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Wicked Romanists and academic Reformed have one thing in common: hatred of the pure and whole Word of God

Here's more on this Satanic institution called the Roman Catholic Church.

Just as Reformed, academic Christians have gone soft and accepted the downgrade on the Word of God (accepted Roman Catholic corrupted manuscripts and the corrupt versions based on them) Reformed, academic Christians also routinely get all sympathetic and cuddly towards the Satanic Roman Catholic Church.

Defiling and harming innocence is probably the center-of-gravity of the criminal, wicked lust of the children of Satan. The institutional evil of the Roman Catholic Church is the very evil of Satan and his children in this world.

No, Reformed, academic Christians, you don't want to hear that. You want to knee-jerk a devil's advocate response for these evil scum. You want to knee-jerk a "We're just as bad!!!! because we're allllll fallen beings" response, but all you are doing is defending evil because you can't stand with God in the light. That embarrasses you. That angers you. Just as the pure and whole Word of God angers you. Just as you mock the pure and whole Word of God you mock believers who call evil what it is. We anger you. We'll anger you all the way to your judgment day. Get real angry. Hell is a psych ward, among the other things it is.


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