seem to not be God's people, in so many words. I gave the usual Christian response that it's not by birth but by regeneration by the word and the Spirit that God's elect are 'fished' out of this sea of alienation, evil, and death, in so many words.

But I think I see what was behind the question that I missed. We're seeing in the world today evil manifest like we've not seen it before. This is due to media/technology actually letting us see it (phone cameras, internet distribution), but also it's due to people leaving their God-appointed borders and mixing, or imposing their presence, on others. Especially on Christians in Christian nations.

When you see this you come to a point where you begin to just say: these people are just evil. They are children of Satan. They hate God and God's people. They hate Christian nations and Christian culture and civilization. They are all non-white. Therefore...

Call a spade a spade in other words. If they act like your enemy, they're your enemy. If they act like children of Satan, they're children of Satan. I think that's what the person was getting at.

This is the Cosmic War. This is what we were all born into. When we wake up and wonder, what is all this about? why is all this happening? why do things have to suck like this? why can't life be more wonderful, fulfilling, with many options, smiles, joy, good struggle, without the clock of death making us feel old after our 21st birthday? It's because this planet is ruled by Satan currently. He is the father of murder and lies and wants bad things to happen to humanity. Until the Second Coming of Jesus it will be like this. Fun. Good news: we got born. We exist. Bad news: we're fallen beings in a fallen world, with fallen angels and fallen men ruling over us and making life on this planet dark and violent and depressing. Unless you're in a little pocket of the world, in a little pocket of your mind, asleep to reality, saying, "Look at the birds! Is it not wonderful?" Yeah. Wonderful. Oh, look, an African Muslim is now humping your wife while he's cutting her throat. Damn. Looks like your little pocket got invaded.

The Cosmic War.

Christianity is warfare.

Deep answer is here.


The problem with public prayers for healing

Awhile back I wrote an open letter to Nabeel Qureshi that was probably the only negative (or constructive) feedback he's gotten since he went very public regarding his health. I tweeted the post to him, and he read it. Later I took it down.

This is what needs to be said...

When we ask God to heal us - in my humble opinion - it needs to be done privately. Think about this. When you do it publicly (especially as a public individual with a large audience) it is a kind of tempting of God. It puts God on the spot. And what if God does heal you? Then everybody else who is in a bad situation with injury or ill health will want the same thing. And so what if they don't get it? Is their faith less than the person who did get healed? See the problem with taking such a prayer/request public? See how it is a kind of tempting of God?

The main part of my criticism of Qureshi (who seems to be in his last days as I write this) was the sense he was giving that he is somehow special. A special case, as it were. I.e., God, heal me, or else these bad things will occur. The bad things being if Qureshi, a Muslim convert to Christianity, is seen to be struck down by disease then Muslims will see it as being a result of his leaving Islam, etc., etc.

There's suffering before glory. Young Christians have been struck down by disease while holding a Bible in their hands. He's not the first, he won't be the last.

I believe in miracles. I believe God heals miraculously (not as if suffering is something that should never happen to a believer, because suffering can sanctify) as answer to prayer. I believe I've been healed miraculously of various physical problems, and if I have every Christian has to some degree or another; yet I believe it has to be a private matter between the believer and God, otherwise it tempts God and creates other problems that are just of a practical nature, i.e. not everybody is going to have their prayer for healing answered...at least not in a dramatic, personally satisfying way that our limited minds think of as what an answer would be.

I do believe Nabeel Qureshi's prayers for his family will be answered, and he can be at peace regarding all that...


Interesting thought on the cosmic war

When you think in terms of the cosmic war of Satan and his fallen angels vs. Jesus vis-a-vis spiritual geography you can see why Satan is real angry at no longer having the land of Israel and why Islam, in this case, is so insanely angry to reconquer it.

But it's really the same with all Christian lands too. The U.S. was taken from Satan when Europeans, Christians, conquered the various tribes they not only saw as savages but demons.

Australia and Canada the same. These were all lands Satan once owned. So the activity we see as an attempt to invade and conquer our lands by Islam and godless Marxism is really a return of Satan and his spiritual children and their attempt to retake what they'd once lost. - C.

ps- Satan is also using the spiritual children of darkness within our borders already, unbelievers, radicalized and also just dupes, as allies in this re-conquest.

pps- What this realization does is it gives us believers the sense that we are indeed pilgrims on this earth (in this world, not of this world), but not in the way shallow church pastor and theologian types put it, i.e. America is evil, we have no connection to our country, etc. Yes, we do, we conquered this land for God. That embarrasses the churchian types, with their culturally Marxist educations. What the insight above does is allow us not to feel so *violated* as if the Devil and his children have never had anything to do with this land. We still confront the Devil, we don't acquiesce, but we do it with less naive emotional outrage about the whole spectacle. Subtle thought, but there it is.


Overview of the situation

That God's Rivals book (McDermott) describes powerful angels, the kind of the rank and power that God set over individual nations and regions, who rebelled (psalm 82) in something analogous to Satan's own rebellion and since have used the law of God (minus the Gospel) as a way to control the people in the respective nations and regions. This is a use of God's law NOT as it really is, but in a twisted, distorted, turned-upside-down way. For instance, instead of worship Jehovah, worship the angel/god (Baal, Moloch, Astarte, etc.); or, worship the divine king or dictator. Usually this all involves human sacrifice (instead of animal sacrifice) in the form of genocide or simple police state murder or wars which feeds the angelic/god realm. Human suffering and human murder as offerings of food to the angelic realm.

I think the difference between these angelic gods on the one hand and pantheons of mythology (Olympian, Teutonic, etc.) on the other is the real angelic gods have real sounding names that echo down from a different place than collective mythic folklore. Baal and Moloch sound evil, Apollo and Athena, or even Wotan and Freya sound like imaginative portrayals of part glorified humanity, part angelic world activity, yet literary even if arising organically from misty pre-history.

When that Roman priest in France whose fellow priest had his head cut off by Muslims stated that Allah was Moloch it sounded true. It had the ring of truth. It was also rare honesty and a going against political-correctness that itself was a going against the religion and power of the angel/god who the Muslims and increasingly the people of Europe worship and are under the power of.

How people get under the power of the angel/gods and their false religions and idols is simply if they give up their Christian faith and teaching, or never had it. There are also gateways that allow the angelic/god powers to enter and control humans. Drugs, sodomy, hedonism, collectivism, worshiping and giving sacrifice to false idols like the planet or the 'noble savage'...

But it is the law of God that is being used and abused by these fallen powers to control mankind (whether Baal or Kim Jung Un). Think of it this way: sin would not exist without the law of God existing. And: that law is the power of sin; and for fallen angelic rulers sin is the power of the distorted law of God they wield. And death is the constant threat and result of sin. This is the dynamic of the entire hellish spectacle. This is how the law of God is not just what the nation of Israel followed, or the Ten Commandments that Christians have as a rule. It is the dark medium we all walk in, and the only solution to the problem and dire situation is what is behind the Gospel. I.e. what the Gospel entails. What the Gospel - good news - is. It is God, the Second Person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ (which means anointed Savior) incarnating as human, in the direct line of fallen Adam, and fulfilling the law (as Adam hadn't) and also taking on Himself the penalty of death for all. The one sacrifice for all time. This defeated the angelic/gods because it destroyed the power of the law they were using and abusing to control humankind. But you have to have faith in Jesus the Savior to be in His Kingdom and to get out of the control of the Kingdom of Darkness.

So as you walk through your life, in the midst of the dark medium that is the power of the twisted and distorted law of God, as it manifests socially from human beings, or collectively at the national level, or religiously from the spiritual realm know that this is the universal situation Christianity describes; and know that it is the Gospel that is the answer to this predicament. This is how you begin to see the reality of what the Gospel is. I.e. there is no neutral ground. You are walking in and under the power of the law which has the power of death over you, wherever you walk. You are in it. No neutral ground.

This is the universal situation, whether in America, Europe, the Middle East, China, Africa, down under to Australia or at the North Pole. Christianity does not describe or represent one religion among many, or one worldview among many; it is reality itself.


One of the deepest and greatest secrets of the world

The subject of Law and Gospel in Christian theology is a difficult one, and a deep one. I think there's not enough focus on how Christianity exists within 1) history; 2) human nature; and 3) law. By law, not just law such as the Constitution of the United States of America and the influence of biblical and natural law on common law and so forth, but the law that resides behind the accusatory moralizing that all human beings engage in whether they are reflecting real biblical law or they are imposing twisted and distorted versions of that biblical law.

As stated, all human beings engage in this accusatory moralizing, from atheists to the most died-in-the-wool fundamentalists of whatever religion.

In occult language you'll see references to this use of law in the context of how a group will use it to keep everybody in their place. The rogue cell metaphor. Once a person leaves their 'appropriate' place in the appropriate scheme of things they will be attacked in the manner of white blood cells attacking a rogue cell in the body. This action is the law at work. Biblical law. No matter how twisted or distorted or upside-down the presentation of that law is as it's being used as a hammer it is still the use of the law. It's that biblical mechanism of the law in action.

You see this action of the law at different scales. You see it at the social level, as stated, yet you also see it at the collective level, such as the national level. You also see it at the level of the religions of the world.

The title of this post is "One of the deepest and greatest secrets of the world." The secret is this use of the biblical law and how it ties us up and makes demands on us and coerces us (and what frees us from it - the Gospel). It is inescapable. Again, atheist or hyper rules-following fundamentalist of any religion, all are caught up in this action of the biblical law (usually accusatory moralizing from a position of assumed sinlessness, or holier-than-thou, self-righteous nature of the accuser), applied however purely or impurely that it is.

When you begin to see this you begin to understand the Gospel. The Gospel is difficult to understand. We're supposed to be emotional and say, "Jesus saved me! Hallelujah!" Yet who really understands - deeply, with real understanding - what this means? You can't understand it until you understand what law is; and the teaching on all this coming from the Christian leaders and teachers is very weak. For centuries, very weak. Mostly, they don't know anything about it. I only was on to it vaguely, and from occult knowledge and experience associated with that. I once saw a quote where Luther touched on the subject, but I lost the reference and could never find it again. Then after pondering some things in Heiser's Unseen Realm I was reminded of a book I'd read a couple of years ago titled God's Rivals, by McDermott. I tracked down the book and could see that he gave two chapters on this rare subject matter (chapters 3 and 4), and it had gone over my head on the first reading (that or I just wasn't tuned in to that particular subject when reading the book back then). McDermott got it from a writer named Caird in his book Principalities and Powers. I get the impression Caird was a trail blazer in presenting this subject, though obviously there's nothing new under the sun, but some things can get lost under the sun.

Once you understand it you can see things very clearly. From the psychology of friends, strangers, and family; to the phenomena of cults and totalitarian states; to the myriad though similar activity and elements of the various religions of the world.

For the purposes of understanding the Gospel it is the action of the law as it manifests in the various religions of the world (including secular false idol religions like environmentalism in our time, or the ideologies of collectivism, or multiculturalism).

What is the law generally? It is do this and live. Or do this and be saved. Yet after the fall we can't do all that the law demands. It's a never-ending list of demands that can't be followed, and even if it could be followed it is never enough. This is the law of God that was violated in the Garden by Adam. Adam fell, yet the law he violated stayed in place. Now no one can fulfill that law. It's a curse now, and it manifests in all the ways listed above. It imprisons and leads to death and eternal alienation in the lake of fire. It's an impossible slave master that in the end puts you in a worse situation for eternity. It's a really, really bad situation to be in. If you lived in North Korea today you'd feel that direct influence of the biblical law (yes, biblical law) as it manifests in that totalitarian police state hell. Of course, as the biblical law is imposed in that totalitarian police state it is a very twisted and distorted version of the biblical law. The action is the same though.

This is also what happens at the higher scale of world religions themselves. The false gods of the religions, fallen angels, what have you, demand a conformity to the biblical law as they see fit to administer it, which is a twisted and distorted way. You're under the power of these evil fallen entities when you are caught up in their false idol religions.

So what is the Gospel? It is the news that Jesus incarnated as a human and fulfilled the biblical law and also paid the penalty for its violation, and He did this for all people for all time. How? Because He's God. He's the God-man. He's the only human being who, after the fall, was born innocent (He had no original sin), and was able to be sinless in his life. Only Jesus could do that. So he defeated the power of the law as it is being wielded perversely by the angelic 'principalities and powers' that be. This is the good news. We don't necessarily feel it as the good news that it is because we got born into it, and once we realize it the drama of it is blunted a bit. We have to look backward and put it all together in our mind and that kind of mental grasping of the situation doesn't equal anything like a dramatic discovery or epiphany. If we'd been living in actual chains prior to regeneration by the word and the Spirit and the chains dramatically came off then it would be dramatic and we'd then fall on our knees and give thanks to our Savior, Jesus Christ, in a real way which reflects a real understanding of it all. But that's where we are.

The law still has power to be obnoxious to us though. The angelic realm enforcing their false religions and illusions and temptations based perversely on the law of God are still around doing their things. They have been defeated, but they still fight on. The metaphor from the book is they lost at D-Day, but they still fought on to some degree until the inevitable end. The end in this case being the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

So I end by going back to the thought that we need to see Christianity practically in history, human nature, and law (law as described above). This is what gives real understanding and is how we see what Christianity really is. It is not a religion or a worldview. It is Christianity vs. the religions and the worldviews.

PS - In the occult language I referenced this aspect of the law as it manifests in our lives is called the General Law. It's like a black, suffocating, blanketing blob that surrounds us. In the occult language I reference you're suppose to use the friction you get from this force in order to escape it. How? By being awake regarding it (and everything else) and loving your enemy. Sound familiar? You need the armor of God - things like the Shield of Faith and the Sword of the Spirit to pull it off...

This perverse use of and just the mere existence of the biblical law and how the Gospel defeats it is one of the deepest and greatest secrets of the world to know and see.

One last note: after reading through this I don't think I emphasized the spiritual warfare at work in all this. The actual law of God is being enforced - in perverse, distorted and twisted ways - by principalities and powers (angelic forces impersonating gods or influencing human leaders and movements), yet they have been defeated by Jesus at the cross. Our knowledge of that gives us great power. We are freed from the power of these dark forces.

Another note: you have to see that when the law of God is put before the Gospel (or the Gospel is wholly absent) then the law of God becomes demonic in the hands of its enforcers, angelic or human. Yet if the Gospel is put first then the law of God becomes the pure force for the good, the true and the beautiful (I'll put it that way) as it manifests freely through the new hearts of God's redeemed.

Also my point about drawing all this into the fact that we need to see Christianity as it manifests in history, human nature, and law (as explained above) is this is how we see Christianity as being universal. Not one of many, but the whole itself.


A real postscript (from an email) -

If you read that post this is a postscript:

"So when you think of the law of God it's not just something the Nation of Israel followed, or the ten commandments Christians have as a rule, it is everywhere in this life, in history, all over the world. In the phenomena of every world religion you see biblical law; in the phenomena of any group of people acting at the personal, social level you see biblical law being acted out; in every government, benign or viciously totalitarian you see biblical law acting out in perverse, distorted, twisted form. It pervades everything. This makes one see the universality of Christianity. Of the fall. Of redemption."

Think of the Work's (Fourth Way, Ouspensky) definition of the General Law. It too is the biblical law of God. In twisted, distorted form. The power of this law is what holds humanity under the thumb of all tyrannies. Either of social groups, or authoritarian elements in states, or in false religions. Men and fallen angels wield this power which is fueled by sin in fallen man and has the use of death as a terror and penalty to wield.

We basically walk, wherever we walk, in a dark medium of the distorted and twisted law of God as enforced by fallen man and fallen angels.

Obviously we need to know how to deal with this force. This all pervasive, universal force that is against us. Knowing that Jesus defeated it and appropriating the results of that act through faith is how you deal with it. As for it's lingering power, you have to be awake and love your enemy and use the friction of it to escape it. It is a defeated force anyway. Use it to develop.

Do you see how big this subject and realization is? - C.

Companion post here: Overview of the Situation


Another (perhaps round-up) Michael Heiser post

For anyone reading Michael Heiser and trying to get a grasp of what he is basically saying about God's Heavenly Host, Divine Council and so on (Heiser doesn't seem interested in making it easy to follow his thinking, at least in anything resembling a summation form of his thinking, meaning: unless you want to wade through his Unseen Realm and not find any pithy definitions of the gods he says are not angels but a different creation; or you want to listen to endless hour and fifteen minute long internet podcasts and interviews he's done which all begin with the same info on how he got interested in the subject matter of his book and on and on then ramble through the subjects of his books without really giving a practical presentation, to-the-point, etc.) it is helpful to read a book I came across just on my own but have subsequently found that Heiser references in his Unseen Realm which is titled God's Rivals: Why Has God Allowed Different Religions? Insights from the Bible and Early Church, by Gerald R. McDermott. Specifically chapters 3 and 4.

McDermott is similar to Heiser as a scholar regarding his approach to the Bible. Liberalish, very confident in a style of criticism that looks down on the Bible as a human document rather than as inspired revelation of God Himself, basically written by the Holy Spirit and a unified whole.

McDermott, for instance, in several places speculates that God (Yahweh, Jehovah) "might have" created the other gods such as the gods worshiped by the various Canaanite peoples. Might have...might not have... I guess McDermott doesn't recognize the Creator/creation divide in whatever language you want to put that in.

Yet McDermott is valuable in that he summarizes things Heiser refuses to (or if he does it's hard to find), and then McDermott is good enough to give contrast such as what apostolic era Christians actually thought of these particular subjects and how they reconciled Old Testament writing with the entirety of Scripture and so on regarding these very subjects.

Yes, the category of 'angels' covers all of it. And yes the angelic creation has a hierarchy of power and rank that we know little of, though we know enough from the Bible to know such hierarchy of power and rank exists. So you don't have to talk about 'gods' as some other creation separate from angels and humans and animals.

There are still some curious things that come up when pondering all this Heiser subject matter, but, for instance, I am one who is not afraid of the supernatural worldview to any degree. I believe fallen angels mated with human women in Genesis 6, for instance. I also, pondering this recently, believe monsters like Leviathan could have been created by a mating of fallen angels with - I don't know - saltwater crocodiles. The main point would be if fallen angels would mate with humans they'd probably have no problem mating with animals.

A curious thing would be to wonder if the angels God is reprimanding in Psalm 82 and sentencing to death are angels that were part of the Satanic rebellion or if they are some kind of different fall/rebellion episode in angelic history.

But as for the Cosmic War in general it is obvious that when God is fighting evil forces they are forces that were created by the acts of fallen angels. Meaning part of God's creation. Whether Satan and his fallen angel hordes themselves, or hybrid (human or animal) mixtures created by the fallen angels, or demons which are probably the souls of dead nephilim (giants) who were created by the fallen angels. It's never a fair fight, of course. But the context (and the Theatre) and drama exist for the benefit of God's creation, humans, good angels, and plays out the way it does in the infinite wisdom of our Creator in what is called the plan of redemption.

So all 'gods' are fronts for Satan, ultimately. Maybe one of his fallen angels in his fallen angel army of evil plays the role of this or that 'god', but Satan probably steps into the role if something big is happening in that part of the world, in that time of history.

One thing that confounds me (as it did Zwingli and Calvin as well) is how to see the Homeric gods and goddesses and that whole Olympic pantheon. Greek myth seems to be a 'through a glass darkly' presentation - fragmented presentation - of all that pre-flood human and angelic and human/angelic activity, but there is the ideal nature of it that also suggests hints of the life of glorification. Calvin gives the Homeric epics a pass when talking about the evil of gods and idol worship; and Zwingli even wrote more along those lines. I guess one could say the Iliad and the Odyssey together form a crude training wheels Bible, recovered from misty, collective folk memory, though inspired as far (and high) as human creations can be inspired. (There is an inner language of the Homeric epics that academics - or even the neo-Platonists, at least in extant writings - don't know, but can be found, if you have discernment for such things, in a book like the Fourth Way by Ouspensky...but that is another subject for another post...)


Michael Heiser on original sin

I've written posts on Michael Heiser and his book Unseen Realm, and I was at first critical of him as being a liberal theologian, then I felt I should lighten up on him because his book does bring a lot that is of worth in seeing some of the supernatural elements of the biblical narrative/history; but all along I've always had a sense of wariness of the guy. The fact is he just is very shallow regarding biblical doctrine and the overall plan of God. He gets emotional and mocking when discussing certain doctrines (like a liberal theologian). The analogy of faith doesn't seem to be part of his hermeneutic. Being lectured to by him is an obnoxious experience. See here for instance. He's using the fact of infants dying to mock and wave away the doctrine of original sin. He's shallow.


White girl

Look at this girl's videos. Nowadays seeing a more pure white person, especially obviously one who represents the traditional ideal, is like looking back in time. Now, on race, I see it as we all - black, white, brown, red, yellow - come from Adam and Eve (that is just Bible-believing fact), yet non-white people groups have Satan-defiled bloodlines, some more, some less. I would also say supernaturally defiled bloodlines which is how it happened so fast (in the timeline of the Bible, i.e. young earth). So everybody looks at a girl like this and sees a deep ancestor. Yet she's the enemy too, to humanity's fallen nature and to the spirit of disobedience (Satan) in people. All traces of God's original creation must be destroyed through lies, murder and blood defilement. White remnant people carry the memory and traditions of the Creator unlike other defiled people groups. Satan's war on God decrees the elimination of the original Adamic purity and nations associated with it.

In this view you can see both a sense of brotherhood (whites look on at non-whites knowing they've had their bloodlines defiled by Satan yet still see them as Adamic brothers and sisters despite their plight); and, on the other hand, you can see a sense of hatred of these people groups with defiled bloodlines towards the still white peoples and their nations.

However you view it you can't deny the state of warfare involved in it all. Spiritual warfare and real physical warfare.

God's original creation probably only survives due to God's will in the matter. Whites certainly aren't very awake to the war or cognizant of the issues and the history and the values involved. Whites seem naive at best, demonic at worst, and dead asleep to everything otherwise. White women, for instance, are easily seduced by non-whites; and white men will couple with any breathing female that talks to them, for the most part. It's amazing there are any white people left in the world, but that is due to God putting all people into nations with borders (and I believe that is after the Satanic defilement of the bloodlines began to take place).

Which is why a borderless world is the ideal of Satan and his followers, Marxist/Islamist globalists.

God Himself, in His sovereign and infinite wisdom, may have defiled, as a curse, Ham's descendants.

Today we see Satan and his spiritual children making what looks like a final putsch on the white nations and white peoples of the earth. Only white nations are being called on (shamed, coerced, etc.) to accept fake refugees and opportunistic immigrants (blacks, Muslims, Asians, no one else need apply) at population replacement levels.

Of all the non-white people groups only Asians, for the most part, seem to have maintained an at least stand-offish respect for the integrity of the original Adamic peoples left on the planet. It is only Asians - for instance the Japanese - who you will hear sentiments such that Americans are destroying themselves by bringing in non-white peoples. Hispanics are a bit more radicalized (lately) than this, but they would come in second along these lines. The attitude of other defiled people groups are very different. Arabs, blacks, Jews see white people as prey to be conquered and destroyed. Actually destroyed or destroyed by breeding them out of existence.

Again, it is in the original Adamic creation, white people, that the memory and traditions of our Creator are kept alive. This is why Satan has a driving motivation to destroy all white people and nations.

How much will God hold white people - individuals - responsible for fraternizing with the enemy as much as white people have? The Devil has all the advantages, but we all know what is right in our heart. Some things don't just seem wrong, they seem abomination.


Email response from Australia: "Yep I see what you see. That's why multiculturalism strikes one as evil, it encourages this interbreeding with this other defiled bloodlines."

My response: And I've just begun seeing this new paradigm regarding race, but I should add I've always said God could create a race of any kind from the rocks on the ground. The value is not one race being masterful over others, but the value is in the undisputed cultural and civilizational superiority that we can see and experience. In the long run, though, as well this world will end and a new heavens and earth will take its place.

The words defiled bloodlines sound harsh and mean, but I'm just saying it as reality. Not to disparage any born into it. We're all fallen.

You used the right word in multi-culturalism to identify the worldly problem in it all. See current inner cities. And now getting to be not just inner cities.

The worth I see in seeing race as defiled bloodlines from a pure bloodline is it gives perspective and understanding. Biblical understanding. [added] If a person has no degree of a Biblical worldview my writing on this matter will be seen as the most bizarre racist idiocy of all time (!!!). Of course. Also, you need a supernatural view of the world, a non-politically-correct view, and some experience with actual unleashed hybrids in the real world. You also need discernment of the spiritual landscape and battlefield.


The so-called Gap Theory

Why is establishment Christianity so against what they've labelled the 'gap theory'?

Because it shines light on the Devil. They want people to be ignorant of the Devil, as much as possible, so that the Devil can control more easily. They want this unconsciously.

Once they've labelled something they then confidently mock it to no end, attempting to get God's people to concede fear of the world.

Well, I'm an elect of God, so mock away, Churchians.

I'm going to quote a description of the so-called Gap Theory using A. W. Pink from his little book on Satan titled Satan and His Gospel. Then I'm going to give the counter-arguments.

This is from the chapter titled 'Satan's Position Since His Fall' from the book:

"The thoughtful reader of Genesis 1 will doubtless be puzzled by the contents of the first two verses. He will naturally ask, Why should an earth created by God be “without form, and void”? or, as the Hebrew suggests “an empty waste, or ruin.” Surely a perfect Creator would not create an imperfect earth. Nor did He. Isa. 45:18—which contains the same Hebrew words to be found in Gen. 1:2—expressly declares, “For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God Himself that formed the earth and made it; He hath established it, He created it not in vain,” or, if the Hebrew here be rendered as in Gen. 1:2: “He created it not without form and void,” i.e. a ruin. How then harmonize this statement with Gen. 1:2? The answer is, Gen. 1:2 ought to have been translated “And the earth became without form, and void,” or, “an empty waste or ruin.” But how, and when did it become such? Probably, long after the point in mind referred to in Gen. 1:1. Between verses 1 and 2 of Genesis one there is room for a long interval of time, during which some terrible calamity occurred, resulting in the earth, originally created by God, becoming a ruin. But what calamity could have been commensurate with such a disaster? We reply, the only answer which appears to be adequate is, the fall of Satan."

Pink, Arthur W.. Satan and His Gospel (Arthur Pink Collection) (Kindle Locations 321-329). Prisbrary Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Pink goes on to write about Satan having been put in Eden as Prince and then having fallen due to pride, etc. (Read the whole chapter, it's free on the internet.) He then gives this motivation of Satan: "Moreover, the above conclusion makes it easier for us to understand why Satan should seek to seduce our first parents and cause them to disobey their Maker— being filled with envy and hatred at seeing a man placed over the realm which once he had governed."

Pink goes into it much more than these two quotes, but I'll leave it at that.

What are the counter-arguments? The Bible tells us something will sound good until you hear the counter-arguments. I know there are counter-arguments (I've gone over them before, which has made me whiplash back and forth on this subject over the years.)

First of all, get the Theory of Evolution, or any defense of it, out of your mind. That is the first accusation from establishment Christianity, that anybody who holds to the so-called Gap Theory is looking for a defense of the Theory of Evolution, or is more generally looking for a way to sync modern science paradigms with the Bible. Whatever those current paradigms are. You can consider the Theory of Evolution to be garbage 'science' and still hold to the so-called Gap Theory; and, as well, you can be not concerned at all to hold the word of God up to the ever-shifting standards of modern science beliefs.

So, now the counter-arguments: "It's wacky, and stuff!!" OK, that is one common counter-argument you'll encounter on various internet forums and blogs.

Here's another: "Before I give counter-arguments to your 'gap' theory I should tell you that I'm very much NOT going to let on that I don't really even believe in the supernatural, let alone some dude named 'Satan.'" Then they list counter-arguments.

By the way, you don't have to believe in death happening on earth prior to Adam's fall. We don't know what the creation was like when Satan was the Prince of the Garden. It may have just been angelic beings, for which death meant they fell and were condemned ultimately to the lake of fire.

Another point, one that doesn't really exist in the academic world of theology. Some say if there was this original creation and then ruin then why isn't the Bible more explicit about it? That is because there are elements of the Bible that are not intended to be in the forefront (such as knowledge of the angelic creation in general) because they would obviously capture the imagination of human beings solely (pretty much) and take attention away from the basics of the faith. The fall of Satan is presented in the Bible here and there, in Ezekiel, in Isaiah, but not explicitly, and you get the usual establishment dullards denying the obvious in those passages (including Calvin, unfortunately, but his concern was the basics of the faith, so it's probably understandable in his case).

This article gives a good impression of how it's really not so easy to give counter-arguments to the so-call Gap Theory. The writer of the article is unusually honest for this subject.

By the way, I am young earth. I think you can be Young Earth Creation and hold to the Gap Theory, because the earth we speak of was created again in the seven days. I think fossils are due to the flood, which was worldwide. I believe in the supernatural, which includes supernatural creation. I have no problems with anything regarding starlight or whatever. I believe in mature creation and the practical implications of creating the entire universe in seven days.

I believe Satan defiled human bloodlines which explains the different races (sub-species) of humans on this planet. I believe all human beings were created white, ruddy complected, or able to blush, and any non-white people group today is the result of defiled bloodlines. White people also aren't as pure as some might think. I think if we ever saw an original son or daughter of Adam we would be very shocked at how impure we all are now. Still, I do believe the original Adamic race still exists, and it is the white race, and it is the target still of Satan and his spiritual children because they know that it is within the white race that the memory and traditions of our Creator and his word exist on this planet, thus they want to exterminate white people from the face of the planet. What you see going on in the world today is towards that goal, in a way never seen before probably.

Not everybody is interested in knowing as much about Satan and his history and his role in God's plan of redemption as some Christians are. The Bible accommodates both.

God had to establish the adversary. He did this by first creating earth and giving it to the angelic being known as Satan. Once Satan fell due to his pride the adversarial element in God's plan of redemption was established (which is also His plan of peopling His creation with beings who love Him by more than a fiat love).

Read the entire chapter in Pink's Satan and His Gospel. Again, here it is.

Addendum: I found some typical counter-arguments after writing the above:

Here are some of the major problems that I have with the Gap Theory of Creation:

1) There is no prima facie reason to posit a gap of any measurable time between the first two verses of Genesis.

2) Gap theory originated in the 19th century as a reaction to the rise of the evolutionary theory of the origin of life to account for an old earth which the Bible does not otherwise suggest. It was popularized by the Scofield Bible, not the best source of exegesis, In my humble opinion.

3) It purports to account for the fall of Lucifer, and death entering creation, before the fall of man in Genesis 3 in direct contradiction to the teaching of Romans 5.

4) It forces one to conclude that the creation account in Genesis 1 is actually a re-creation account. Under this theory, we don't have any Biblical data about the actual creation.

One by one... 1) He can prima facie all he wants, but there certainly are many reasons to posit such a gap. Pink does it in the aforementioned chapter of his book which I have linked above, so I won't repeat it.

2) Who cares? This is what I mentioned above, how the first accusation from establishment churchian types is you are trying to defend the Theory of Evolution or some other modern scientific paradigm or data. And considering there is nothing new under the sun regarding biblical exegesis I'm sure one could find the gap theory by some other name somewhere in theologians prior to the 19th century. If not, it's hardly an argument against though.

3) Did Lucifer 'die'? He puts in the phrase "and death entering the creation" when that doesn't have to be the case at all. We don't know what life was like on the first earth creation. As I mentioned above, it could have been solely angelic life. They didn't die, I mean the ones that fell. They fell and became condemned.

4) Why do we need any biblical data about the "actual creation" beyond the first verse of Genesis? That's just demanding something from God that perhaps God didn't see fit for us to have.

Weak, weak, weak...



Most people don't want to think about degrees of being awake and degrees of being asleep. Awakening is unpleasant. You awaken into realization you're in a bad place. A fallen world full of violence and potential violence. Most people want to remain comfortably asleep eating ice cream.

Yet if you do think about and actually attempt to raise your level of being awake then remember this: you don't want to be the most awake person in hell.

You need the armor of God. Biblical doctrine is armor of God. Get real doctrine. You also need a connection to the Kingdom of God. You only get that with faith in Jesus Christ and all that is taught in His work on the cross.

Such an ironic last name...

I'm almost finished reading what is basically an overview history of ideas with an emphasis on worldview, starting from ancient Rome (and Greece). It's by Glenn S. Sunshine titled Why You Think the Way You Do . (The book is great, but even the subtitle is lame: Western Worldviews From Rome to Home. So don't judge it by its title.)

As I read this book I wonder why so many people desire to think in such evil ways. Most of them have to know they are being evil. Why are we on a planet filled with such evil morons? Why are there so many people who knee-jerkingly want whatever is bad for any given situation? They're like gyroscopes that no matter how the landscape and horizon change they stay focused on being evil, even if it means doing the opposite they were doing the year before. It's like there is a constant mantra in their brain: "OK, things have changed, so what is now the most evil thing to do?"

And it's not everybody. It's not due solely to our collective fallen nature. Some people are asleep in life and thus easily led and fooled by the evil people. Few people are awake and not easily led or fooled. But it's the radicalized creeps, so numerous, that I speak of.

Did the Devil create this, or increase it all, by his defiling of the original human bloodline creating these hybrid humans walking around with Satanic spirit at mega levels coursing through them and resentment that they're so damn bizarre looking (i.e. they don't look like Brad f***ing Pitt)? Listen, bitches, you are the people who should be MOST on your knees asking God for forgiveness and salvation. God let you be born in the condition you're in.

The world as a place that sucks is now in hyper drive.


Most significant piano work of the millennium...

"The keyboard music of Johann Sebastian Bach cannot be called piano music, but there is one magnificent exception. Many musicians consider the six-voice ricercar from ''The Musical Offering'' to be his greatest fugue, and I would choose this as the most significant piano work of the millennium..."

Here is a great recording of the Ricercar a 6 by Charles Rosen (ricercar is apparently, even in Bach's day, an old fashioned term for fugue) -


- C


Gibbon's famous 15th chapter on Christianity (an email)

I finally read the famous 15th chp. of Gibbon's history and found it surprising. I really had no disagreement for the first 2/3s of the chapter. In fact, Gibbon says many things I came to on my own and wrote out on my PPP blog. The last third is a bit more of the juvenile atheism we constantly hear in our own day. His constant use of the word superstition, for instance. It's unself-aware, and the concept itself is defined by the true faith.

Yet none of it detracts from the history itself. Gibbon is cynical, which is OK. He is bringing the ways of the world type of understanding, and the nature of human nature, and the nature of power. This is valuable, even applied to the history of Christianity, which obviously has a lot of politics and human nature involved in it.

Gibbon obviously does not have the understanding and sympathy for the faith of a true believer.

The 16th chapter is also on Christianity, and I've just started it, but I can see already it is a bit more of a diatribe against Christians (and Jews) and a defense of their pagan persecutors. The defense thus far is Christians deserved being singled out and treated harshly, well, because. Gibbon doesn't really mount a very good defense for why Christians were the one religious adherents who were not tolerated by the Roman government. The answer is: it's because Christianity is the true faith. It's easy to tolerate a false belief. - C.


The 3 stages of post-modernism (an email)

I like when things are categorized like this. This guy has a presence on YouTube. Here he categorizes the three stages of post-modernism. It's a short video. Post-modernism is basically epistemological nihilism. Epistemology is how we know what we know. Post-modernism is all about saying truth doesn't exist, everything is relative, everything is a semantic powerplay by one group or another (mostly by in power evil people). Etc. The philosophers he mentions at the beginning are the French ones with the strange sounding names. Foucalt (pronounced foo-koo), Lyotard, Derrida, etc.

Then he goes into the second and third phase of how post-modernism has played out.

In another video he talks about the motive behind post-modernist thinking and tactics. It's because Marxists got mugged by reality in the middle of the 20th century. Their great philosophy didn't reflect reality, so instead of changing their views they decided that truth itself had to be destroyed. The very notion that there can be truth. It's all Satanic warfare.


"Understanding Postmodernism: The 3 Stages to Today´s Insanity (Stephen Hicks)
Stephen Ronald Craig Hicks is a Canadian-American philosopher who teaches at Rockford University, where he also..."

- C.


Look at this paragraph

Paul Carter interacts with a difficult verse: “Sooner or later every honest Bible reader finds herself asking some version of that question. These verses are – beyond a shadow of a doubt – among the very hardest verses of the Bible to accept as Christian Scripture.”

Did you see it?

Ah, yes, the use of the feminine pronoun for the standard male which forever has stood in for both male and female.

I come across that, just one, and I'm instantly out of the article (or book). I don't read any further.

I can 'see' this type of author grinning and saying, "OK! So be it! Don't read on! And don't get enlightened by anything modern and thoughtful enough to not want to show disrespect to women, buddy! OK? OK, buddy? Run along, buddy!! Got it, buddy?" Ooh, a bit of an anger problem there with that male feminist and hewer to politically-correct strictures for proper word use in article writing.

No, one female pronoun in place of the traditional English usage of the male pronoun and I don't continue reading. In fact, I mark that author and avoid anything they write in the future.

About numbers

A theme of the Bible is don't count on numbers for success. God doesn't need numbers like worldly forces need numbers. And don't insult God by assuming (or fearfully thinking) you better have numbers to have success. David learned this.

Numbers though play a part in the influence of any school or teaching as well. A school doesn't need overwhelming numbers to be influential. A small number of adherents to any given school - good or evil - can have influence well beyond their number (the Frankfurt School, for instance). This is true for any school including the school of Christ. The Puritans, for instance, were always small little islands in a sea of worldly, unregenerate, hostile humanity. Yet their influence was very big and even defined an historical era. Calvin's Geneva, so influential in world history, changing the course of nations, was small and not only surrounded by Roman Catholic armies but also had people inside Geneva itself hostile to it.

So God doesn't need numbers to have influence through his elect. Yet He does need boldness on the part of his elect. What God needs is He needs his elect to fear Him alone and not the world. People who adhere to biblical doctrine, hard doctrine, Reformed, Calvinist doctrine, may yet be so scared of the world to such a degree that it makes them impotent in influencing anything.


Music communicates the spiritual realm

Much is communicated of the spiritual world through sound, for good or ill.

Every Christian should listen to Beethoven's 3rd Symphony, or think about listening to it, as much as they think about reading the Bible. And do it.

Beethoven's 3rd Symphony is a complete spiritual pageant, or journey, beyond the veil, where light is at war with darkness, and wins. It's a triumphant epic in sound with struggle along the way. It not only communicates this to your soul, it teaches your soul. Not with words, but with sound.

Not all works by the great composers like Beethoven fall into this category. For Mozart, for example, it's his last six symphonies, which are Olympian: 35th, 36th, 38th, 39th, 40th, 41st.

With Bach, his Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin are a good example. Many examples with Bach. The Prelude and Fugue in C# minor played by Richter, for instance.

Bruckner's symphonies 4, 7, 8, 9.

Renaissance era polyphony - masses and motets - is in this category as well. Palestrina, Victoria, Byrd, Josquin, Dufay...

I'm giving examples that are pure.


What is the significance of the white race?

Why the attack on the white race? Why is it that only white countries are being told they have to take in people that will displace them and destroy their race and their traditions and cultures and so on? Why isn't China being told this? Africa? Japan? Saudi Arabia?

It's because of the significance of the white race regarding the white race being God's race. White is how people were created. We all came from Adam and Eve. All humans were ruddy complected. All humans were what we know of as classically white. Olympian gods and goddesses, representations of the ideal of the human race. White. The Devil defiled the bloodline. At first his goal was to defile the bloodline from Adam to Christ. He tried it before, and after, the flood. He failed. Though he then kept it up for the purpose of wiping out God's people that were left. Any people group that isn't white is a defiled bloodline.

So why does the Devil want to wipe out the white race?

In these end times the Devil is asserting dominion over the entire planet. He is unbound now and deceiving the nations, and asserting ownership of every land, every nation in the world. The significance of his obvious singular attack on the white race is because it is in the white race that the memory and traditions of our Creator are carried, and it is in the Devil's interest to wipe those memories and traditions off the face of the planet. The Devil wants world tyranny. One world of no borders, complete mixture of humans, at each other's throats, chaos, violence, poverty, sickness, disease, hell on earth. White people are an obstacle to this. The white race is a connection to God and God's ways (and God's future for this world and universe).

Fear God, it is the beginning of wisdom. Why? Because when you fear God alone you then don't fear the world or the world's opinion of you. Look at all the white people walking around fearful of their environments and repeating politically-correct cant (hypocritical and sanctimonious talk, typically of a moral, religious, or political nature) about race and humanity. Getting embarrassed about the subject, or attacking anyone with the truth they are too fearful to think or speak.


On books (from an email)

Speaking of Gibbon, I recently made what I think is a definitive list of books (and subjects like worldview analysis) for myself. These are works that I think stay with you in essence. Everybody's list would be different, but a lot of overlap. I focus on complete education, summit level, but there may be something to be said for smaller, less universal books, perhaps, in some ways.

My point here is the power to be gained by knowing a condensed, balanced list of influences. Really knowing them. Having it in front of you. Here's mine:

01 Holy Bible, AV1611
02 Iliad & Odyssey - Homer
03 Russian Novel - Tolstoy/Dostoevsky
04 Parzival - Wolfram von Eschenbach
05 Fourth Way - Ouspensky
06 Reformed Theology - Berkhof/Boston/Bunyan
07 Worldview Analysis - Naugle/Sire/Pearcey
08 Elements - Euclid
09 History of the Peloponnesian War - Thucydides
10 Lives - Plutarch
11 Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - Gibbon
12 Democracy in America - Alexis de Tocqueville
13 Reflections on the Revolution in France - Burke
14 On War - Carl von Clausewitz
15 Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith
16 Spirit of Laws - Montesquieu

I've rarely mentioned Euclid, but for that I just think it's good to know, sometimes, that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Kind of a practical, common-sense language.

Also, when you read such books it then opens up in your mind the lesser things you need to get to get a complete picture. You have contrast and context to work off of. It's a lot of reading, but we have to have a lifetime of reading to get to the point of being able to construct such a list to begin with (and we'll already have read many by then, though re-reading is like compound interest, valuable), and there is time in the day to do anything if not wasted. - C.


Email thread on spiritual insight from historical works

Simon of Australia writes:

I've actually been getting the message to read Decline and Fall [Gibbon] again. Yes - ALL OF IT. I can make it my project at work because I get a nice long hour to sit in our cafe for lunch, so that's 5 solid hours a day if I commit.

Its those kind of times where you need Decline and Fall, and the Bible obviously.

I respond:

Also, the history of the Roman *Republic* era is relevant to our times. Gibbon doesn't cover that. That Arthur Gilman book I talked about is a quick overview. Oliver Goldsmith wrote a history of Rome that is also free on Amazon Kindle. Mommsen's famous history is on the republic. The late Roman republic era is not all that different from the empire era events Gibbon describes though. Worth having the full picture though.

Spiritually, Puritan types read Gibbon for end time history insights. They were Historicists regarding the book of Revelation, but even if you don't hold to that school the fact that history repeats (or rhymes) makes Gibbon uniquely relevant for this purpose. Meaning, Gibbon shows the spiritual pageant better than other historians. - C.

Simon of Australia responds:

I started in earnest today. It's good to get back to - the quality of it....

I respond:

I didn't want to mention it because it might seem like competition, but I've started Gibbon and am in chapter 14 currently. I paused though to read that Arthur Gilman book on the Roman republic. Years ago I read the first 12 chapters of Gibbon. I just re-read them and now am in chapters new to me. I'm also spot reading de Tocqueville's Democracy in America. It has spiritual realm insight qualities too. Almost like you can see descriptions of types as they are in the spiritual realm. His description of 'Negroes' (old term) and Indians is like that. How they differ. Hard to describe quickly. - C.


THEOCAST: boys drinking deep at the hose of Michael Horton

Just became aware of a Reformed podcast. It's called Theocast. Their main concern seems to be Christians making efforts to develop in the faith. They think this is not only stupid but dangerous. It's dangerous to make efforts. This means Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progess is dangerous and stupid because Christian makes efforts on the Way to the Celestial City. These Theocast boys apparently think Christian is supposed to ride a magic carpet called Faith along the Way to the Celestial City.

"Faith, bypass Vanity Fair. Keep on the Way. Good, faith, good," the Theocast boys obediently say. (Giving their obedience to Michael "You don't do anything! the faith is 100% objective!" Horton, ultimately, and not the Bible.)

Meanwhile, Christian struggles through Vanity Fair, catching all manner of shit from the world, but developing, being tempered, in the process. While the Theocast boys ride their magic carpet, Faith, on down the Way to the Celestial City.

What is the difference between Christian and the Theocast boys? The Theocast boys are shallow and inexperienced and not tempered to any degree.

Their deeper problem is they don't understand how to talk about sin or will. They've never been taught a language that would make that clear to them. They've been to 'seminary', but they've never acquired understanding of what the Bible teaches.

There's also a side issue here where all these types seem to have issued out of churches and church experience where they were told if they didn't have a buzz cut and drink Pepsi from an actual bottle while wearing short-sleaved, button-up white shirts they would go to hell. So because those non-biblical requirements were put on them they are now rebelling against all that by saying you don't do anything when you are a Christian. Do they understand regeneration? Who knows. Once regenerated you are able to make efforts. Prior to regeneration you are able to sin, unable to not sin. After regeneration you are able to sin, able to not sin. See the difference there?

And they struggle with a lack of understanding of will. They don't know the categories of will such as self-will vs. God's will. Acting from God's will doesn't mean you don't make any effort. It's God-enabled effort, yet it's effort none-the-less. I forget the exact J. I. Packer phrase he used in the chapter on Sanctification in his Concise Theology, but I think it was God-enabled effort. It's probably a better phrase than that, but I don't have the book at hand.

For instance, in the midst of a difficult event (when normally, in your fallen state, you would explode in resentment) to act from God's will will seem like a type of non-action, yet it is effort never-the-less. To be able in the moment, a difficult moment, a storm of a moment, to gather yourself, separate yourself from the immediate external noise and inner chaos, and just simply wait, wait on the Lord is the phrase. But just to have it in you to be able to step back and not be captured by the world and the noise and the violence and idiocy and whatever is going on...THAT, that is ability to act from God's will. It is NOT an ability given to you at your ritual water baptism, Theocast boys. You anti-pilgrims. You have to work on it, develop it, cultivate it, think about it, practice it, DO it.

Stop listening to Horton and R. Scott Clark. They are shallow. Get your basic Reformed doctrine from the Puritans (yes, they exist). Seminaries in general don't teach the practice of the faith. And if they - or you - dissuade Christians from making any effort to practice the faith they - and you - become demons.

Jesus said be awake (that takes development, practice, effort), and love your enemies (again, something that requires practice and experience...effort).

Paul said now it is high time to awake out of sleep. He is not referring to head-on-pillow sleep. The sleep he refers to requires effort to get out of. To be more awake in the moment requires effort. To act from God's word rather than from life influences requires effort.

Final note: maybe stop lecturing until you know what you're talking about.


James White steps outside his safe space and gets exposed

This is why James White always carefully selects who he will and won't debate. Normally he would avoid Robert Spencer like the plague, but White is currently in a bit of a maelstrom, and he's trying to repair and protect his reputation for being an all-knowing, triumphalist debater guy rather than a dupe, useful idiot, simpleton who eats whatever a practiced Muslim apologist puts in his mouth.

Notice in the clips above that White gets schooled on basic facts he was ignorant of (that Jihad is offensive or defensive and what that difference means, for instance) then reacts by going into his high school level sophist mode? Obviously this tells you what White is all about, but it also tells you what his followers and defenders are all about. Some of those defenders surely can see what White is engaging in in these moments, so maybe his defenders see White's entire career as an exercise in some kind of subterfuge and they have chosen to be in on it. Otherwise they all are just ignorant and dishonest like White. The latter is probably what is going on.

Never discount common ignorance in the phenomena you see going on all around you.

One note: why is David Wood always silent on these matters? He is a colleague of Robert Spencer, he advertised this debate on his social media, yet he never weighs in on James White. Why is there this silence regarding White from other Christian leaders, teachers, personalities? I suppose it's the natural reluctance people have of critiquing someone they suspect has a mental illness? Something is going on...


An email, about cultural Marxism hitting you between the eyes

Just discovered this person's YouTube channel. A couple of example videos linked below. The first is 28 mins., but very fast, and the second is a follow up video that is 3 mins.

The subject is cultural Marxism. We all know about this by now, but having it hit you between the eyes in a documentary like this is valuable. One thing this doc does is it simplifies the influences behind cultural Marxism. Satan tactically portrays himself as a myriad of fragmented things with different names, so that we don't see the one influence behind the curtain. The only thing this doc is missing is the Christian understanding that these evil ideas get their strange propagation and power to influence everything from the supernatural spirit of Satan. At the end of the first link he asks, how did these evil mediocrities and their ideas get so much influence? He couldn't answer it. Christians know. Though the person speaking in the video may be a Christian for all I know. He doesn't mention Christianity though. This is spiritual warfare.

First one here.

Second one here.

- C.


Imagine the pearl clutching when Jesus starts killing

The nevertrumpers at National Review Online, godless moralists all, are predictably upset about an English dude running over holy Muslim people of God, er, Allah, er, Satan. They used the analogy of the protests at the Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Ceasar. Those were wrong too. Here's a comment someone left:

Re : the SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK business. WHY oh why do I know that NR and Country Clubbers were in the audience shocked SHOCKED that the great unwashed had DARED to go past the NO DOGS AND PEASANTS sign out front and disrupted THEIR evening on the town with the "right sort". Oh Reginald show the riff raff out the service entrance this minute!! This is why trump won.


Something about Law and Gospel theology has missed

There is a big area theologians have missed regarding the Law and the Gospel having to do with how human beings (en masse) enforce a twisted, distorted, upside-down version of the Law on other human beings (individuals, for the most part).

Luther touched on it, but I've lost the quote. I wrote something on it, but I can't find it. When I say Luther touched on it I mean just that, touched - merely touched - on it. Perhaps not even knowing where he was going with it or understanding it.

It's about the Law as a mass face or influence that blankets everything. It becomes more noticeable when it emerges as movements such a political-correctness or the demonic indulgence in smug self-righteousness and being holier-than-thou. Godless puritans is a phrase that gets at it, though unfortunately that keeps alive shallow and wrong popular notions of what the Puritans were all about. Godless moralism is probably better. It always includes a sense of entitlement. A shout of this is our time, our world, you listen to us, you are evil, you aren't holy like us. Conform to our demands or we destroy you.

There is an unspoken (and unconscious) claim of sinlessness on the part of the moralists. Black Lives Matter could just as well be re-titled Black People Without Sin. Social Justice Warriors are Young People Without Sin.

And this force of upside-down, distorted, twisted Law is meant (by Satan) to crush all into a totalitarian conformity and tyranny. A dead soul state of existence.

This is seeing the Law as a curse, though a more mystical, if you will, aspect of its curse. A curse as force that blankets and strangles and threatens and menaces. The Gospel frees us from this dark, dense, blanketing-like force (and from being an obnoxious, dead-in-sin unaware active part of it as well).

The Gospel frees us from being unconscious of it and a victim of it in the sense of it being an inherent part of our being, but the Gospel doesn't free us from the obnoxious action of it. If anything our new state as regenerated believers makes us more of a noticeable target of this Satanic counterfeit force.

Christianity is not about being 'good', it's about being awakened and making contact.


The Law of God infiltrates everything, and not just as a positive example. The fact of Law itself (for instance as the necessary thing that makes sin a real thing) exists and manifests through humanity as an unconscious mass force. Fallen humanity co-opts the existence of the Law and distorts it, mostly actually turns it upside-down, and enforces it as a group demand on all individual humans; demanding their conformity to the group and destroying any rogue cells, if you will.

Once a person begins to awaken and then is actually regenerated by the word and the Spirit they are then in full conflict with this Law. Intense friction commences. The easy route is to give in and go with the easy current of the Devil, naively as a self-perceived silent noncombatant thinking they're not a part of the evil but that they're just being common-sense and realistic. Going along to get along.

Yet this friction is valuable to a real Christian on the Way. It is this friction that provides the necessary heat to develop and temper the New Man within the regenerated Christian.

When this friction is met with Be Awake and Love Your Enemy (to paraphrase our Savior's two great commandments); replacing all sleepy - and fierce - resentment with awakened gratitude (not an easy thing at all) then the Christian develops. Conscious labor, intentional suffering in the face of the friction from this odious, massive, all-pervading distorted Law that manifests through all humanity.


Some things you can't understand without theology

Comments under a Victor Davis Hanson article:

The only themes VDH seems to not want to touch on are: the nationalism vs. globalism theme which is at the foundation of the nevertrump whining; and also the fact that this is spiritual warfare, and Trump is the Christian in the arena surrounded by Satanists and asinine moralists. (I won't mention the Washington, D.C. pedophile rings as a sub motive in a lot of the nevertrump noise.)

Bill Kenny
This is satire, right?

Charles Stewart Jr.
Globalists are satanically created evil 1-worlders waiting for the arrival of the Anti-Christ.

Nationalists were God created by the Tower of Babel that sent like-speakers to settle all the parts of the world. There they developed localized languages and DNA [due to climate and leader dominance] and then the Tribes grew into Nations.

Je comprende vous?

Kristana Arp
This has got to be satire. If not, I despair for Americans' mental state.

Whether he (Charles Stewart Jr.) meant it as satire or not it is true. God put people within borders with their own languages. The Devil wants no borders and everyone mixed and at each other's throats to facilitate world tyranny. In the very end times Satan and his spiritual children assert dominion over the entire planet. Satan is unbound and able to deceive the nations, which he couldn't before. Christians are to confront the Devil and never acquiesce. In this process God's elect are called out and tempered.


Submit to your church leaders, you sheep!!

This is from an article by some seminary doofus named Julius J. Kim.

I know somebody who gets a lot from the R. C. Sproul website this article was posted at, so I want to say I am not slamming R. C. Sproul. I've read numerous books written by him.

But look at this:

Submission to Leaders

Being a member of the church includes receiving the blessings God has provided for our growth and maturity, especially as we submit to the church’s leadership. God established the church with a structure for pastoral oversight and spiritual leadership. Like weak and defenseless sheep, members of the church are blessed to have the guidance and protection of shepherds. Hebrews 13:17 calls on Christians to “obey your leaders and submit to them.” Why? “For they are keeping watch over your souls, as those who will have to give an account.” The pastors and elders of a church are called to care for the “flock” of God as they follow the pattern set by Christ, the Chief Shepherd (1 Peter 5:1–5).

As leaders under the authority of Christ and the Scriptures, pastors and elders are called upon to promote the marks of a true church: the faithful preaching of the gospel, the pure administration of the sacraments, and the true exercise of discipline. Through this, members of the church receive the grace of God in Christ.

Why don't these church leaders submit to me? What's the difference? I'm human, and I'm also not the one Mediator between God and man, just like they aren't. Also, I have the word of God too. In many forms. On many gadgets, and in beautifully bound leather.

He quoted Hebrews like a Romanist. They always leave out this: Heb 13:7 Remember them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the word of God: whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation.
Heb 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.
Heb 13:9 Be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines.

They had the word of God. Which was a rare possession back then. Not so rare today. Oh, but, you say they have seminary educations? Which seminary? Oh, a conservative, orthodox one? Like Westminster Theological Seminary? Good, solid Reformed seminary, right? That employed Peter Enns for twenty years (who is pretty much the equivalent of a doctrinal blood drinker, and always has been)? Good discernment, conservative, orthodox seminary. Not to mention employing Norman Shepherd. God knows who else they've employed or still employ. These are professors, folks. The very people who teach these benighted seminary graduates.

(Look at the recent, actually ongoing, case of Pastor James White. He recently sat on a stage with a Muslim jihadi saying in a puppy dog, beta cuck tone: "You are my mentor, sir. What you teach me I follow." This is a 'church leader.' One would be better off submitting to his dog, if he has one.)

This comes down to how God sees Christians vs. how Satan wants Christians to be. God makes his elect prophets, priests, and kings. Satan takes the sheep metaphor and runs with it to the point of saying: "In the nursery for life, sheep! You eternal milk drinkers! It's not for you to become lions of the faith, or so-called prophets, priests, and kings. Who are you? Submit to my carefully selected church leaders. I, Satan, am a very skilled gatekeeper. My selected leaders will keep you safe. Don't worry. And don't get uppity. And don't read those Bibles either. Let my, ahem, I mean your church leaders read it for you. They'll spend a full hour on half a verse, just like I tell them to. But you're too stupid to catch on even though I tell you this. See you in hell for eternity, sheep."


A rule for living in end times

The end times get into final stage when Satan asserts dominion over the entire planet. Clearly that has been happening since the early 20th century with Marxism and arguably even more so now with Islam operating on top of an entrenched layer of cultural Marxism.

The Devil's two biggest fronts in these latter days have been Marxism and Islam. Islam always, of course, but with the current reawakening of the massive evil that is Islam it takes on the role of being the army of Satan in his putsch to attain dominion over areas of the earth God didn't give him access to prior.

Marxism is the power of the 'air', the universe of discourse, where evil ideas get propagated with lightning speed because they have Satan's power behind them. Marxism does not have to be bloody revolution, but can merely be things like Critical Theory, able to defile institutions and minds and cultures and civilization itself. Cultural Marxism.

How are God's elect to act in these times? How are God's elect to see all this in the light of Scripture?

As one of God's elect the way to see all this is: it may very well be decreed by God, in His plan, that Satan has these victories all the way to the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Yet the Bible tells us to confront the Devil. It doesn't tell us to acquiesce to the Devil's (and his children's) putsch on the entire planet.

This is how to see it: we confront the Devil at every step, and in the process of doing that the already called out elect both temper ourselves in the battle, and - in the demonstration of that battle - call out the rest of God's elect.

Any Christian leader or educator who tells you to acquiesce to Satan's advance all around us is either duped, weak, or demonic.



I, like a lot of people, am shaking my head that I ever fell for the neocon ruse. As someone said recently, though, the neocons fooled everybody; they crafted their lies well, and they hid their motives well. It didn't help that their most aggressive critics were know-nothing leftists who snarled at neocons while supporting the same thing on the left side of the uniparty.

In fact, all 'schools' of foreign policy in Washington were really the same thing. Like good Marxists they took the real choice off the table, which was the traditional foreign policy of the Founding Fathers.

Here's a good, non-mainstream article on what neocon/neoliberal mean.

David Goldman (who goes by Spengler at times) is always fun to read when he's talking about his old neocon buddies. He left the movement long ago. In the linked article he demonstrates why Trump is a force for good and what he's up against.

While you're at it go through this page with all its useful links. If you have a knee-jerk dislike or hatred for Trump try to see how that is very shallow (and wicked if you are at all conscious of what he is going against). Many Christians, not street level but seminary educated (which means unknowingly addled by cultural Marxism), took a negative approach to Trump not realizing they were fully on the side of the Devil in doing that.


Islam again kills women and children...James White gets angry at Christians

[Update: James White has run for the tall grass. He was challenged to debate a former Muslim on these issues and on White's recent behavior, and White has refused. White always runs when confronted. He embodies the worst of modern Christian leaders and educators. He's shallow, but he also seems to take pleasure in seeing the Devil have victories in this world, in these end times. A sign of a lack of regeneration, among many other signs...]

Once again, just after another bout of heroic woman stabbing and child massacring James White doesn't disappoint in his refusal or inability to acknowledge that the 's' in Islam stands for Satan.

Like 99% of pastors in America James White is a beta cuck unconsciously brain-addled by cultural Marxism.

If you're a pastor "in good standing" in America you can't believe in anything "wacky" like the supernatural. The world will mock you, and you can't have that. The Holy Spirit has nothing to do with the word of God and its preservation, and Satan has nothing to do with Islam.

Update: James White is finally being recognized as an apostate and useful idiot for Islam:






Addendum to a previous post on the human races

A continuation of this post.

The more animalistic a people look the more the Devil has defiled their racial bloodline.

This also happened prior to the flood. God wiped out all living creatures because of it. Then He said He would not do that again, so the Devil did his thing again, defiled the human blood line(s), and so here we are again. God has let it go this time, though there will be a judgment.

Asians resemble monkeys, Africans resemble great apes (such as gorillas and chimpanzees). It is only the extent that any individual one of them has white blood that they look anything approaching the original human creation.

These comments freak people out, but they're made just for understanding. We're all in the same boat regarding salvation. No faith in Christ (who is God just as the Father and just as the Holy Spirit is God) no salvation. No faith in Christ, no salvation.

Political-correctness is fear of the world. The theories Christians give for why there are many human races are all garbage explanations meant to show the world that they 'properly' fear the world.

When the Devil defiles the bloodline of a people it changes the structure of the soul of that people. Regeneration by the word and the Spirit, though, restores an individual soul back to how God created the human soul.