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The Word of God is your guide in the spiritual realms

You're in the afterlife, making your way to the New Jerusalem. You seem to be in a realm you're not familiar with. It's dark. Hard to see where to go. You come to a point where it just seems you have to make a descent into the center of a mountain (to be, you suspect, entombed in rock for eternity). The 'guides' who have appeared appeal to your faith and your courage and say: "To get to God you have to do brave things." (I.e., they are saying, you have to be a hero and descend into the blackness deeper and deeper, and...well, hero, you'll find out...) What do you do?

Here's what you do: you ask yourself: what does the Word of God tell me? Did the Word of God ever tell me I had to descend into the center of a mountain deeper and deeper into rock and darkness? No! In fact the Word of God said God would give me power to confront and chase my enemies and ascend from such a situation and that He would put me on a high place where there is light and freedom and joy! Just then you see the Way that you couldn't see before, and it doesn't lead down. The guides see they are dealing with one of God's own, who has a real Sword, and run off.

So, that tough decision has been made for you. Made by the Word of God. (You can also now see just what side those 'guides' are working for, i.e. you have discernment from the Word of God.) But- You had to have gotten the Word of God into your heart complete prior to entering the afterlife to be able to use it like that for wisdom and practical navigation in the spiritual realms!

Note: much of Scripture is like this. Knowledge that may seem somewhat simple or obvious to you now but is as valuable as traffic and street signs (and as obvious and simple) once you are in spiritual realms. Something like: a wise man tells the truth, but a wicked man tells a lie. OK, you say, when you read that. Obvious. But in the spiritual realms these things become much more real and important with real, immediate consequences. You're confronted by an adversary. You're faced with a decision. You think maybe a lie would work best. Then you remember that verse from Scripture and you decide not only to tell the truth, but to be bold in proclaiming the truth. So you not only do what Scripture says and tell the truth but you find within you your new nature that in itself also has effect in your current situation. You not only tell the truth but you manifest a boldness in the face of your adversaries as a king would. So not only the truth is manifested but your nature as a king and an heir of the Living God is manifested. What adversary can stand before you? So, you see, you want to have all of Scripture inside you; every line of it; what you don't understand or what you think is 'obvious' as much as what you are drawn towards; you want to have it in your heart, in your soul. For reasons you may not be able to see or know about now...but that you won't regret then...


Anonymous NotJeff said...

You're in the afterlife, making your way to the New Jerusalem. You seem to be in a realm you're not familiar with. It's dark. Hard to see where to go.

What is your scriptural foundation for this description of the afterlife?

December 3, 2005 at 11:21 AM  

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