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Man-fearers are making fun of this video...well...

Yes, the embarrassed man-fearers are making fun of this guy. Well, based on this clip I have no problem with him:

Of course, if in another video clip he is talking about the mother ship then I reserve my right to dissent. Yet just based on this clip I have no problem with this guy.

Also, notice something: the false witness among Christians who make fun of this guy consists in this: they say: "Look at this crazy guy! He's ignorant! He makes the Bible an idol!" In other words they present him as if he has no self-awareness of the issues. If you watch this short clip he very much is aware and knowledgeable of what his critics would counter him with. This is how Village of Morality churchians operate. It's false witness, but they have no clue they engage in it. Or, put better, they know they are engaging in it, but they have no conscience regarding their behavior.


Anonymous ct said...

One caveat: because I am teachable, and always have been regarding doctrine, I will have to consult Berkhof or one of the other on-the-mark Reformed theologians regarding this issue. I have been known to be won over by Reformed teaching. I still like the guy's attitude though.

Basically what I see him as saying is this: he has a high valuation for the Word of God. He takes it seriously. As if it is God Himself. Most Christians don't take the Word of God this seriously. Most Christians see the Word of God as a mere document, no better, no worse than any other human document. Most Christians fear and revere the word of man more than the Word of God. So when somebody says the Word is God (not the physical book, as the guy in the video states up front, but the Word itself, the supernatural living, quickening Word of God most Christians get embarrassed (and secretly angry). The ones making fun of this guy are those Christians.

May 29, 2009 at 5:58 AM  

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