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Why heaven isn't boring

Here's the reason heaven is not boring: because it's a Kingdom with hierarchical levels. The Kingdom of God. Kingdoms are good when God Himself is the King. In our fallen world democratic institutions work best to check the nature of fallen man. A kingdom, of course, in a fallen world is not necessarily the best form of government. But when God is King a kingdom is the best form of government. And in the kingdom that is the Kingdom of God (heaven) there is real liberty to develop and move up levels of the natural hierarchy that constitutes the structure of the kingdom. This eliminates boredom because having a real goal and being engaged in attaining that goal is a cure for boredom.

Another factor at play is the fact that in a glorified body one is able to be externally what one is and becomes internally.

Another factor at play is: because there is real liberty in the Kingdom of God it means that the citizens of that Kingdom - the citizens of the New Jerusalem - have real self-command. This is the result of sanctification and glorification. So this means: in the Kingdom of God (heaven) there are less laws to constrict one. (Because there is a higher degree of real self-command in individuals so that they don't need alot of external laws to control them.) This just means that in heaven there is a degree of real liberty unknown to fallen man in the fallen world.

Another factor at play is: along with the fact of less laws (which includes physical laws of nature even) there is more delight and joy due to higher levels of emotional energy. Fallen man transmutes higher degrees of emotional energy into explosive negativity and anger and depression. If he gets any in his system. With real self-command and inner development (santification/glorification) man is able to contain higher levels and degrees of energy (more refined energy) and even live in environments with higher, more refined levels of energy, which translates into what is evoked by the word delight, or joy.

The main thing is knowing that in the Kingdom of God there will always be a level above you that you will be able to set a goal to attain to. This cures ennui and depression and boredom. It also means that one can simply live happily on the level they are currently at until they feel the necessity, within them, to move up. And in the Kingdom of God this vertical movement is possible, and the new level will be truly new for that individual; i.e. the effort to move up is truly worth the making.

In the fallen world free market economy mirrors God's liberty best because it also allows for the most liberty and vertical movement if one makes the effort. (Adam Smith even stated in his Wealth of Nations that he was merely delineating the laws of God's liberty in the realm of economic activity.) Of course free market economy in the fallen world mirrors God's liberty poorly, but better than any other system of economy. Better than centralized command economies or tradition economies, where individuals are either glorified (or not so glorified) slaves or stuck in a family situation with little opportunity for anything else. Modern day children of Belial will say that free markets create a slave like environment, but in a fallen world where perfection is not attainable this is a cry of either the devil or the severely ignorant and immature.

That aside on free market economy aside... The main point of this post is: in heaven there are less laws, and more real liberty, because there is self-command; there are higher levels of energy which translate into delight and joy; and there is a natural hierarchy where everybody is at their natural level, yet can move up; and having that very goal available to always be able to move up a level is a cure for any kind of boredom or depression that is sometimes associated with heaven when fallen man speculates about heaven. And keep in mind: attaining a new level in the Kingdom of God means attaining something that is truly new. Not something you can know about prior to getting there...

Not that everything has to be geared towards 'moving up'. Only if you're bored with where you're at... Moving up might involve some initiation or baptism of fire type pain too... Real development has to be real development...

[One note: man's internal being has to be a kingdom as well. Man as microcosm ideally is a kingdom; but you can't exercise real command of your inner domain until you accept the real command of the King (Jesus) above you. When you develop - in the process of sanctification - you become internally a kingdom. This is hard to describe without using extra-biblical language, but the 'you' that is king becomes a more stable, real presence within you. Not just one of a thousand shifting, unstable "I's" which take central stage within you willy-nilly beyond your control, and unknown to each other. Anyway, it's instructive to know that to truly move up in a real way within the hierarchy of God's Kingdom you have to mirror, within your own internal being, the level you are going to.]


Blogger c.t. said...

This potential of vertical movement in God's Kingdom, Heaven, also is what replaces the 'drama' of good vs. evil at this fallen world level.

April 22, 2017 at 3:42 AM  

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