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Gail Riplinger takes another liberal to the woodshed

Here, once again, is the rare, bold voice of a Christian. Critical Text scholars and the liberals that follow them shiver with hatred when they come across Gail's voice because Gail exposes the devil in these liberals. Liberals who like to self-identify as Christian really (really) don't like being exposed. The devil's children like to live and do their thing *in the dark.*

God bless Gail Riplinger, and may the enemies of our King Jesus Christ continue to shiver in anger all the way to the moment they must face their Judge and answer for their vain, prideful rebellion.

Of course, they can also humble themselves and turn from the devil's filth and corruptions and perversions and recognize the very Word of God pure and whole (in English the Authorized, King James, Version, based on the Masoretic Hebrew and the Received Text Greek, i.e. the Traditional Text) as something that is above them and not something they determine it to be. That's asking a lot. The children of the devil really would rather not recognize *anything* as being higher than them.


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