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Christians, you've got to be equipped for war

Christians, you've got to be equipped for war. Your church wants you passive and ignorant. Just like your pastor. God wants you to be equipped for war. Awake, with understanding, fearing God only.

You're living in calm seas right now. Famine conditions. You're starving and you don't even know it. The famine of the end times.

Christians, the practical level of the faith is to be equipped for war and to engage that war. Regeneration puts you on the battlefield. Regeneration gets you noticed. The devil and his followers don't care about sleeping slaves to the devil's kingdom. They aren't a problem. Obsequious churchians aren't a problem. Academics who appropriate the faith to themselves aren't a problem to the devil either. They are called useful idiots.

Our King needs soldiers. Soldiers who are awake with self-awareness. Soldiers who know themselves and the world around them. Soldiers who don't fear and revere man. Soldiers who fear only God. Soldiers who look the devil and the world in the eye and who say bring it on.

Christianity is warfare. Anybody who teaches differently is of the devil's kingdom.

Christians, you've got to be equipped for war.

Authorized Version, 1611
Iliad & Odyssey - Homer
On War - von Clausewitz
Wealth of Nations - Smith
Fourth Way - Ouspensky
History of the Peloponnesian War - Thucydides
Lives - Plutarch

If you don't understand that list it's because you've allowed yourself to be in bondage to the shallowness of churchianity and the world in general. If the Fourth Way book scares you, don't touch it, coward. Waking up is scary! If the AV1611 causes you to mock, mock away, little men. Make your professors and your pastors happy. Make them look at their good little students behaving as you have been taught to. I don't put any Reformed Theology in the list because doctrine must be seen in the Word of God ultimately. Use Reformed Theology, but it is secondary to the Word of God. Eventually you have to see five solas apostolic biblical doctrine in the Word of God itself.

And try this out. Bach knew warfare. Expand your attention-span enough to get to the fugue. You'll hear it.


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