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On Jesus returning

Jesus is never coming back. I can remember my Mother telling me that he was gonna come back eventually and save us all because the bible says so. She would give me money to put in the collection plate.

Even as a small child I could feel the flaws.

Believe in whatever you want. I believe in myself. I hope you believe in you and not a cosmic zombie.

Put down your magic wand and leave harry potter alone.

Use the Bible as your authority and not churches or man and you will at least have the potential of getting on the right track and the narrow Way. As for Jesus' return. Jesus will return in the fullness of time. God acts from eternity. We are constrained to perceive time as linear - birth to death. Time is bigger than how we are constrained to perceive it. When time ends (the harvest) it ends in *all time.* It doesn't end on a single calendar date. It is a supernatural event. Just as creation involved supernaturalism and catastrophism the end does as well. What you need to do is become a prophet, priest, and king, with the full armor of God which includes the shield of faith and the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. Get understanding of the Word of God by actually *engaging* the Word of God in dedicated complete readings. Then using teachers - books - as your discernment enables you to find on-the-mark teaching.


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