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No, Zwingli was not an 'anabaptist', he just knew ritual didn't regenerate

The Romanist-style re-writing of history happening within Reformed seminaries continues apace.

What are the 'Reformed' academics protecting? Their baptismal regeneration (needed when you don't have the Spirit and disdain the Word of God that actually has the authority of God and not the 'authority' of scholars in it). Their clericalism (needed to defend their false doctrine; i.e. it's difficult to defend Romanist Beast doctrine without being able to have recourse to policing actions within your deathly domains).

Zwingli and Calvin both, in the midst of a vicious war, conceded bad doctrine in the areas of ecclesiology and sacramentology so as to win the war overall. Their followers have no such excuse for holding to the bad doctrine.

Our King Jesus Christ knows his followers. He sends His Spirit into our hearts. The death zones of the Roman Beast church and the man-centered, man-fearing Reformed seminaries are roach motels that will be dealt with upon the return of the King. (Reformed seminaries are singled out because Reformed Theology is doctrinal biblical truth, and that is always where the devil's followers infiltrate and set up camp - where the truth resides. Their reward will be painful, amen.)


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