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An oft-asked question

So, how did you now you were regenerated and elect? Was it a feeling? An epiphinay? A telegram? Does your Church issue a document? How do you know?

Valuation for the Word of God and the wisdom of God on its terms and its ground.

Coming out of the bondage of the fear of man and only fearing God. This means, practically, real separation from the world and from family and from your old or common social contacts and milieu. This is initiated both by you (your new interests) and also, more painfully and confusingly, by the world against you. There is first an attempt to draw you back, but once they see you're not coming back they attempt to destroy you (i.e. they attempt to get you to destroy yourself because you are given some measure of protection from direct harm). As you go through all this you are being literally separated, in a hardcore way, from the world.

Discernment. Knowing which way is 'up'. This manifests in political and social things (not to mention spiritual things, i.e. God's truth), but also in basically all areas of life. You have the Spirit of Truth in you and you have new discernment. You can see how the Kingdom of Satan operates in this world, and you see it in history, and in current events and movements and various media phenomena, etc. All of this also involves having a motivation to learn the truth of things as well. Awakening to real discernment of 'up' from 'down' involves seeking and engaging influences that you wouldn't - most likely - have even touched prior to regeneration.

Those three things are central if not comprehensive. 1. Valuation for the Word of God on its terms. 2. Coming out of the bondage of the fear of man, and only fearing God; being truly separated out from the world in a hardcore and painful way. 3. New discernment. Being able to discern up from down.

The process or event itself of regeneration can only usually be seen over time in retrospect.


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