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On the fetish for liberal politics in Reformed villages of morality

“Christianity.” (328-346) Banal, cleric-
al, idealistic chatter about the greatness
of Christianity (with quotations from
the Gospels!!). Disgusting, stinking!

Human devil Vladimir Lenin on a portion of Hegel's Philosophy of History.

Remember, Reformed academics and 'pastors': lukewarm, ignorant 'libertarians' never faced down a single communist or fascist in the blood-soaked 20th century. Politics is like the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan, you're either in the one or the other, no in-between. There is only up and down, there is no left and right, as Ronald Reagan said (and all you Reformed academics who just giggled at the reference to Reagan you are the same elitists who voted for Obama, i.e. 'educated' morons who don't know your left elbow from your thumb stuck contentedly somewhere.) If you are ashamed to be for freedom, life, and light (and to hate tyranny, death, and darkness) you are ashamed of the name Christ as well.

To all the default liberals calling themselves Reformed Christians: you don't fool God's elect any more than you fool God Himself.


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