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The Christian's foundational goal: read the Word of God 7 times complete

Every Christian should have the goal to read the Word of God complete, Genesis through Revelation, 7 times.

When I say read the Bible complete 7 times the voices of the devil mock. (I.e. the mainstream realm of Christianity that fears man more than they fear God.) Why do they mock? One even said, "That's not biblical!" It's not biblical to read the Bible complete 7 times? How so? Is it biblical when Jesus says "have ye not read" at least 10 times in the Gospels? Do you mock Jesus too for saying this?

Then they say, well, it's that number. The number '7'. That's not biblical. But is it not biblical? Does not the Bible use the number seven over and over to symbolize or represent a number of completion and perfection?

If one were to set a goal for reading the Bible complete one could do worse than setting the goal at seven times, no?

Let's state it stronger for the outraged man-fearers: you can't read the Word of God complete, Genesis through Revelation (unique, complete, dedicated Genesis through Revelation readings) 7 times and be the same after you do it. You simply can't. It is an effort that can not but make you more serious in your faith. It is an effort, when done humbly and dedicatedly and diligently, that can not but move you closer to God (and read in James 4 what happens when you do that).

It is the very foundational effort of a Christian because regeneration itself is effected, when it is, by the Word and the Spirit, and regeneration is the foundation of eternal life.

You put yourself in the very environment where regenenation is effected, and you put yourself there in a serious, non-desultory, non-nebulous, non-scattered way, when you set the concrete goal to read the Word of God 7 times complete and complete that goal.

Read the Bible complete, Genesis through Revelation, 7 times (or die in the effort). All other kinds of Bible reading and study will follow naturally (and more profitably) in the wake of those complete readings. It's a sound, practical, doable, foundational goal for all Christians.

One note: part of what the devil does is impersonate Christ and have his followers impersonate the followers of Christ. Muslims read their [un]holy book in a zealous manner and make noise about even memorizing it. The devil knows this gives a bad impression to the very notion of reading a holy book - any holy book - in a zealous manner. This is the devil's goal. Don't allow the devil to achieve this. Read the Bible as zealously as any muslim reads - or affects to read - his unholy Koran. God wants you to read His Word. He wants you to conquer His word (as Jacob tried to conquer the Angel). Read God's Word so that it is written - carved - on your heart. Seven times around Jericho, and the walls fell. Conquer the Word of God.


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