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Churchians are not Christians

Here is a revealing statement. It comes at the end of a comment where 'scholarly commentators' on the Bible are being graded and discussed:

"On Philippians, give me 5 pages of Motyer rather than 100 of Fee. I'll have more to think about, and apply to my people."

His people. He's a pastor and he is referring to the 'laypeople' who come to the building where he gives 'sermons.' His people. His people.

He apparently does their thinking for them, and considers this his burden.

There is no difference between this dumb, unself-aware inanity and what socialist 'intellectuals' think about 'people' and their burden to 'teach' them and rule over them 'for their own good.' All the while the pastor and the socialist intellectual are the least practically intelligent (or any kind of intelligent) or inspired person in the room. And the first to get Satanic tyrannical angry if they aren't 'respected' in the way they deem their superior merit calls for. Just filthy, dumb, unregenerate, deadly inane and wicked fools to be avoided, folks.

Churchians are not Christians, pure and simple. Churchians, whether the 'leaders' or the 'laypeople', are not Christians.

Christians are prophets, priests, and kings. My goodness how that shocks and confuses and angers the churchians.


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