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Homosexuals are out of the closet, why not Critical Text man-fearers?

It's finally happened. Academic Reformed Christi - excuse me - Churchianity, which gives authority to man and not God, has fully outed itself on the very representative forum called the PuritanBoard:

TR debates are hereby banned until further notice. I'll let all parties decide how they can fruitfully interact within the Church at large in the meantime.

'TR' equals Textus Receptus, or the Received Text of the Word of God, i.e. God's Word pure and whole, hated by the world and by anti-Christ and by all self-identified 'christians' who demand man be authority and not God.

So all defense of God's Word pure and whole is hereby banned on this worthless churchian site; and then notice he - a man - will "decide" how members of this forum can "fruitfully" interact "within the Church."

This occured because Thomas Weddle over there, who posts the least, but is most effective, exposes the critical text man-fearers directly. I.e., critical text man-fearers can't win the manuscripts argument. They lose every time. All they have is their sophistry and bullying (filthy creeps, when the King returns your bullying will turn into hiding underneath rocks, may your father the devil help you all he can - all he can, losers, all he can - which is all you can expect, which is nothing).


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