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Email to Pastor Lane Keister (GreenBaggins) from Robert K.

[Updated below.]

You appointed a moderator in Reed dePace (if I have that name right) who defaults to a pro-FV stance due to his moderate stance and lukewarmness to false teaching alone. One of your other moderators posts a description of covenant theology full of concessions to Federal Vision doctrine saying it is impressively on-the-mark. Either he wanted to give that impression or he didn't know the subject matter enough to know better. You entertain FV clowns with the patience of Doug Wilson himself.

At this point observers consider all Presbyterian/Reformed churches, denominations and default doctrine to be Romanist Federal Vision poison. What else should we think? And on your blog notice the only people you ever keep threatening are the critics of the Kingdom of Satan the current messengers of which on your blog are calling themselves Federal Vision. All the lukewarm moderates and the satanists themselves get a free pass.

What kind of idiocy does it take to write up a full and complete report calling Federal Vision false teaching and then call them 'brothers in Christ.' Two things: it shows ignorance of the Word of God, and it shows a sick level of ignorance of false teachers (not knowing they would use that phrase to exonerate themselves before the world).

The sickness in the Presbyterian/Reformed churches and denominations and seminaries (how long did you all allow Shepherd to stay and do his thing?) is frankly a disgusting sight to this Reformed Christian.

Please stop calling yourselves Calvinists and Reformed. You're working for the devil at this point. - RK

Pastor Lane's reply won't be posted, as it is private, but here is RK's response:

People calling themselves 'pastors' who wouldn't know a wolf if it were eating their child before their face makes me a bit angry, to use your characterization. And from the beginning on your blog (and on every so-called Calvinist site I've been on - PuritanBoard, the yahoo lists many of your moderators contribute to, etc.) the pressure is ALWAYS put on the critics of Federal Vision to 'cool it' or 'you will be banned.' Meanwhile the devil's clowns are given a free pass. This is sick behaviour. This is Village of Morality behaviour which says the default Romanists are citizens of the same village as the Presbyterians and Reformed church Christians.

Again, please stop calling yourselves Calvinists and Reformed. You have forfeited that label long ago. Your seminaries have turned out false doctrine for most of the 20th century. Your churches and denominations, if not blatantly liberal and anti-Word of God are more insidiously false and deadly which is why you can't fight off even the most ridiculous of false teachers such as Federal Vision clowns.

You don't have any high ground. You've allowed what you've been given to be defiled by the world and the devil, and your default position is to show displeasure with God's elect who defend His Word and His doctrine and show comradery towards the false teachers and their followers who wake up every morning eager to continue their campaign to defile God's Word and His doctrine while you call them 'brothers in Christ.' - RK


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