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What you need to be doing as a Christian

What you need to be doing as a Christian is to be truly developing, now, in real time, as a spiritual warrior.

You need to be increasing in level of being, in consciousness (self-awareness), understanding, and ability to act from God's will.

You need to be getting the Word of God into you in the only way that makes it bedrock in your being, or in your soul: dedicated complete readings. All other kinds of Bible reading and study becomes profitable *only* in the wake of dedicated, ditch-digging, complete - cover-to-cover readings.

Understanding is seeing the parts in relation to the whole. Most people, for their entire lives, carry a disparate agglomeration of parts with no connection to the whole, hence they never achieve understanding. On the mark systematic doctrine helps (is indispensable) yet without having the whole of the Word of God in you understanding still won't appear. I leave regeneration issues aside, to be something that goes without saying.

Notice nothing trumps developing as a spiritual warrior. No family events or issues, no survival issues, death itself doesn't trump it. Not even evangelization, because we evangelize most effectively by our presence and our actions in life and in time itself. When we truly develop in our level of being we effect people - even people who are no longer present in this life - connected with us in time, and we influence them in ways it is not worth defending to shallow people. And it is only positive influence when true development of being is accomplished by degree.

We all face forces antagonistic to our development and our faith once we become regenerated by the Word and the Spirit. You are on the battlefield against the world, the flesh, and the Devil whether you like it or not. Then the battlefield that exists beyond the veil. It is on these battlefields that we need more than just surface knowledge. We need actual spiritual armor of God. We need the Sword of the Spirit and the shield of faith to a real, effective degree. We need prayer as higher will. We need real understanding of ourselves and the world around us; real understanding of the parts of our being; real internal command mirroring the command of the King above us.

We need to provoke our limits so as to be able to make real efforts to extend our limits. We need to confront and provoke the dragon in the darkness of the cave to be able to then slay the dragon. To be able to stand on that evil day you need to develop now as a spiritual warrior. Nothing rises above this in importance as a Christian. The love and peace merchants will be run over in their watery, worldly state of un-self-aware, non-understanding, self-deceived vanity and pride and 'holy' Satanic shallow arrogance like a squirrel under the wheels of a bus.

And I for one am not doing your fighting for you. If I am doing battle, beyond the veil, and I see you fools getting lost and duped and all the rest, I'm leaving you to yourselves. You weren't wise virgins, and you're not weighing me down. I know you're going to hell anyway, and that you want to go to hell, indeed have wanted all along to be in hell. What I'm writing right now is enough help from me to you to absolve me of any accusations of coldness towards you.


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