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Received vs. constructed

"The Scriptures obtain full authority among believers only when men regard them as having sprung from heaven, as if there the living words of God were heard." - John Calvin

God's elect can discern the *received* text (Masoretic Hebrew/Textus Receptus Greek - in English Tyndale through the Geneva, culminating in the Authorized - King James - Version) from a *constructed* text (all modern versions based on the corrupt Alexandrian manuscripts discarded by God's elect for over 1500 years until found by theological liberals who can't discern up from down and don't want to discern up from down (don't value being able to discern up from down).

The Received Text has the authority of God in it. A constructed text has the authority of man (scholars) in it. Fear and revere God alone, it is the beginning of wisdom.

This subject is a matter of regeneration. The reason the scholars and their followers get so angry when disabused of their false beliefs is because it comes down to the fact that they have yet to be regenerated by the Word and the Spirit and they resent that some people *have.* Of course it is this very resentment towards God's elect, and this very distaste for God's pure and whole Word that is the reason they are currently unregenerate. You can't regenerate yourself, but God says you can move towards Him, and He will move towards you. If, though, you prefer to fear and revere man more than God you will never move towards God in a genuine way. All we elect can do is give them the truth. Give them the true, pure, and whole Word of God, and give them the truth.


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