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Atheism again

ATHEIST: Oh hush it fool, before I come build a giant 3 meter wall around your church so you cant worship fake deities anymore.

ME: When did atheists learn how to build anything? Atheists can only sit on walls, like village idiots.

ATHEIST: We might appear to be idiots when really we are looking down and marveling at the fact that one can be so inclined to believe in something just because if you don't, you might be punished by something no one has proof of. Curse the heavens until your lungs shatter and tell me if you ever feel a smite of anger from above. Or just pray in one hand, shit in the other, and tell me which one gets full first, you might find an answer some where between the two options about how credible your god is.

The atheist's entire complaint is some people experience something the atheist hasn't experienced. Rather than leaving it at that you pretend nobody can experience anything you havn't experienced. Then you express this juvenile reaction with a lot of juvenile rhetoric. Meanwhile you know you're in rebellion to your Creator because your Creator has put knowledge of Him in your heart. This is why you obsess over Him and those He has effectually called and regenerated. You just need to begin to break the shell of your vanity, worldly pride, and rebellious self-will. My advice: engage higher influences (art, music, imaginative literature, history, science, philosophy, sacred writings). Engage influences that are just outside your current interests and just above your current level of understanding. Keep this up until you can begin to discern a hierarchy in such influences. Eventually you'll arrive at the Word of God itself, and you will engage it even if just as 'literature' (whatever makes you feel comfortable). It's living language though and with the Spirit it has the power to quicken. To cut your dead, worldly spirit from your soul and connect you to the Spirit of God. All despite yourself. Now it is high time to awake out of sleep. Rom. 13:11


Anonymous ct said...

>You use the word experience incorrectly and you mistake it for faith,

Actually the reference was to regeneration (as stated), which is experienced, and is the foundation for the grace of faith.

>and you are also generalising the opinions of Atheists but then again that is what indoctrinated religious people do.

Yes, atheists are so myriad in how they go about demanding anything metaphysical not exist.

>Atheists are made up of different characters just as faithful people are both good and bad. It is purely your opinion and those who believe like you do that God is the sovereign creator. There is no physical evidence to prove the argument for or against in any way.

God makes Himself known to whom He chooses to make Himself known. We can't force it. We can, though, engage His Word humbly. One does need to increase one's power of attention a bit to engage the Old and New Testaments though. Put the video games and Richard Dawkins books down for awhile.

>You have your faith we have or understanding of a natural order.

The natural order is the creation of God. You don't have life without your Creator giving it to you. Again, the atheist pretension to science and to valuation for a natural order. It is Christians who have, like kings (read the Bible on that) searched out the mysteries of creation in God's natural order. Atheists sit on the wall and mock and drool on themselves. Until the devil gets active and atheists lose all shame and pretend they have done what Christians have done for them.

>What we all need to do is learn to treat each other with respect and avoid using terms such as devils children especially as the Muslim faith believe in the same God and Jesus that you do albeit in a different format.

Muslims worship a 7th century tribal moon god named allah. They deny Jesus is God come in the flesh. They have no Mediator, just as you currently have no Mediator. This is why muslim lands are shit holes and muslim culture and people are all violence, ignorance, and shit. *Atheists are parasites on Christian culture and civilization.* If you lived in muslim lands you would pray to God to be delivered from it and taken to a Christian land.

October 3, 2009 at 11:32 PM  

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