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Book review

An Analysis of Herman Witsius' The Economy of the Covenants
by Patrick Ramsey and Joel R. Beeke
Copyright 2002, 67 Pages
ISBN 1892777223
Christian Focus Publications

You're in the spirit, in a forest. You come to a clearing. There are powerful angels in the distance that you know have seen you, yet they are keeping their distance, watching you. You know they are evil angels. Why aren't they coming after you? Because you're a king. An heir of the Living God of Creation. You are of the Kingdom of Christ. The polity of that Kingdom is the Pactum Salutis (Counsel of Peace, or, Covenant of Redemption, from eternity). You come to a great walled city. You enter the court of the King. You see your Great High Priest, your Prophet, and your King. You're bound to your King by a covenant. As you approached the great walled city you were met by others like you, in the same eternal Covenant of Redemption, and a host of angels ministering to you. A scene out of a celestial version of Malory? No. Your life in the Covenant, effected by the grace of faith, which came by the Word and the Holy Spirit. You're glorified, you have armor (of light) and a sword that puts the fear of God into the most insane evil among Satan's followers. The sword, the Spirit, the Kingdom. The Eternal Covenant between God and His elect, chosen from eternity.

[Review written in 2004.]


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