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Discern the spirit of the Devil

The Reformed seminary crowd is all in an uproar over yet another one of its own 'converting' to the Roman Beast church. (And it's been said rightly that God converts us to His church, we don't 'convert' ourselves to anything but a false church.)

Summing the situation up it is just due to the fact that regeneration by the word and the Spirit is not a condition for graduating from a seminary or getting ordained into a leadership position in a church. Nor could it be. Which is why nobody should put too much, if any, emphasis on seminary degrees or church leadership credentials. That's not what the faith is about.

But I want to highlight something I saw on the new Romanist's blog. In this post he ended with a parting shot:

"After all, we're not evangelicals."

If you know these types you will discern the very alive vibe of the spirit of the Devil in this last parting shot from this Jason Stellman individual.


Anonymous ct said...

Harsh? Harsh as hell. Or, not as harsh as hell. Take your pick.

Notice the "me, me, me" in these types who accuse others of 'individualism', as they seem to think they understand that term.

June 11, 2012 at 1:51 AM  

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