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Written to a mocker of the Authorized Version 1611 and its readers

Oh, why don't you just read your Alexandrian, constructed 'bibles' and be content with it? The atheist-like justification for these continual attacks on Riplinger ("Well, I go after Christians rather than Hindus or Muslims because it's the *Christians* who are poisoning the world the *most*!")...and, yes, you go after the *crazy* Masoretic/Received Text types who read their 17th century English (which is way too hard for modern day people, especially if you've never read much literature to begin with!) because we Christians following such 'old paths' are screwing up the lives of your church members who get real confused and stuff when they see a thee or thou.

We aren't going away, count on that. You just need to reconcile yourself to the fact that Christians exist who see your Alexandrian modern version 'bibles' as corrupt garbage and get over it.

* * *

This is an issue not only of regeneration but of pride. Notice the pure and whole - received - Word of God is the point where the prideful refuse to to be *broken*? The thought is disgusting to them. It is *defeat.* They have yet to humble themselves to the Word of God and the Spirit. They want a bible (a document) that was created *by them.* That relied *on them* for its existence. All the while they want to prate on about their faith and righteousness.


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