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The Holy Sword

The Holy Sword

The Word of God must be engrafted into your heart.

The Authorized Version 1611 is the whole and pure Word of God in English.

A prophet, priest, and king engages and absorbs it complete, Genesis through Revelation, once, three times, seven times.

Seven dedicated complete readings.

With zeal. Zeal is the portion of your effort you dedicate to God, and God rewards your effort because of it. High valuation, aim (the number seven) and zeal make the difference. Desultory, scattered, incomplete readings increase no force...for understanding or anything else.

Establishment Christianity wants you playing church and staying away from the Word of God.

Establishment Christianity wants you fearing man and not fearing God.

God has His remnant. His remnant fear only God and value the whole and pure Word of God and the sound doctrine that comes from it; and God's remnant have desire for the practice of true, royal godliness - not moralism - that derives from contact with the Word of God; and God's own, with true liberty, engage in this, from a heart only regenerated by the Word and the Holy Spirit.

There are two kingdoms: the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. If you're not in one you're in the other. No in between. No opting out. And it's between you and Jesus Christ. No other mediator. No church, no man, no tradition of man, no group or corporate entity. Just you and Jesus Christ. The Spirit of Christ connects you to the Kingdom of Christ. Fear God only, engraft His Word into your heart, practice true godliness, in the liberty of Christ, and assault heaven against all men and devils.


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