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Last post

I am no longer going to write on my Plain Path Puritan blog. Hopefully I'll remember making this decision.

Why? Because I just indulge a lot of exasperation at certain types, but it sounds like I think everybody is an idiot. Also, the faith is real, and to people who are truly suffering such words and tone that I write with (not that anybody is reading, mind you) is empty (vain) against that reality.

I want to start over. Or, not start over, but not have the baggage that being in old ruts can burden you with.

No, I don't react well against the shallowness of Christians, of 'churches', or the worldliness and shallowness of church 'leaders' of various kinds. Worldliness of the order of man-fearing and respecting of persons and so on. The acceptance of the downgrade on the Word of God in the 19th century, accepted among so many, seemingly the vast majority, of self-identified Christians and Christian so-called leaders is bizarre (is truly wicked), but it is in line with that same wordliness. It is also in line with the famine of the end time which the Word of God teaches us.

It is truly not possible to have respect for Christians who can't discern such blatant activity of the devil, and also when it involves such a foundational area of the faith, the very Word of God. The general shallowness and emptiness of course will flow from that if from nothing else.

Doctrine is important. Worth knocking people around over.

But after awhile you just move on. Those not hardened will have received the message.


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