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The Way doesn't exist within the Kingdom of Death

I'm really sorry you're so frustrated.

I'm not frustrated. I'm on the Way. I'm not in the cockroach motels of the City of Destruction or the Village of Morality. Being shunned by those communities is like being shunned by the Kingdom of Satan.

What can be disappointing is the difference in scale and value of ideas and insights and practices associated with the Way and the quickness and easiness the Village of Morality and City of Destruction Christians can bring anything down to the level of emptiness and death.

If one isn't careful this is how they effect you and warp you and warp the Faith within you and warp what you've come to know in your own efforts and experience and illumination by the Word and the Spirit. They really are poison as long as they are in those 'not on the Way' communities...

But you evangelize to reach the few within the many, so...


Blogger c.t. said...

Every word I write is intentional. They read it, it effects them, just as it's meant to... They read this, it effects them, just as it's meant to... I'm playing a role. The play is real though... The consequences are real as well. Nothing more than life or death...

December 3, 2005 at 9:46 AM  

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