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Your father the Devil says you're cool

Let me spell it out clearer...

You see, churchians unconsciously divide sin and sinner into 'cool sin' and 'cool sinners' vs. 'uncool sin' and 'uncool sinners.' In all their ignorance of themselves, of God, of God's word, of sin, this is how churchians view it.

In other words, to the churchian adultery is cool sin. Public masturbation is uncool sin.

The point being made that they will never in their churchian lives grasp is: ALL SIN IS UNCOOL TO GOD. Again, *all* sin is public masturbation *uncool.*

Churchians will a) never see that because they compare themselves to other humans and the world rather than to God, and b) will never accept that because to accept it they have to see themselves, and that is painful. Yet if you havn't begun to truly see yourselves...if you still have a good or 'cool' self-image...the faith, Christianity, however you put it, hasn't even begun for you.

[Guaranteed some iMonk type (oh, God rest his soul) is going to write on some blog I appear on: "Aren't you the one who was writing about public masturbation on your blog?" And the owner of the blog will delete my comments and ban me. Then the churchians will grin and unconsciously think: "You can't get away with trying to awaken us. You're going against what our father the Devil wants."]


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