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Wake up.

(Update: the last third of this video is a pure scene from hell. Most Christians you know have no protection from this. Most self-identified Christians are shallow (worldly), vain (empty), and fear/revere man more than God. This will be exposed when the physical body dies, and personality falls away revealing essence. They will be victims like you see in this video (if not those holding the whips). You need to wake up in a real way. Get the Word of God into your heart in a real way (i.e. stop dictating to it what it is and start valuing it as something that is actually above you). It also helps to have the actual pure and whole Word of God in your heart. If you're still duped by the Vatican's - spritualist's - atheist's manuscripts you havn't arrived where you need to be. The Traditional Text is the whole and pure Word of God. Get it in the King James Version, the Geneva (if you must), the NKJV if you absolutely have a problem with expanding your vocabulary. Then practice the faith in real time by provoking your limits and struggling to expand your limits. Those limits are provoked in the three-front war with the world, the flesh, and the devil. The flesh wars with the Spirit. Accumulate the Spirit by being present. Learn how to do that any way you can, from any source you can find, or be led to by the Spirit Himself. The devil wants you to think you are regenerate and have a connection with Christ when you are indulging in vain ritualism and man-fearing clericalism. Moralism. Formalism. You need the Word and the Spirit. Move close to God, and He will move close to you. He tells you this. Fear God only, it is the beginning of wisdom...)

Next time you're at YouTube type in Saddam torture. I know there are any number of violent things to see on YouTube, but I specifically refer to what will come up when you type in Saddam torture. You'll see the Kingdom of Satan. You see what you have to look forward to when you don't have God. Whether you're the torturer or the tortured it doesn't matter because the roles will reverse eventually, and meanwhile the torture of expecting more torture will be your every-moment experience.

We've seen an incredible amount of this in our own era. The 20th century was full of it. Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, the wonderful Muslims, on and on.

Next time you hear or read people who want you to come away from Jesus Christ, the Word, the Spirit, God the Father, to fear and reverence man in their 'church', with their priestcraft (or cleric-craft, if they still call themselves Protestant) and their empty ritualism try to see it in the context of those videos. They want you in the Kingdom of Satan with them. For eternity. The only thing that separates you from that hell is the Saviour and your connection to Him (justification by faith alone -- alone; let me repeat that: justification by faith alone; in Christ alone; by God's free grace alone; it keeps you out of hell; and it's what the wicked of this world - calling themselves Christian or not - want you to deny). The only thing that has protected you from Satan's Kingdom in your life, if you have been protected from it, is God's common grace and the fact that God had you born where you were born. That common grace won't last forever. The wickedness of not only the atheists and leftists but the self-proclaimed Christians who attempt to draw you away from the faith with their man-centered doctrines and ritual is such that you can't measure it. They want you in hell with them. See them and what they offer for what it is.

Fundamentally they want to keep you from being regenerated by the Word and the Spirit. This is why they put ritual and clerics in the place of the Word and the Spirit. They mock you if you don't follow their program. They demand that you fear and reverence man rather than fearing and reverencing only God. Humble yourself to the Word of God and allow the Spirit to work in you. You can't regenerate yourself, but you can move close to God so that He will, as He says He will, move close to you.

The devil and his tame slaves and consciously wicked prisoners want you in the devil's kingdom. They want you in darkness and in the God-forsaken horror of where they exist and will exist for eternity. They are in rebellion to God. They hate God. If you go easy on them, or if you show any weakness in your faith towards the Saviour you will be in bondage to them. And they mock and laugh all the while.

Look at the grinning, mocking faces of all the current apostates claiming to be orthodox Christians. Innocent blokes, you say? Pure demons from hell. They hold human beings in bondage to the devil. Romanists in Protestant clothing. They channel the devil's spirit purely, and they do it instinctively and mechanically. Now look at the mainstream 'churchians' residing smugly over in their Village of Morality. They too, in a less sinister way, want you to stay in the Kingdom of Satan. Where they are comfortable to be. They enforce their formalism, moralism, ritualism, and clericalism.

Christian, you need armour. You need the Spirit. You need Jesus Christ, your Prophet, High Priest, King, Lord and Saviour. You need to fear God only. And you need to keep these satanic wretches, that would pull you down to their level, at Sword's point. They won't give up until you die and are glorified.

It's a joyous thing to fight the devil and grow in strength in the grace of God...


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