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The idolatry known as the fear of man is a strong idolatry.

It causes you to be a respecter of persons.
It causes you to live in the deathly Village of Morality.
It causes you to be and remain shallow (by disdaining and mocking and being fearful of influences that the men you fear and revere tell you to disdain and mock and be fearful of; the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, pilgrim -- the fear of the Lord).
It causes you to stumble at the stumblingblock of sacramentalism and clericalism.
It causes you to take the word of scholars (and any other worldly figure) over the still, small voice of conscience that your faith and the Holy Spirit give you.
It causes you to deny the supernatural regarding God's Word and its preservation so as not to be mocked by men.
It causes you to defend the faith using the approved language of the world, denying the pure, regenerating language of the Word of God and the bold, innocent, and powerful language of faith.
It keeps you from leaving the vanity and illusion and spiritual bondage of the devil's kingdom (yes, all you shallow back-slappers and yes-men I'm talking to you), and walking boldly onto the Way, making your way in the Kingdom of God, with God's full armour, as a priest, a prophet, and a king.


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