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Establishment Christianity vs. God's remnant

God always has His remnant.

The devil always has his establishment Christianity.

Establishment: A controlling group in a given field of activity.

The Beast is establishment Christianity. It is not constrained to one branch of the faith. Today it has been healed of its deadly wound given it by the heroic Reformers and Christians of the 16th and 17th centuries, the deadly wound it received when it was the establishment church called the Roman Catholic Beast, and is now reborn in the establishment Protestant churches. It still exists in the dead Roman Catholic church, but it is alive and active today in the establishment Protestant denominations and churches. (For the record, the Eastern Orthodox church has never been historical enough on the world stage to merit much attention from the devil, other than to be crushed by Islam and during the atheistic anti-Christ tyranny of communism. That it was so easily crushable says enough about its inner strength and purity in holding to the Word of God in faith and practice.)

But God always has His remnant. Something the Beast and his followers can't do anything about.

God's remnant don't mock the Word of God, and find any counterfeit of it to be abomination.

Establishment Christianity embraces all counterfeit of the Word of God.

God's remnant protect the Word of God and see to it that it survives and is available for God's own, when God is ready for them to come into it. God's remnant have the Holy Spirit to discern God's Word and to desire to protect it. The traditional text of the Word of God, which was shepherded by God's remnant through history, through deadly and vicious persecution inflicted by the devil and his followers in establishment Christianity, exists today. It is the traditional text that is the foundation of the Authorized Version of 1611 known as the King James Version today, and it is the foundation of every other Reformation translation that spread through the world and changed the world.

The devil and his establishment Christianity, like pouring poison into a village well, inserted the devil's manuscripts into the world in the 19th century. Deadly Alexandrian manuscripts, long recognize as purely corrupt and pure satanic poison by God's people from the beginning of their existence, were made the foundation of new versions and are the foundation of EVERY modern version of what is passing for the Word of God today.

Do you follow the Beast, Christian?

Do you value the whole and pure Word of God?

Can you discern the difference between the Beast's counterfeit 'Word of God' and the real thing? Have you been duped merely from your own laziness?

If you posses and use a modern version, Christian, you are following the Beast church. And if you value the words of modern day 'scholars' who lecture you on what is and isn't the Word of God and they tell you that the modern versions based on the corrupt Alexandrian manuscripts are the Word of God (versions such as the NASB, ESV, NIV, TNIV, NLT, NRSV, HCSV, and literally every other version that has appeared since the late 19th century) then you are listening to followers of the Beast.

God's remnant know the voice of the Shepherd and don't need a 'scholar' to tell them the difference between the voice of the Shepherd and the deadly siren call of the devil himself.

Separate yourself unto the Word of God, Christian. The whole and pure traditional text Word of God. Don't reverence man and the words of man. Fear only God, it is the beginning of wisdom.


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