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The signature of God's remnant

The very signature of God's remnant throughout history is and always has been the Holy Spirit given ability to recognize and value, and desire to keep, and protect, and defend - and spread and evangelize - the traditional text of the Word of God, against all persecution and assaults and temptations of the devil and the devil's anti-Christian forces. The role of establishment Christianity, on the other hand, in the past and today, is to be duped (and in many cases to be consciously and willfully duped) into accepting and pushing the devil's corrupt manuscripts. God's remnant are used by God to keep His Word - whole and pure - available for His own to come into saving knowledge of. Thank God for the sacrifice of the men and women and children of God who gave their lives - and were willing to sacrifice their very lives - for the shepherding of the whole and pure Word of God through time (culminating in the great traditional text Reformation translations that spread throughout the world and changed the world) for the benefit of fellow and future Christians. Shame on establishment Christianity that so easily gives up the whole and pure Word of God for a putrid bowl of the devil's porridge concocted by spiritualists and atheists of the 19th century and spread via the deadly perversions known as the NIV/NASB/ESV/NRSV/NLT/TNIV (etc.) into the innocent minds and hearts of Christians wherever the fear of man is stronger than the fear of God and establishment Christianity has its way. God's own know the voice of the Shepherd, and that voice is heard for the English-speaking world today in the whole and pure traditional text Authorized Version of 1611 known also as the King James Version. I thank God it exists and that I don't have to rely on vain and prideful establishment Christianity telling me what the Word of God is. God never meant for it to be that way, so He has ALWAYS made his whole and pure Word available for His own in all eras of the history of redemption. Thank God, and amen.

+ + +

ADDENDUM: Because I can hear the establishment Christians out there with their mocking I'll answer them: they are saying: "But what could be more 'establishment Christianity' than the King of England directing scores of church leaders and scholars to produce the Authorized Version?"

Well, establishment Christians, here's your answer: establishment Christianity was represented in the early 1600s by something called the Roman Catholic Beast church. The Reformation itself was a remnant Christianity movement, and its main objective was to bring the precious Word of God into the light of day, which began in a big way with Tyndale. The AV 1611 was the culmination of all that effort and sacrifice. It was a remnant Christianity effort AGAINST establishment Christianity. Establishment Christianity today naturally despises the AV 1611 and naturally is sympathetic to the satanic and Roman Catholic origins and corruptions of the Westcott and Hort text which establishment Christianity bases their perverted 'bibles' on today. No surprises.


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