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This is the Faith

This is the Faith: 3 lines:

1. Engage the Word of God to be mighty in the Word. Regeneration and then conversion. You can't control it, i.e. make regeneration happen, but you can engage the Word of God and force the issue. God likes that (just read Him). Conversion is something you can play a part in. Seek sound doctrine. Biblical doctrine.

2. Your practice of the faith. Means of grace come into play here. Active, progressive sanctification (i.e. effort on your part) comes into play here. Finding the practical level of the Faith; what you do. The Spirit speaks regarding these matters. Not to all. Especially not to Village of Morality types, or any who mock anything that isn't spoken by a seminary professor fresh from the nearest ice cream shoppe wearing a proper suit and tie. Natural revelation also plays a role here. With the Spirit you have discernment. Use it.

3. Evangelize the faith. This is what you do for the Faith in general. This is effected by proclaiming the actual Word of God. Even a sharp "Jesus saves" at the right moment can do it all, in time. Don't look to convert people, only God can regenerate and convert people. And don't look for immediate results, if any (the time between planting the seed and the seed growing and coming to fruition, if it does, is such that you will likely be long gone from the scene). Just don't argue or beg or try to convince intellectually. Regeneration is effected, when it is, by the Word and the Spirit. Use the Word. That actual Word of God.

General comment: notice none of the three lines above need a church building? And as for the means of grace: the non-biblical word 'sacrament' is for carnal fools. Baptism is nothing if not performed by the Holy Spirit (it's called regeneration, and it's not effected by a ritual and a cleric) and the so-called Lord's Supper is when Jesus said when you eat and drink remember Me. This doesn't mean eat wafers and drink grape juice from little plastic cups thinking you are receiving grace. (Zwingli told you this was for the most stupid among us, and yet you still have to cling to worldly, carnal, devilish, Romanist superstition). Jesus said be awake and love your enemy. None of you ritualist, formalist, clericalist, moralist church Christians quote this (you don't quote Jesus in general because you've made your family the faith, and Jesus kind of doesn't go along with that definition of the faith). You want a real means of grace? Be awake and love your enemy. These two acts have a depth of practice that requires the Holy Spirit to guide you into. Make yourself able to receive such teaching.


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