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Only regeneration by the Word and the Spirit puts one on the Way

What is grotesque about a Reformed academic like Michael Horton using the phrase 'pilgrims on the way' - appropriating the phrase - is the stark fact that Reformed academics like Michael Horton have no clue what the 'way' is.

When Reformed academics show any degree of awareness of the fact of spiritual warfare let me know. That is what happens 'on the way.'

When Reformed academics show any degree of valuation for the Sword of the Spirit (not the constructed document(s) scholars have glued together from the most corrupt manuscripts they could find but the pure and whole - received - Word of God) let me know because that is what is used on the 'way.'

The very fact these modern day Reformed academics never speak of - let alone write of - real spiritual warfare that follows directly upon regeneration by the Word and the Spirit dismisses them as teachers of God's people.

The fact that they champion corrupt 'bible' products and mock the old paths and the received Masoretic/Received Text exposes them as the devil's 'ministers of righteousness' who take over churches and keep self-identified Christians in bondage to the darkness and death of the devil's kingdom.

The fact that they, like the Beast church itself, exalt ritual and clerics over the Word and the Spirit gives them away in their motive to keep Christians dead asleep and tame slaves to their father the devil.

These are "clouds...without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots..."

* * * * * * *

Basically, they're not self-aware; they're not Christian men and women. They are smug Village of Morality denizens and ministers of righteousness.

When I first came upon the scene of Reformed Christians (or those who were claiming that name and policing the environment) I was astounded at what I found. The sterility, the shallowness, the lack of self-awareness, the lack of knowing one's own smell. The lack of awakeness and true humility. The lack of valuation for the most important things. All that is inane in the culture of secular academia imported directly into the midst of God's people. The man-fearing (and demand for man-fearing and policing that goes on to enforce man-fearing) and the asinine back-slapping and respecting of persons. The mocking of what is most important.

Again, these are not men and women of God.


Anonymous ct said...

Don't put it past Horton and his publisher to now slip a little paragraph or two on the subject of spiritual warfare into his book, not slated to be released until Apr. '10. This would be in line with the dishonesty and whited sepulcher nature of these people. Most likely though this won't happen because these 'ministers of righteousness' don't want (in their unconscious channeling of the spirit of the devil) Christians to know what the real faith is all about, even though they know Christians like myself see them working. They are shameless.

July 23, 2009 at 8:48 PM  
Anonymous ct said...

Now Horton over at the PuritanBoard is being defended for his flippant remark: "God raised up Loyola just as he did Luther." It turns out R. Scott Clark uses the *same line.*

They think they are making a point of God's sovereignty in providence, not realizing they are inflating providence with grace (God is sovereign in grace as well).

Reformed academics want to equate a Luther with a Loyola (worse, actually, they want to say God Himself equates them). Jesuits want the same.

Some differences:

God did not give the Holy Spirit to Loyola. He did give it to Luther. Loyola was going *with* the easy current of this world, the current of the devil. Luther was vigorously swimming *against* that current. Loyola was *reacting* to Luther, motivated by the spirit of disobedience which is the spirit of the devil. Luther was acting from God's will.

The devil scrambles his followers when God's truth is on the march. This does not equate them with God's elect proclaiming and defending truth by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Why do the Reformed academics miss all this? Because the subject is regeneration, something they are blind to and blindly hostile to when confronted with the fact of it by Christians. The Holy Spirit quickening men and women and inspiring them to fight for and defend truth.

July 24, 2009 at 3:12 AM  

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