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Churchians and the single Christian

A big part of the shallowness of churchians is they have never faced themselves in the way of being alone with themselves. They exalt marriage and family to the ridiculous point of equating it with the faith itself because the mere thought of being alone with themselves represents to them all that is weird and uncool and ultimately unthinkable. They are shallow and hollow and when alone with themselves they see this void and freak out. The main crime here, though, is making 'church' a synonym for 'nuclear family.' What it does is it brings in all the worldliness of the world into a church, and really in very concentrated form. Then all the inane traits just follow: moralism ("My children are innocent and must be protected!" No, pilgrim, your children are infected and polluted with original and active sin like all fallen humanity. You got it backwards. "Well, my family is holy, and I am holy in being their leader and having fathered them!" No, you're family isn't holy, and you are a doofus. Just see to it your kids get a library card and some activity outdoors, and maybe give them some lessons on a musical instrument. As for you fathering them: wow, you did something 83 billion other doofuses with genitalia accomplished. It doesn't make you special.) Then all the array of inane traits associated with the big trait of churchians, their being uber respecters of persons. "Who is that person over there? Was 'he' invited? He looks alone. [silently: He doesn't look like us, either.]" Yeah, that person is called a Christian. A follower of Christ. Just the thing you most hate, churchian. And you know why? Because you instinctively know, even in your hollow being, that that Christian will be in the army of the King bearing down on you when you are engaged in looking for a rock to hide under.

Here is a post on the subject of singleness and church. Here is an excerpt:

"Today we need to rediscover the balance of valuing both marrieds and singles. Some of the greatest leaders of church history lived their whole lives as singles: Saint Francis of Assisi, Thomas Aquinas, Joan of Arc, Teresa of Avila, Thomas À Kempis, Bernard of Clairvaux. More recently, Protestant leaders such as Methodist circuit rider Francis Asbury, missionaries Amy Carmichael and Helen Roseveare, and German martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer were all single. C. S. Lewis was a bachelor for most of his life, married at age 57, was married for only four years, and remained a celibate widower after his wife’s death. British theologian John Stott, now in his 70s and never married, has had a significant worldwide ministry. Mother Teresa spent seven decades serving the poor in India as a single woman."


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Ignore this post, except for the subject and the substance of it.

December 18, 2008 at 10:46 PM  

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