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Pure ignorance

Just as one should never underestimate the role of drugs or alcohol in the strange and violent and criminal behaviour of human beings it is also the case that one should never underestimate the role of pure ignorance in the actions and statements of people in the realms of politics and religion.

This was brought to mind once again when reading prominent internet religion personality Michael "iMonk" Spencer scolding a Reformed Baptist for the crime of suggesting there is a difference in how Protestants and Roman Catholics view doctrine and also for suggesting that it matters.

Michael Spencer has admitted on his forum he is 'ADD' (attention deficit disorder), that he has never been able to read the Word of God through, and that he finds it difficult to take seriously anybody who does. Further, he states that he has never studied biblical doctrine in any kind of sustained way (in fact, he dropped out of his seminary education at the lowest level).

So we have this individual who is purely ignorant of both apostolic biblical doctrine and its corruptions into what is called Roman Catholic doctrine who then can still find it in himself to lecture to people (to the Protestants, of course) what is correct and what should be.

Just as when you hear of a boy who has killed his family you should assume the boy had been on any number of drugs prescribed by teachers and doctors (and the media has a policy to never mention such things, by the way) it is also the case that when you hear a political liberal or atheist or a Christian who defaults to criticizing Protestants continually and Protestant doctrine assume the person is purely and astonishingly ignorant of what he is speaking and writing of.

To be a liberal or an atheist or a Roman Catholic you just have to be born. To be a conservative and a Christian who understands and holds to apostolic biblical doctrine you have to come into contact with influences that educate you, and you have to be able to engage those influences in a non-desultory, dedicated way (not to mention value them).


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