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Interesting observation on different realms

An email:

Point 1: I've just recently seen something. I've been reading Diana West's American Betrayal about how the Soviet Union since 1933 has been subverting and undermining the United States and western Europe and all English speaking countries and so on, and then how the current coming to life of Islam is doing the same thing using the same tactics.

Point 2: Diana West's book exploded onto the scene, was viciously denounced by neo-conservatives (former leftists and former communists who are now supposedly conservatives) and was ignored by the left since the right was attacking it, and it was ignored by the big mainstream press overall (New York Times, Washington Post, etc.) yet still made it into the mainstream at lesser levels (the Washington Times reviewed it, the mainstream blogosphere has championed it, etc.) and it's published by a mainstream publisher, and she herself is a mainstream columnist and journalist.

Point 3: just recently I watched one of those Christian videos about the *four hidden dynasties*. The four dynasties, or kingdoms, or systems, being 1. Government, 2. Economy, 3. Religion and Education, and 4. News and Entertainment Media. And how the spirit of antichrist works through those four dynasties to subvert and defile and attack nations and peoples and individuals.

The realization I had was twofold: 1. what I'm reading in Diana West's book isn't new because I use to be *onto it* when I use to be into the mesoteric, spiritual warfare side of Christianity (Arnold Murray even use to talk of such subject matter). So that means my resentment at the Soviet Union getting such a victory over us used to be seen simply as the usual attack from the Kingdom of Satan on everybody all the time and I didn't necessarily associate it with communism or the Soviet Union, though they certainly have played the agent for the Devil in it over the last 80 years no doubt. 2. Diana West's book exploded on the scene *because* it brought spiritual material into the mainstream where it is hardly ever seen or allowed to be. David Horowitz even said, during the initial attacks he and others made on the book: "This book should never have been written." And nobody could figure out why he, a defender of free speech and a foe of political-correctness and so on would say such a thing. It's because unconsciously he was expressing the worldly demand that things from the spiritual realm not be talked of in the mainstream worldly realm.

And as I've been reading the book my overriding thought has been that she is talking about spiritual warfare things, the spirit of antichrist as it attacks through those four things, Government, Economy, Religion and Education, News and Entertainment Media; yet she obviously is not writing about it all from that angle. That would make the book just like the video I referenced above, something in the mesoteric/esoteric realm that never makes it into the mainstream worldly realm.

Interesting... - C.


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