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Read slowly, read carefully, come out of the darkness

Update below...

Here is a quote from a debate about church polity and how many 'offices' there should be in a church:

The real answer (I believe). . .is that there are respected exegetes and theologians who teach a three-office view and there are respected exegetes and theologians who teach a two-office view.

Anyone who believes that they can definitively show from Scripture the three- or two-office view to the exclusion of the other is fooling himself. . .this is not a battle that will be "won" this side of glory.

Now substitute 'credo' baptism and 'paedo' baptism for 'three-office view' and 'two-office view'; then also substitute all the different views on the so-called Lord's Supper and insert them into the same quote above.

Why are these matters of ecclesiology and sacramentology not clear in Scripture? Because God intentionally made them not clear in Scripture.

Man and the world sees these issues as their way to insert the fear of man and to insert worldliness into the Church of which Christ is King. The Bible tells them otherwise. But you can't keep a good unregenerate fool down. Fools want worldly power, in all areas of life, including what they deem to be 'churches.'

Are you a born again (by the Word and the Spirit) Christian? Then you are a prophet, a priest, and a king. When some 'pastor' or 'minister' or 'reverend' or 'elder' - or worldly follower of such people, i.e. man-fearers - mock that reality and tell you differently know you are in the presence of an unregenerate fool, and act accordingly.

God kept such issues unclear in Scripture because in the history of redemption different approaches are needed in different eras. In this era the devil has a stranglehold on the so-called 'churches.' They've replaced the Word of God itself with the word of man (they've replaced the God-preserved Masoretic and Received Text with the Westcott and Hort Egyptian scarab beetle known as the Alexandrian texts favored by the Vatican and all heretics since apostolic times), and God's elect are kept out so that the devil's ministers can lord it over the currently unregenerate and keep the Word and the Spirit away from them to play for time - the only tactic, vain though it is, available to them - until they and their father the devil receive their long-due reward.

* * *

I forgot to mention that the Bible is not even clear on the Sabbath. When the Bible is not dogmatically clear on something it is intentionally not clear on it. Don't fear the word of man, fear the Word of God. Fear God, it is the beginning of wisdom.


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