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The famine of the end time

The famine of the end times (a famine for the Word of God) has come to the point where the traditional text (what the Word of God is) is now seen as being a threat to one's allegiance to the world and to the fear (and reverence) of man. If one abandons the academically constructed and redacted work-in-progress 'newly-discovered' text for the traditional text one is making a statement about where one's allegiance lies: with God or with man. To give up the world, the good opinion of the world, and the fear of man is too much obviously for many if not most who self-identify as Christian (especially if they have academic vanity or institutional worldly vanity and pride to protect, or if they are just weak in being afraid to separate themselves from the good opinion of the world).

Look at the underlying arrogance, prideful, vain - Satanic - arrogance of a modern self-identified Christian saying he has the Word of God, and nobody prior to the spiritualist/atheist movements of the 19th century had the true Word of God. Think about that. Think about how when one of them who affects to value orthodox doctrine is cornered with the fact that, for instance, his 'bible' doesn't match the Bible used in the great confessions of faith and other doctrinal documents drawn up by men he affects today to admire and he responds by saying something as inane as: "Well, but they didn't even bother to carry out a rigorous and correct investigation as to what the correct textual readings are. They didn't have that ability." I.e., they didn't have the Word of God, or even discernment, or even enough valuation to even be awake to it all. God didn't give them the Word of God like He gave it to the spiritualists/atheists of the 19th century and their wide-eyed followers ever since.

To separate yourself unto the Gospel is to give up your allegiance to the world and to give up your fear (and reverence) of man and adopt solely the fear (and reverence) of God. To deny the traditional text and give your allegiance (and worse: to push) the man-made corrupt texts (while in many if not most cases literally mocking the traditional text and Christians who fear only God and have the discernment to know the truth about His Word and who act on it against all the forces of the world and man and the devil) is to place yourself with the forces active in bringing about the famine of the end time: a famine for the Word of God.

Addendum: It's about what you truly value. You give yourself away when you accept an incomplete and re-written Bible.

A person who truly values the symphonies of Mozart would move heaven and earth to acquire the complete 41st symphony if currently it is the fashion for all peformances and recordings of it to be based on academically reconstructed scores that leave out parts and rewrite parts. This is because the person VALUES the work of Mozart.

A person who accepts a Bible that has been 'reconstructed' and that leaves out parts and rewrites other parts when the real thing that has been in the possession of the remnant of God in all eras of the plan of redemption exists simply doesn't VALUE the Bible.

It's a regeneration issue.

You have yet to humble yourself to what is above you. You still demand to dictate to God what His Word is.


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