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'Reverend' and 'Senior Pastor', confused, angry

A 'Reverend' complains:

But I'll tell you this: there are people dear to me who stop short of being willing to study the Bible with me, not because I wouldn't be willing to use a translation they were comfortable with, but because I don't think the KJV is the ONLY place where God's Word is reliable. Isn't that tragic?

No, it's not tragic, 'Reverend', you just ran into some individuals who have been regenerated by the Word and the Spirit, what you would mockingly call "born again Christians." We are rare. You happened to encounter some. They obviously didn't have a lot of confidence you had any understanding that can only come from something called the Holy Spirit if you can't even bring yourself to not fear and revere man more than God and if you can't even discern the pure and whole Word of God, i.e. the Voice of the Shepherd. It would have been good for you if you'd have been able to learn from them. Fat chance, though, eh, 'Reverend'?

A 'Senior Pastor' replies to what his colleague the 'Reverend' wrote:

That is not only ridiculously tragic, it is sinful and needs to be repented of, not just "dropped as a position."

Yes... "How dare you hold to a position I wasn't taught in 'seminary'? Who are you to affect an ability to discern truth? Who are you to affect to fear God and not man? Some men you MUST fear! Ordained clerics! AND IF YOUR SUPERIORS EDUCATED IN ACCREDITED SEMINARIES *TELL YOU* WHAT BIBLE TO ACCEPT YOU DAMN WELL BETTER ACCEPT IT!"

Quick, somebody take this horse whip out of my hand before I get into trouble... Oh, never mind. He just ran away. They always run away! Confront the devil, and he will run...


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