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Alexandrian Christians and apostolic Christians

There are apostolic Christians and there are Alexandrian Christians. The Roman Papist church was and is a church of Alexandrian Christians. Establishment Protestant churches and denominations effectively became Alexandrian during the 19th century, joining the Roman Papist church.

Apostolic Christians are God's remnant which he always has in any and every era of the history of redemption.

A mark of Alexandrian Christians is their willing and enthusiastic adoption of Alexandrian 'bibles.' A mark of apostolic Christians is their discernment of and high valuation for - and defense of - the Traditional Text Word of God.

In English the Traditional Text Bible God gave his people is the Authorized Version of 1611, otherwise known as the King James Version; and prior to that the Geneva Bible and prior to that all the versions based on Tyndale's inspired work culminating in the crown, the AV1611.

Alexandrian Christians, Romanist and later establishment Protestants, have always hated the Traditional Text as given to God's own by the Holy Spirit. They hate it because it requires regeneration to value what is God's. The Traditional Text has always and ever been a reminder to Alexandrian Christians of their vanity and willful, worldly pride, and ultimate rebellion from and hatred for God. To hate God's whole and pure Word is to hate God himself. So we see how establishment Protestants, already having given their souls over to formalism and ritualism and moralism and clericalism like their Romanist cousins, enthusiastically adopted the work of the atheists and spiritualists of the 19th century in giving them their very own Alexandrian 'bibles.'

Today their spiritual offspring do nothing but scoff at and mock apostolic Christians who value God's whole and pure, Traditional Text, Word. So be it. God's own know the voice of the Shepherd.

May the Alexandrian Christians, one by one, find it in themselves at some point to humble themselves to the Word - the real Word of God - and the Spirit, and put themselves at least in the environment where regeneration happens, when it does happen: the whole and pure Word of God. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. The devil knows this and does everything in his power to prevent it. Which is why the Alexandrian 'bibles' exist in the first place...


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