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Few real Christians

A lot of confused voices out there that demand to teach, teach, teach! "Must teach." Don't really have a clue, but I must teach.

People will say I am one who feels the need to teach. The difference is: I say read the Bible. Think about that. How many voices do you come across in any Christian environment where you are being told to, reminded to, persuaded to *read the Bible.* I.e., *actually read it.* Put a number on the effort ("Occult!" it's been shouted at me). The only thing that comes close is the announcements of executing Bible reading plans and the forming of groups to execute such plans together and so forth (and, of course, the great silence that follows due to the fizzle of the efforts). But the actual value of reading the Word of God is a subject that is off limits. All Christian environments are Romanist at heart when it comes to the Word of God.

I also talk about the practice of the faith. Practical level effort. This too is off limits in pretty much all Christian environments. All Christian environments have developed their justifications to avoid actual practice of the faith. Piety! Gnosticism! And, the classic projection: Moralism!

The good citizen of the Village of Morality says: "You're a moralist." Just as the mass producing human candle factory Roman Catholicism says to the Calvinist: "You burned Servetus at the stake, therefore you are disqualified to speak of doctrine."

What is common to all these Christian environments is lack of self-awareness. Not knowing your own smell. Not being awake. To any degree.

And shallowness.

Not being awake, and being shallow, are not marks of the Holy Spirit.


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