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Oh, my

These people - Critical Text scholars - are more inane than angry Darwinians.

A flea feeding off the ass of an Erasmus or Beza had more understanding of biblical texts - and what they actually are and are for - than a conference room full of these pretentious imbeciles.

Funny to see the crossfire commence on James White as he stakes out his new in-between position. In-between the inane, secular, 'Christian' academy and the pure and whole Traditional Text Word of God (in English the Authorized, King James, Version) as defended and received by God's unashamed remnant in all eras of the history of redemption.

Darwinians laugh at us; atheists laugh at us; Critical Text scholars laugh at us; the world laughs at us... It's good to be laughed at by such people.

I don't think the devil is laughing at us, though. As a foe defeated by our King he knows better.


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