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Want to make academic Christians giggle? say "dark forces of evil"

Part of an email exchange where me and some others (with low opinions of genre fiction in general) were discussing the popularity of the fantasy/quest genre:

Another draw that the fantasy/quest genre has for people is it actually describes our world more honestly, in its own way, that anything else. I mean, in one there are evil Trollucs. Like fiercely evil trolls. Well, when you see M13 gang members, that come from over the horizon and infiltrate communities, spreading violence and fear and bad things, then what the hell are those beings? They are like fierce Trollucs. Or trolls, or whatever. Just say it. They are evil beings. An evil force.

And the big evil that is Islam, rising from wherever it was before its latest rising. The Dark Lord. Want to venture into their grasp any time soon? These are elemental forces and manifestations that humans paint language over to disguise them or make them more complicated than they are. The universal themes in the fantasy genre - especially the depictions of dark forces and evil - bring them to light. Where else is it even accepted to talk of dark forces and evil? Not even in modern day theology.

****** always hit on a good point regarding the Bible that is along these lines too: he kept saying that the Bible is really very simple in terms of good and evil and manifestations of both. I.e. under different names and symbols and words you basically find the devil and his spirit. Just as you see God in so many types and so forth. It can seem confusing unless you step back and see the elemental types in it.

Along the same lines what captures the word image "Dark Lord" better than those fierce, resentful, glowering, turbaned Muslim religious leaders with their dark visage and scowls giving instruction to their followers to do evil all over the world?

People can't see such obvious things. They can't see, first of all, that that is evil manifesting in this world; and even if some can see it they can't speak it without getting a howling tornado of pious outrage and mocking from the world.

At this stage of the game the people that are evil in this world and who support the evil in this world are going to stay evil. God has already gathered the vast majority of His own into His Kingdom. We live in the final uprising of the devil and his legions of followers. God has a small remnant left here. I don't get a sense evangelism is going to change the numbers we see right now. The fulness of time of the evil will reach its apex, and God will once and for all come down on them and usher in the new heavens and earth.


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