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Some comments from another battlefront...

[The comments below may need more context, but basically they refer to typical claims made by certain types who have been ostensibly burned by charismatic churches and now espouse absolute positions on such things as how God communicates with believers and so on. They exhibit a real kind of dead faith. That they self-identify as Calvinist is ironic (or disingenuous) because Calvin and Calvinism has never been any of that. There is a deep and widespread (continuing on for centuries) effort to keep what Calvin and the Puritans believed and practiced away from Christians. It's because Calvin and the Puritans had the truth, and the truth is always attacked by the world...]

+ + +

Everything always gravitates towards Rome, or towards Geneva. But it has to be remembered that at Geneva the guy there was dubbed by history “the theologian of the Holy Spirit”…

Like by this rather famous gentleman:

“…Calvin pre-eminently the theologian of the Holy Spirit.”

“Previously, men had looked to the Church for all the trustworthy knowledge of God obtainable, and as well for all the communications of grace accessible. Calvin taught them that neither function has been committed to the Church, but God the Holy Spirit has retained both in His own hands and confers both knowledge of God and communion with God on whom He will.” - B. B. Warfield

Read the whole thing. There is a deep corruption of what Calvin taught (and what Calvinism is) going on today not only by the obvious bad-theology groups (FV, etc.), but more subtly by those who assert themselves as champions and defenders of Calvinism against those groups… It’s all ultimately Romish and dead.

+ + +

It's also, again, a regeneration issue. As is everything regarding the faith and debates within (and outside) the faith. Stand your ground against the Romanish dead faith 'teachers' and clerics. They want you where they are. Pure and simple. And, yes: that is evil intent.


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