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Open letter to Nabeel Qureshi

You've got a churchian's faith. If you had the faith of a Christian you wouldn't care that you're dying or living. A real Christian doesn't put family above faith. A real Christian knows things will work out the way they're supposed to for children or spouse or anyone else. You say Ravi Zacharias is your spiritual father. He's your employer. He also oversees a fake, plastic live event gig careful not to step on anyone's toes (or the least toes possible). You read from a Bible that has been carefully conditioned by Satanists in the 19th century. Even in your current state you will still dredge up a mocking, faux-knowing academic grin at reading that. It's about your state when you read the Bible, or just hold the Bible. You look down on it. You put yourself in a position to declare what it is and what it isn't. Man in the place of the Holy Spirit.

The faith that you have, however big or little, will save you. Even with you going beyond the veil expecting results from prayer, as if you're the first to die young with a Bible in your hand. Or a child in your home. The closest you've been to a real experience of what being a Christian is has occurred after you were diagnosed. Even in your caterwauling about (intellectually) you are getting a positive experience. Even as you posit it all as being "God, heal me, because otherwise..." We can all be certain God has seen many cross the threshold to glory throwing up all over themselves in a spiritual sense.

You know you are looking bad, it shows in your face. Yet you can't be expected to develop and increase in level of understanding and being in such a short amount of time. All your time prior has been spent as the fake, academic, churchian Christian. Praised. "If I go here I'll be praised. If I go there I'll be more praised. If I get a job there I'll be talked about and praised. Praise God..." The only shock you should be feeling right now, the real shock you are feeling right now, is the shock of what it's like to be a real Christian. It was foreign to you in your prior life. No human being can know what's in your heart; only God can know what's in your heart. You only have to answer to your Creator. He's working you over right now. Which is good news no matter how it ends.


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