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That Grand Satanic Lifestyle

This book looks to be a comprehensive read on the ideal - absolute pinnacle ideal - life that a fallen human being, dead in sin, with all the sinful desires of a fallen human being within them, could possibly lead.

Violence, sex, revenge, power, putting oneself in the place of God Himself. Everything else one can imagine one could do if one had absolute power in this world.

I'm drawn towards this book (and similar ones), and always have been. It's because, obviously, we have in us what a Mao actually lived out. I'm not saying we all have it in us to do what Mao acutally did and to the degree he did it, but we ARE drawn to reading about it afterall (at least I assume others are like me to some degree).

Read the review by amazon reviewer C. J. Griffin in the link above. His is the best overview of the book I've read (including the New York Times review which is comical in that the liberal reviewer can't help but praise ol' Mao even after listing the horrors he inflicted on hundreds of millions of human beings).

But that liberal has an ideal. The ideal of a totally depraved, unregenerate soul. He shares the devil's ideal. Of course it'd be great to be Mao and indulge torture and murder at random and have your every idea and whim carried out and inflict revenge of the most delicate and brutal kind on anyone, and all the while have 50 palacial estates where you have orgies with the most beautiful women and maybe even get to strangle several of them in the act of satisfying yourself, or torture them to get sexual thrills, and everyday, for half a century!

And to have people praise you! To have leftists in the west write books full of the propaganda and lies you've fed them! Such willing fools! And did I mention the orgies at the 50 estates?

Note the mode of torture too. Prisoners being dragged through the streets of a village behind a truck by wires that have been pierced through their genitalia... If you're the devil of the world that is great! (Mao admitted to experiencing a high he couldn't describe the first time he witnessed atrocities in person.)

We have all that in us. It is all potential in us. (Maybe some of us would cut back on the torture and genocide and concentrate more on the 50 palaces and endless supply of sex, but a 'little' torture and killing is certainly in all of us...)

It should be an interesting book if you approach it in this context. If a human being were given the temptation the devil tempted Jesus with (to rule all the kingdoms of the world). So read it and see yourself in it. Maybe use the book to confront all that in yourself and consciously purge it from you. Is all that worth an eternity in hell? And guess what, even the victims of Mao who were unsaved sinners get to go to the same hell Mao goes to (yes, I go by what the Bible says because I believe it, and if God has some other program for how those victim may be saved that may have to do with aspects of time as we can't perceive it then so be it, but meanwhile I go with what God says in the Bible).

So, at first I was going to link this book and a review of it and say how satanic Mao was and how repulsive these liberals are who make excuses for him and still praise him and etc., etc., then I thought, let's take another approach, I've always been drawn to these books about totalitarianism and torture and all that...let's be honest about this. It's a book that encapsulates the most absolute degree of living Satanically on this planet that a human can attain (or fall in) to.

Maybe for me who has already read my share of these kinds of works the effort would be to NOT read this book. But for others who havn't come across this kind of material? Read it and see your Satanic self in Mao. Then for part by part of that grand Satanic lifestyle cancel the temptation of it all within yourself and use the Words of God - and the warnings of God - as your antidote...

As, of course, a regenerate being I wouldn't want the least degree of anything like what's in that book on my record. I'm a wimp, by these worldly, Satanic standards. Yet as long as one is still in the flesh, where the 'old man' wars with the 'new man', and the carnal nature wars with the Spirit then it's useful to see in yourself the ultimate, absolute degrees of evil that a human being can possibly consider the Satanic ideal and even possibly live out (like Mao) and then to weigh them in the balance with the Word of God and the ideal of glorifying God...


Blogger c.t. said...

Along the lines of the subject of this post in another realm and time I use to recommend to people that they read de Sade (to confront the lowest most explicit acts of sex and torture that are deep within all fallen human beings and just to awaken to it all so as to not be in the control of it to any degree unknowingly). Even though de Sade could be said to be cartoonish his material is still very effective, even in a media age of very available visual port and violence.

In fact I used to include de Sade on my lists of influences alongside the Bible and Homer and Plutarch and so on. Yet I'd always get raked over the coals for it. Then I'd explain just why I recommend de Sade, but it was all too confusing (partly because de Sade had this inane philosophy that he mixed in with what was of most value from him, the descriptions of sex and torture, the absolute hell-calibre, hell-level degree he was able to describe. The same aspect of de Sade that educated 19th century writers and philosophers like Dostoevsky and Nietzsche... So I'd have to say "I'm not recommending him for the 'libertine' philosophy! da** it!" And a thousand other caveats were necessary, so I stopped recommending de Sade, but works that describe 20th century totalitarian regimes and their torture and murder and also the Satanic lifestyles of some of the top monkeys &c. (Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, and their henchman, etc.) work just as well, and the Mao book seems to be rather exhaustive for this type of material and influence...)

October 22, 2005 at 11:59 PM  
Blogger c.t. said...

That would be 'porn and violence' and not 'port and violence' (though alcohol does play a rather insidious role, as do drugs, in most all the most unhinged and promiscuous and most violent acts in this fallen world...)

October 23, 2005 at 12:01 AM  
Blogger c.t. said...

Look at some of this other books reviewed by C. J. Griffin (he writes good reviews).

(Right click and open the link in a new window to get out of his comment box...)

October 23, 2005 at 3:29 AM  
Blogger c.t. said...

I should say the reviews above-mentioned are of recent book exposing the terror and torture and murder and repression in all the leftist totaltiarian paradises of the 20th century. It's a good education to see just how vicious the followers of the devil are (which mean Roman Catholics as well when they have power) in how they go about torturing and mudering their victims. They of course don't spare children either.

All that is not known now is known to God. All will get their reward... Not excluding all of you reading this who support the devil's program politically and religiously and economically and via propaganda and education. Amen.

October 23, 2005 at 4:03 AM  
Blogger c.t. said...

No propaganda in the history of the world keeps anything from God's eyes.

The devil has a well-oiled propaganda machine on this planet, and his followers play their role in it in a dedicated, diligent manner.

It won't protect them when their flesh bodies die. God will balance the book.

October 23, 2005 at 4:16 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Do you think it's possible at all to run a "Christian Commonwealth" after the manner of Calvin's Geneva or the Plymouth Colony? Or are there always likely to be too few of the Elect to make a proper go of it? Is it possible to strive for a Christian society? And if so, what principles should be borne in mind by those who govern it?

And, what do you think: can there, in some cases, anyway, be a "natural" repugnance to evil? It would seem that some outside the circle of Christianity strive for at least certain forms of virtue--against, for example, excess of libido or cruelty run rampant--without any explicit or traceable linkage to Grace.

October 23, 2005 at 6:54 PM  
Blogger c.t. said...

Calvin's Geneva was more a school. Perhaps it needed to take control of civic power to maintain some security, but it's main purpose was to be a place where Christians could go, live in safety, and learn in the school of Christ. It was a rather powerfully effective school, history shows...

The early colonies by the Pilgrims and Puritans in America were not so much schools as they were like the beginning note of an octave that culminated in the constitutional republic the United States became. A Christian nation based on that note sounded by the early Protestant colonists.

I am of the belief that God can make a Christian nation out of a desert wasteland in the most remote part of the world if He so decrees it. Just as he can make children of Abraham out of the stones on the ground...

What he wants His elect to do is to proclaim the Gospel to the world. If that requires a strong base to do it from then so be it, it will be founded and built and defended.

Christians will always be a minority, but that doesn't limit God's influence in this world.

As for the other subject: part of what common grace accomplishes is to put a check on the degree fallen man is able to act out his sinful nature. It isn't difficult to see what sinful man would be capable of in wreaking havoc on civilization if there was no check provided by God. Though we can also see that God hardens people and allows people to follow their desires, and obviously man creates hell on Earth (as we've seen throughout the last 100 years alone), so obviously God has reason for this, but it just demonstrates how depraved our fallen nature is and how we are literally in hell now (in the darkness and literal prison of Satan's Kingdom) and reliant on a Savior to literally save us from bondage to Satan's Kingdom and bondage to our own sin nature.

(I think it can be said you'll see more of the benefit of common grace in places where God's own reside and are doing His will... Though now it seems the devil and his children are infiltrating even into God's country and 9/11 is a good example of their hell manifesting in a place, in a way, that is, though typical of past historic events, new nevertheless for Christian America...)

October 23, 2005 at 9:16 PM  

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