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Written to a Muslim and some Euro atheists, and the same message needs to be heard by the rest of you

Muslim said:

Are you confused with all these gradual development of the English Bible
and the foundations upon which each successive version rests?

Muslims worship the devil. The devil attacked the Word of God starting in the Garden.

Modern day liberals attack the Word of God by using corrupt manuscripts.

If you have the Authorized Version (King James Version) in your hand you have the pure and whole - received - Word of God.

Engage it complete and humbly.

Don't conform to what your dead, atheist, socialist masters in Europe demand you conform to. Don't fall for Satanic Muslim or liberal or homosexual propaganda.

Christians are prophets, priests, and *kings.* Clerics are mostly of the devil in all churches in this era we live in. Follow the *old paths.*

Christians *are* prophets, priests, and kings. Follow the old paths, pilgrims. Wake up and see the Kingdom.


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