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Nine thoughts for atheists, like the intellectual Everests at the secularright blog

Atheists are always demanding evidence, except for macro evolution.

Atheists today seem to have decided to brazenly appropriate everything created, discovered, invented, built, and founded by Christians, much in the same way victim's groups like homosexuals have appropriated the collected works of Shakespeare. Or as Janeane Garofalo has appropriated the right to demand, from the couch of a television talk show, the turning of carrier groups in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

How to disillusion an atheist: gently point out to him that his atheist hero who wrote what he considers the greatest atheist manifesto in the history of non-ape civilization was in fact a Christian, and was, in fact, a Christian when he wrote it (that will confuse the atheist!). Yes, then suddenly Dostoevsky will no longer be his special hero. The positive for the atheist? He will be able to continue never actually reading anything by Dostoevsky other than that paperback of the extract from the Brothers Karamazov on the Grand Inquisitor.

Atheists are still looking to coin a word to describe themselves since 'brights' never went over. I suggest 'brains', since that is all they seem to think they are. Who are they to talk, think, and act as if they are above their brain in some sort of sense of self-awareness when all they are are a brain? "There is a Brain rally being held in front of the Supreme Court. Brains, bring signs, and be prepared to make some noise! Brainism is on the march! No longer will we Brains allow ourselves to be second-class citizens! (Be careful to drive safely as Brains can be irreparably harmed when colliding with things like windshields. We need all our Brains healthy and operating at optimum level!)"

Once the atheist recognizes the very ground he stands on is owned by God suggest to him a new slogan: "Christians to my right, devil-worshipers to my left; my ass is grass." That's right, atheists; some of you are puppies on the freeway, some of you are moose on the freeway, either way you're a bit lost.

The atheist lectures: "So as you can see, religion is a fairy tale. It's about pink unicorns. Now, if you are interested in reality and reason, let me tell you how fish turn into race horses..."

The atheist thinks meeting the claims of macro evolution is the equivalent of giving a course in macro evolution. Marxists of course have always thought the same thing.

Freud to atheists: sometimes a Cambrian explosion is just a Cambrian explosion.

There's a new atheist magazine coming out: Sixteen Forever.


Blogger c.t. said...

Yes, I defiled myself by an extended stay at the new secularright blog run by the strangely respected John Derbyshire of National Review.

What's most interesting about the blog is how all the contributors are exposing themselves as left-wing liberals.

Atheism defaults to left-wing liberalism. You can't be an atheist and have any ground to stand on to be a conservative. But that of course is the least of their problems...

December 14, 2008 at 3:27 AM  

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