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Another open message to the iMonk at the Boar's Head Tavern

As the iMonk flops on the shore of the Tiber, actually, where the water meets the shore, allow me to offer a few thoughts...

iMonk, admit that 80 percent of your current kvetching is due to mommy-wife having gone into the Roman Catholic Church. Period.

That's a logistical problem for you, not a spiritual one.

The other 20 percent of your problems (what is causing your kvetching) are caused by the fact that you havn't actually read the Word of God. Preaching Matthew 6 in church last Sunday is not reading the Word of God. You need to actually engage the Word of God in a way that is the opposite of waking up every day to splatter posts on your various websites. You need to make a dedicated, day by day, complete reading - complete downloading - of the Word of God into your short attention span mind and heart and soul.

(Oh, and the fact that Travis Prinzi actually got a book published demolishing your self-image as *the Writer* at your pub. That is really stinging you as well. There is a current noxious mix of things jabbing sharp objects into your pride, into your vanity.)

The unity of the Kingdom of God exists in the new heart of every Christian. Externally you just need the Word of God, the five solas (simple, eh? doctrine all contained right there, five solas, can't argue with that, can you?) and your practice of the faith, which everyone needs to be led by the Spirit and the Word of God to develop and to do. 1. Word of God, standard and authority; 2. doctrine, five solas; 3. your 'rule', or practice, that you actually do. Then evangelize with your presence, and with the Word of God. Then wait on the Lord regarding your number of days...


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