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This is psychotic

Look at this letter from a pastor, C. J. Mahaney, who is stepping down (kind of like an actress steps down from movie-making to get 'treatment' after being caught stealing multi-thousand dollar trinkets).

Why is it psychotic? Look at the language. "Friends" he keeps repeating. That's a euphemism for "useful idiots."

If he were normal and had just a degree of real understanding (something God expects from those who teach in His name) he'd just say, "Hey, I'm a little decoy of a human being, got too big for my breeches, spewed a lot of Napoleonic-level indulging of power onto my subordinates, basically carried myself like a typical churchian with no self-awareness or seriousness about this whole faith thing that we're all suppose to be involved in here. I.e. I have as much development of being as the average doofus on the street, only I figured out how to get big in the church game. Now my behavior has all caught up with me, reached a tipping point, and the situation here is untenable. So I now have to say I'm stepping down to get treatment, because that is what all the zombies do in my general predicament. (Have they found out about the adultery...? No..?) And, no, I havn't done anything immoral. (Did the books reveal anything...? Not yet...?) Or financial."

C. J., slap your music director a few times for old time's sake, walk out the door, and actually get some balanced development. Some real maturity. Some real self-awareness and understanding. Become an actual man of God. Have something to impart. Then be a teacher of Christians. Hint: at this point you're probably not going to get this kind of development in this life, so for now just go into insurance or something. Oh, that would be hard on your vanity and worldly pride and self-will?



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