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I'm shunned by the Village of Morality... Oh my soul, what peril, what peril?

For context of this comment (and directions how to walk through the gate) go to the thread here:

I use the biblical categories of fearing God or fearing man. This gets to the heart of it all. Once you truly fear only God you are separated from the world; and you know it because the world lets you know it, for one thing; i.e. you can't fear only God and still be in back-slapping league with the world. The world knows when you switch camps. When you switch from the camp of darkness to the camp of light. It not only happens in this physical world, but it happens in the spiritual world as well, and this can be 'seen' by people and the world in general. "You're not one of us." From your point-of-view you'll go through different phases where you'll try to pretend nothing's different, but the world will sneer at you. Then you go through the real baptism-of-fire-separation. Then you get tough or you fall into a lame depression (Slough of Despond) or a lame community (Village of Morality). Or you go back to the City of Destruction pretending - or not - you're on the Way (cue the Roman Catholic theme song), but you never walk through the Wicket Gate...


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