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Two kingdoms

The basic fact of reality: there are two kingdoms. The Kingdom of Satan, and the Kingdom of Christ. The Kingdom of Darkness and the Kingdom of Light. The Kingdom of This World and the Kingdom of God. If you're not in the one then you're in the other. There is no in-between. In-between means you are still in the Kingdom of Satan. If you are indifferent to the fact of the two kingdoms then you are in the Kingdom of Satan; a slave and prisoner to the Devil and death. If you laugh at this reality you are a slave of the Devil in his kingdom. You can't be 'not included' in any way. You are, by default, a subject of Satan and his kingdom of death from birth; and you either remain there or you enter the Kingdom of God through regeneration by the Word and the Spirit and by faith in the only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the King of the Kingdom of God. Two Kingdoms.

This stark fact of reality of Two Kingdoms, God's and Satan's, is blunted by theologians who adopt the phrase 'two kingdoms' to apply it to that that is God's and that that is the magistrate's. See in this how doctrine is blunted by the devil working through unknowing (or sometimes conscious) human beings. Two Kingdoms refers to the stark reality of there only being the Kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of God and the hard fact that if you're not in one you are in the other. No exception, no in-between.


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